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Post exam career confusion or dilemma is very common amongst all the students-that is when it is a question of the ‘survival of the fittest’. Selecting a great career is not an easy task for any student. “What should I do next?” is the immediate question that keeps haunting you until you have reached a definite conclusion.

Your career curve would depend on what you decide today! As Denison Univ. Bull says, “You define yourself by the choices you make”. The path to your career is not just for achieving a superior job, but it also would define your individuality, giving you a sense of identity and purpose to strive through, in the course of life. Time is precious and none would want to waste it and one’s energy on a profession that does not mean much to them.

Career choice

Few factors leading to such situations include, lack of researched information, wrong career advice, poor decision making. Due to lack of foresight and adaptability, if you tend to choose an inappropriate career path on the basis of how “cool” it is, you will lack the desire to live.

Hence it is very crucial for all the students to understand their potential and make the right choice for their career.

It is seen that students completing their graduation with Bachelors of Commerce/ Bachelors of Arts/ Bachelors of Science, find their career has hit a dead-end. Therefore, keeping in mind about the change in the career market, it is very important for them to take up some professional courses or additional studies that enhance their skill sets and increase knowledge, helping them get better job opportunities.

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The job market is evolving and going through a rapid change both vertically as well as horizontally. For example, talking about vertical expansion in the programming job market, we can see more programming languages (Java, Python, etc.) are showing up. Horizontal expansion means, if you learn a particular programming language (Java), then it can help you explore coding for the internet, creating applications, etc. In such an expanding and dynamic career market you need to be appraised with courses that determine your future career.

Let us first understand the significance of a professional course in today’s career market. A professional course provides us with a particular and hands-on training to perform like working professionals. If you choose your course wisely, it can boost your performance and push your career graph to reach heights.

After completing mainstream graduation people are finding it very difficult to find a job whereas, students with additional skill development courses are able to find several high salary opportunities in varied industries. 

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Professional courses help you explore various skills, and give you a good return at a low investment within a short span of time. Professional certificate courses are of great significance for people seeking an up-swing in their professional careers or those looking for a career change or those who want to upgrade their skill sets. 

Few benefits of professional certificate courses are as follows:

  • keeping up with the latest trends
  • enhances network or connectivity
  • provides hands-on experience
  • a professional accomplishment expands your skillset
  • enhances progression and helps your career evolve 
  • showing commitment matters as it helps you obtain higher chances in getting specific jobs. 

If your passion becomes your profession, it reflects your dedication in your work. These courses also offer internships that provide experiences as a working professional, which actually helps one before getting hired by a company.

Professional career

Another fact why professional qualifications are of sheer importance for your career is that they empower you to negotiate a higher pay. At the time of discussing your salary, you explain to your boss the level of knowledge you have in your field and how you have been certified as a working professional in your field. Thus you can secure that raise or in acquiring a promotion in your current designation.

The two key courses offering lucrative career opportunities, today are- MAAC Kolkata (Multimedia/Animation/VFX/Gaming courses) and LAKME ACADEMY Kolkata (Makeup/ cosmetology/ Hairstyling courses) 

Maac Animation and Lakme Academy Career CoursesMAAC KOLKATA:

The most important thing today is the IT Sector. There are different job opportunities revolving around the domains of multimedia/ gaming design/animation, etc. This is where MAAC Kolkata comes into the picture.  MAAC plays a key role in helping students in preparing for a career that has acceptance in India as well as across the world.

Here, students are trained on high-end computers & Wa-com tablets that are usually `popular in the industry. MAAC offers ‘on-job’ ambience in the class that aids the students in performing like professionals. 

Today, an increased number of people are required for developing websites. Hence, a high demand remains for graphic and web designers in the market. Entrepreneurship, product branding, digital cards, designing brochures, etc. have become a pressing requirement thus creating career opportunities for the graphic designers! For instance, students having a foundation in Graphic Designing opt for specialization courses in Web Designing which enables them to not miss out on opportunities offered by the IT companies.

