Preproduction Production Postproduction

Preproduction Production Postproduction

The production process of a movie is the process by which a movie is created by the producer director and is finally screened in theatres for the movie- freaks.

But nowadays a 3d digital movie is more prevalent and widely accepted by children as well as by grownups.

Before starting a 3d digital movie one need to have a plan about the project, the scope of the project and also to make a budget for the film.

The process in which the animation is done need to be well-known to the film producing team.

The production process need to be completed on or before stipulated time and should be cost-effective.

The three stages of production in normal filmmaking involves preproduction , production, and postproduction, and specially in Indian film scenario the Muharat part plays an important part.

But 3dfilm making is quite different from ordinary filmmaking.

Preproduction Production Postproduction

Though like ordinary filmmaking it involves pre-production, production, post production.

But the stages of digital film making are quite different from ordinary filmmaking.

If we broadly divide the 3d digital filmmaking process in three steps and again subdivide it there will be twenty steps of production.

The steps and subs-steps in which a digital movie is created is discussed below-

The first step is PRE- Production.

Preproduction Production Postproduction

This step includes the following processes.


The first thing that involves in a 3d production process is the story that will be created in a movie.

During this part the creator writes a script.

Sometimes the director of the film writes the script.


Next part is the script is analyzed into scenes & transformed into graphic model.

The storyboard allows the director to visualize the movie so he or she may decide what will be appropriate for the movie he or she also makes creative decisions.

Preproduction Production Postproduction

3.Editorial team

Next the storyboard is sent to editorial team.

Discussing with the director the editor shows the various parts of the story with stipulated timings &dialogue where necessary.

The reel that is created by editorial team include storyboard images, dialogues, basic music and sound effect.

The editorial team creates a basic structure of the movie.

After completing the script and creating the computer generated imagery the voice over team record the final dialogue of the movie .

The editorial team adds the final dialogue of the movie by scrapping off the scratch dialogue.

Preproduction Production Postproduction4.Visual development

Visual effect artist creates the special effects in the movie that includes character environment, props, colour pallets and the backgrounds.

The director conceptualize what the movie will look like.

So he or she tries to get an idea whether he or she is successful in visualizing the basic idea of the movie.

The director gives emphasis on look development and visual development.


In this process the artist work with the storyboard and script to create 3dimensional environment in to the character.

If time is added the characters and environments are to scale this work can directly go to animation.

The next step is Production

This step includes the following processes.


The first step in production is modelling. 2d concept is transformed into 3d models.

The characters ,sets, and props are transformed into 3d models by the modeling artist until the zeal of the director to create perfect thing is satisfied.

Preproduction Production Postproduction


In this part the surfacing artist adds colours,textures, and shaders for characters, props , and sets.

The surfacing department works on the concept prepared by the visual department.

3 .Rigging

In rigging part the professional riggers designs 3d skeletons to characters.

Riggers in-fact design the joints by which the puppet moves and performs the action according to the story line.

4.Layout and dressing part

In this part the animation preparation artist do the dressing part where they do set dressing and stereo composition.

5.Character Animation

Character animators do the act of acting in cinema.

As the 3d animator with the help of computers helps the characters to perform character animator helps to tell the story with the help of movement.

Preproduction Production Postproduction6.The crowd department

This department creates crowd in the movie.

They are responsible for creating realistic looking crowd in the movie.

7, The character effect department

In this department artist does the work of giving moving effect to a 3d movie.

Such as a character is sitting on a chair the character effect artist do the work of moving the chair.

8.Fx artist

Fx department looks after the nitty gritty of the digital film. As for example the related scene after an earthquake or volcanic eruption or flood.

9.Matte painting department

Matte painting department creates anything outside the set such as mountain, oceans, skies vistas.


This department puts lighting effect in the movie.

Then comes the stage of post production.

This consists of the following stages.    Preproduction Production Postproduction

1 .Compositing

Compositing is where additional elements are added to the film .

Colour and realistic atmospheric element is added in this stage.

2.Music and sound designing

These two elements are added in this stage.

Before this is done the final editing need to be completed.


Whenever new animation, lighting , compositing is done it is again transferred to the editorial department for final editing.

This department tries to keep the production as per relevant to the latest work.

3.Colour grading

Colour grading is the last stage of the movie.

Although lighters and compositers work in the required and selective part of the movie.

But the graders job is to look that each and every part of the movie is consistent and through out each sequence there is no jarring changes in light.

Preproduction Production Postproduction

As a whole the making of a digital film is quite different from ordinary filmmaking.

The making of a digital movie involves creating of moving pictures in digital way.

But actually in ordinary filmmaking it involves lot of manpower ,set, lightening, proper environment, makeup –artist, protagonist, dressers.

Sometimes while shooting the filmmaker need a place free from crowd.

But the process of digital filmmaking involves a lot of technical person and visual effect artist, modellers, colour grading artists.

The digital filmmaker should be expert in animation and animation related software.

The genre of digital is quite different from ordinary film.

But nowadays 3d films are accepted by movie freaks specially new generation very much.

Though the other genres of film is still in popularity but 3d movie is widely acclaimed by people nowadays.

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