Unlocking Details: Answers to Your Most Common Questions about Animation Courses

Answers of most Common questions about Animation Courses bt MAAC Animation Kolkata

Animation is a rapidly growing industry today.  Animation courses becoming immensely popular due to the combination of animated subjects and developments in technology. This has paved the way towards significant growth in the animation industry and opening doors to multiple career options and varied sources of income through freelancing and consulting in this segment.

Technological progression has increased the accessibility towards animation software and made it more of a child’s play. Thus, making it more convenient for people with a variety of interests and backgrounds to produce professional-like animation quality. The streaming of animated films and T.V. shows have impacted vigorously, leading to the popularity of animation courses getting magnified.


Best Animation courses

As a result of which, animation has become a recognized and distinguished medium on an international level. In this profession, plenty of interests are there, the industries connected with it for it’s one of the greatest jobs.

For someone who is not acquainted with this field or has no background in animation or graphic design, you may be confronted with a few tough questions and would want to know more about what this field entails like, curriculum, cost and career opportunities, etc.

This article will guide you with the answers to the most common questions often asked about Animation courses.

Best animation courses in kolkata

What is an Animation course?

Creation of motion pictures by putting together multiple still images is called Animation. The extensive use of animation can be seen in films, advertisements, gaming and other related domains.

An animation course aims to coach students in learning the craft, in order to produce prime quality animated content. The course process involves— starting from ideating the concept to sketching it on paper to the accomplished product. Animation course is ideal for people who want to pursue animation as their passion or their profession.

What are the subjects covered in an Animation course?

Few common topics covered in the curriculum of an animation course include:

  • Techniques of drawing and sketching: it is essential to develop sketching skills to create characters, background, props, and other objects required for the animation.
  • Techniques of 2D and 3D animation: this topic aims at the principles of animation— spacing, timing, and motion.  It is to create animated subjects in 2D and 3D layouts.
  • Storyboarding: this topic aims at creating visuals and the story for the animation.
  • Lighting and rendering: students get to learn how to create and control the lighting effects, followed by creating life-like rendered images.
  • Character modeling and rigging: students learn how to create character models and rig them for animation.
  • Special effects: fire, water, smoke and explosions created in the animated content are created through special effects.

Best Animation Courses

What duration does it take to complete an Animation course?

The length of an animation course depends on the program and the academic level. Certificate programs or Short-term courses are available. 

Animation courses can continue starting anywhere from a few weeks to many years. Short-term programs can be completed within a few  weeks or months, while it might take one to three years in order to complete the long term programs.

What is the cost of an Animation course in India?

It is the institution, program and intensity of training that impacts the academic cost of an animation course in India. The course fees vary from a range of 20,000 to 3, 90,000 approximately. 

It is always advised that you fetch the cost details of the animation course from the best institution. This is because these figures are an estimation and the actual price for animation courses might differ in various institutions.

Animation courses

What do I need to start an Animation Course? 

The least you can get is an average priced computer and a handful of animation software

If you would want to try animating the artistic features such as character modeling, story boarding etc. you would need high-end computers, pen-tablet and stylus to achieve finer quality results.

Do you need to have a Computer Science Background for pursuing an Animation Course?

No, it is not a mandate for you to have a background in computer science in order to pursue animation courses.

If anyone is proficient in animation software, like 3DS Max/ Mudbox/ Maya it can be advantageous for his/her career progression in the field of animation.

It is advised that prior to opting for the program of your choice, a groundwork of specific requirements of the courses should be done. This would help you to determine if a computer science background is required or recommended.

Best 3D Animation courses

What career an Animation Course has?

Animation is extremely rewarding and encouraging. It can be challenging, monotonous, competitive, and alienating at times but that is why it is necessary for you to have a passion and commitment for what you are pursuing.

The domain of animation offers you a platform to be creative; showcase your talents and stay put on the forefront of technological progress.

Do Animation Courses Provide Career stability?

There has been an increase in the average rate of employment for animators and multimedia professionals. It is estimated that the employment graph has risen by approx. 8% in a decade, between 2016 to 2026.

As a result of which, there is a high demand for animation and visual effects in movies, television and video games. An upsurge in the requirement for workstation graphics is observed for mobile gadgets (smartphones) leading to multiple job opportunities.

 Jobs in the advertising sector are likely to expand at a faster pace as compared to all other occupations.

Best 3D Animation Courses

How to become an animator? What skills do you need to have to be an animator?

During the program, the students pursuing animation or any related field, most of the top animation institutions offer paid/unpaid internship opportunities. These internships act as the stepping stone for the aspiring animators as they get ample good time to gain experience.

Interns with quality skills are often recruited by the company after completion of their internships.

The skills that are required to be an animator are:

  • Passion in drawing is necessary.
  • Ability to express your imaginary idea through drawing. 
  • It is essential to have a color sense. 
  • Having an eye to detail is very important.
  • Having a creative mind increases your chances of achieving success in the chosen career.

Do you need to be good at drawing to become an animator?

It is not a mandate but knowledge in drawing definitely helps in this field. It is particularly if you happen to work in a smaller/minor workplace where you have to take charge for several jobs in animation channels.

3D animators and motion graphics experts can get off with very little drawing skill. Although there is huge competition throughout the industry; people who draw well are likely to be preferred over those without this skill.

There are various other positions in an animation workspace that do not involve drawing, therefore, drawing is not really the most essential skill set. 

Animation courses drawing

What type of typical jobs are available after completing an animation course? 

Few examples of job designation for animators may include:

Scriptwriter: Writers as well as editors work compactly with clients, vocal casting and directors in the due course of production process, in order to finalize the dialogue/ script precisely. 

Rigger: the skeleton of the model with all its handles and joints is provided, for it becomes easier for the animator to manipulate.

Compositor: their work involves ensuring levels maintain a consistency, to add motion blur, match colors, finishing shadows and rotoscoping and keying at the respective necessary areas.

Animators: they create animation and visual effects.

Model Maker: they create props, characters and environments in a 3D space—it can be either digital, clay or something similar

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What are the areas to work in animation?

It is very obvious that animation is directly related to film and Television. But it is not the only pathway to become a flourishing animation expert. In an ever-growing sector of game-designing and development, corporate animation remains to be lucrative and an all-time go-to option. 

Exciting opportunities for animators include in fields of architecture, medical, advertising and education as well. With the more user-friendly animation tools there are to create to achieve the finished product, the number of areas where we can function are expanding.

What are the best high-paid jobs in the animation industry?

Some of the leading animation firms like Pixar and Disney are most sought after.

Several aspiring animators wish to create their animated films one day. Moreover, animation professionals working at prime studios can easily earn six figures with dexterity.

In a nutshell, the different programs in animation impart knowledge, skills, and techniques to create prime quality animated content. The academic level and programs assign curriculum, duration, cost, etc. Quality animation education is necessary for people who are looking to pursue a career in animation or as a creative activity. 

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