Maac Career course

In fact, you should also know, several Indian VFX and animation studios at present, are working not only with Bollywood but also for a handful of top Hollywood movies.

Few advantages MAAC students get for choosing the right courses for their career are listed below:

  • Maac emphasizes on utilizing the superior infrastructure for training the pupils. 
  • Maac conducts lecture classes (Master Class), career development training, workshops by expert professionals, which enhances their working skills. 
  • Maac organizes Events, in which students participate and upgrade their skills and experiences. This helps them perform better in their professional career. 
  • Post completion of the courses, students are provided with placement assistance in some of the reputed companies (Prime Focus/ Amazon/ Accenture, Red Chillies Entertainment, etc.)

Below are few testimonials of our MAAC students: 

  • Shulav Mukherjee, (Creative Producer, Notebook, Kolkata) says, “MAAC provides quality education through career-oriented courses, leading to top-notch job placements.”
  • Oindrila Maity (Graphic Designer, Mobilise Communications Pvt. Ltd.) states ‘‘MAAC is a great platform where I have learnt a lot. This platform has taught me the meaning of creative designs. The main part in MAAC is, you will get to know how to think out of the box.’’

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The notion of beauty has been ever-changing throughout history. What is beauty? Well, as Britannica Dictionary states, a precise description of beauty is “the quality of being physically attractive.” Beauty has no specific definition as it varies from individual perspective. Something that is considered beautiful today might not remain the same in the next ten years. 

The idea of beauty has entirely evolved over the years. In the early times, beauty was much more related with the inner beauty, morality and reflected in personal ethics. But at present times the perception has changed completely and has become more centered on external visual delicacy. 

During the post pandemic times, the idea of beauty has altered to an extent where people’s perception of health is considered as consumers and individuals. People have become more health-conscious, aware of individual self-care and well-being.

Best career course

Andrew Stablein, (Research Analyst) at Euromonitor International said, “In recent years, the notion that men can’t or shouldn’t be using skincare products or caring more in general about all aspects of their appearance has been receding,”.

This industry has come a long way and is going through a constant evolution with more people focusing on wellness, beauty products and organic care as well. Beauty has existed since early civilization, and is still a very important part of our everyday lives. 

Today, the holistic combination of skincare, health and wellness is not just limited to the exterior applications of branded products on the epidermal layer but also surrounding habits, choices, lifestyle and nutrition as well. It directly correlates with boosting up self-esteem in individuals. Therefore, a career with beauty and wellness will always be beneficial. As long as human civilization remains, the beauty and wellness industry will prevail! 

A career in this industry offers you with multiple opportunities and you can become a part of some reputed firms and top branded beauty product companies also. Not only this, after successfully completing your courses, you can establish your own Salon, or start your own line of beauty care and skincare products. There are several opportunities in this domain, depending on what you wish to pursue. beauty career course

But, where do you start? Lakmé Academy Kolkata powered by Aptech is the name!

With experiences of over ten years in beauty and training, Lakmé Academy Kolkata provides job-oriented training in every aspect of wellness and beauty, including Makeup, Hair Care, Cosmetology, Skin Care and Nail Art. The curriculum is well-researched in a way that students get to acquire knowledge on the in-demand skills & latest techniques. Latest equipment is used during the training sessions which are conducted by the Lakmé professionals.

best makeup career course

This course offers detailed training using state of the art equipment and hence, its return on investment post completion of the course is quite high. Post completion of your course you get career opportunities where you can explore your skills and techniques as a beauty stylist for fashion pageant, beauty enthusiast, photo-shoot dignitaries, etc. Several events and seminars are organized where practitioners get to showcase their creative skills and obtain knowledge on trending techniques and watch industry professionals demonstrating their work patterns, respectively. 

This part of the article ensures that even if you do not belong to this industry or have any background about this field you still can pursue and flourish if you seriously have an inclination towards this domain. This is a field that will always be there. So, do not waste your precious hours of your life, and make the right choice to make your career colorful!

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