Fighter Movie VFX Scenes

The movie “Fighter” stands as a testament to the power of visual effects (VFX) in creating immersive and thrilling experiences.

Fighter is a 2024 Indian Hindi language action film directed by Siddartha Anand  based on a story he wrote with Ramon Chib.

Produced by Viacom 18 studios and Marflix Pictures, the film stars Hritick Roshan , Deepika Padukone  and Anil Kapoor.

The dialogues were written by Hussain Dalal, Abbas Dalal, Bisw8apati Sarkar.

The film was announced on 10th Jan 2021.

The pre-production was delayed as a result of Covid 19.


Fighter Movie VFX

Let’s Understand The Story Telling of the Movie Fighter

The plot of the movie was in SriNagar, Jammu Kashmir, a terrorist organization led by Azar Akhtar planned to attack India. targeting the Srinagar Air force station base of the Indian Air force.

Group captain Rakesh Rocky Jai Singh is then assigned to counter the threat and form a team that was called Air force Dragon consisting of skilled fighter pilots.

The team included Squadron leaders Shamsher Patty Pathania, Minal Minni Rathore, Sartaj Gill, Basheer Bash Khan , Sukhdeep Sukhi Singh.

During training the team members bond , Minnni develops romantic feelings for Patty.

However Patty is haunted by his past after he lost his fiancée in a previous mission .

The team learns of an attack on CRPF in Pulwama organized by Akhtar.

In response the Indian Air Force along with Raw agent Zarina Begum  plan an attack on Akhters base in Balakot.

Despite succeeding in the mission the aftermath caused a fight between India and Pakistan.

The Pakistan Air force launched a retaliatory attack on Indian Base  as a result.

Despite the Rocky order, Patty Taj and Bash  crossed the Indo Pakistan border.


Fighter movie action scene VFX


Taj and Bash plane is shot down by a Pakistani pilot.

Patty is suspended from Air dragons for disobeying orders and is placed as a flying instructor at Air force academy in Hyderabad.

It is revealed to Mini by Rocky  that he holds a grudge against Patty for letting his fiancée Naina Jai singh die in a previous rescue mission.

The Pakistani government announced that they will safely escort Taj and Bash to India.

However as the team waits for them to arrive Sukhi tells Patty that Bash was brutally murdered by Akhter  and has imprisoned a badly injured Taj .

Determined to rescue him, Patty defies order and joins a covert mission.

The team very successfully infiltrates the enemy territory  and Patty is able to rescue Taj and kill Akhter.

Lastly Minni and Patty embrace , celebrating victory.


Hrithik Roshan with the Indian Flag | VFX | Fighter


VFX Magic In Fighter

Fighter is generally a VFX heavy film and it is spearheaded by DNEG who have won an Oscar for their work in the past.

Sidartha Anand has a larger than life vision for fighter to be a big screen spectacle.

Ever since fighter was announced fans were eagerly waiting to experience the joy of watching Hritick Roshan and Deepika Padukone sharing the screen space.

This created a buzz in social media too.

Fans were very much excited about the fresh duo.

Fight will be having some visual spectacle with some aerial action sequences which will be a kind of great experience for the Indian audience.

It is truly interesting to just watch the adrenaline pumping aerial fighting sequence especially on the grand canvas of the big screen .

The Hindi film industry in India brought this marvelous thrill to cinema with the dynamic duo of Hritick Roshan and Deepika Padukone film Fighter.

Released globally on 25th January 2024 Fighter generated attention for its action sequence  and it just calculatively crafted aerial battle.


Fighter movie VFX scene


At the heart of these visually remarkable moments lies the redefined  global VFX (Visual  Effects) studio which has lent its expertise to just escalate the film’s realism to great heights.

Co heads of Redefine India VFX Team, Kamalesh Parmour and Praveen Rai played a key role in crafting the film VFX.

Praveen Rai played a key role in crafting the film VFX.

Over 3500 shots were created by a global crew of 2600 individuals including over 80 artists from Redefine India Fx team who were specifically dedicated to fighters.

Within a span of nine months the studio designed the dynamic aerial of this film.

Directed by Sidartha Anand fighter tells the story of the best combat aviators hand picked from across Indian Air force.

This new and elite unit Air Dragon are willing to give it their all for the nation while going through high and lows of their internal and external battles.

Re-define primary focus on Fighter was to achieve photo realistic  visuals particularly in FX environments and aerial combat scenes.


Fighter movie realistic VFX


Pai and cohead Parmar , armed with their extensive knowledge of VFX (visual effects) and CG pipeline were integral to the project from its inception, collaborating with Redefine sister company DNEG to translate director Anand’s cinematic vision into breathtaking reality.

The main motto was to provide the audience an authentic glimpse  into the lives of Indian Air force personnel.

The movie Fighter of multiple crashes explosions bombing stunts and action sequences

The most demanding scenes were Patty inverted Run . Training Day , the Swift Retroit  a fighter jet flying just over a lake and the climax.

These generally involved intricate VFX (visual effects) work including mountain DMP, CG, environments and various VFX simulation like contrails and after burners

The most challenging work in the movie Fighter was to ensure continuity across Jet planes in their aerodynamics  while delivering both photorealistic quality and quantity within a short delivery window.

Redefine got responsibility with delivering the climatic sequence in December 2023 thus presenting a stunning challenge given the time frame before the film’s 25th January release date.


Fighter Movie Behind the Scenes | Best VFX


Despite the fight deadline the team’s dedication and creativity were very much instrumental in bringing the sequence to fruitfulness.

y wImproved departmental planning, automated setups and leveraging these skills of internal supervisors contributed to their success.

In contrast to the Western Industry where the importance of VFX (visual effects) supervisors involved from planning stage is widely recognised, the Indian industry has gradually acknowledged the pivotal role these supervisors play in enhancing storytelling and thus ensuring a more organised production process.

Their involvement from the outset helps to streamline the production process and thus achieve better results.

While the AI tools are increasingly being explored by many studios , Redefine chose not to incorporate them into this project.

The Indian film VFX industry is experiencing significant growth in creativity and software development, offering endless possibilities, offering  endless possibilities.

There is still ample room for growth particularly in leveraging software knowledge to enhance creative outfit.


Making of Fighter Movie | Best VFX


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