What Makes You Good Game Designer?

Game Designer Career With Gaming Institute Kolkata

Game designer are professionals who work as full time and part time to create video games.

Game designer work with game concepts, setting, characters , setting, story and game play.

The game designer works with artists and programmers to develop intresting vision of game which will keep its audince glued to it.

A game designer generally converts the concept of the game into a playable product.
Game designer are persons who design game from a variety of formats such as console, wireless application, internet, mobile phone etc.

Game Designer Career With Gaming Institute Kolkata

To persue a career as a game designer, it takes a lot of labour and hard work and dedication as well as commitment.

One need to work with a team to produce video game.

The game designer use their literative power to write the story of the game, who generally creates the characters as it is created in a movie, and designs the games mechanics.

Game Designer Career With Gaming Institute Kolkata

Game designer utilize their technical knowledge of computer programming to write and execute feasible game code.

Game Designer Career With Gaming Institute Kolkata

Video gamers use their literary skill to storyboard plotlines and they generally design the mechanical things that will create attention of the customers.

Game Designer Career With Gaming Institute Kolkata

Game designer generally work with game developers and other artist to create games that exciting, creditable and highly profitable.

The major duty of a Game Designer are as follows-

Game Designer Career With Gaming Institute Kolkata

  1. Designing and developing concepts for new games, creating plot, characters and storyline of game.
  2. The useage of specilaized tools to storyboard , draw, and write their ideas.
  3. Game Designer needs to communicate their ideas to the higher authority or management
  4. They also work in collaboration with computer programmers to design software that complement the story.
  5. They also ensure that their game standard matches the employers standard of quality and content.
  6. They also arrange the schedule for other designers and maintain a production schedule.
  7. They sometimes consult with marketing team to create effective advertising campaigns for new game.

Game designer salary varies according to their experience , job location, and employer.

Game designer salary will increase according to their his own calibre i,e by gaining expertise in the field and also by improving their skill.

Some game designer own their own studio they may also earn high package.

How to become a Game Designer ?

1.Familiarization with video games-

The very first step that a game designer need to learn is gaining a thorough knowledge of video games.

Game Designer Career With Gaming Institute Kolkata

Most of the designers may be in their childhood days may have played video game a lot.

A person who wants to persue a career in this should grow a passion for this game.

A game designer should spend lot of time playing video game .

Only playing the video game wont be very much beneficial to them, they should watch it critically.

Another way of enhancing the skill is taking a good note what one may do and the things he is not liking about the game.One should think critically about the designs.

One should think about certain points in games where one could have designed it differently.

One should play a vast range of games and should discuss with their video game friek friends regarding popular video games.

In a way they will be able suggest a prospective game designer and give them new ideas.

Game Designer Career With Gaming Institute Kolkata

2. Get an education-

Getting a proper education is required to become a good game designer.

A good game designing diploma from good reputed institute will help a prospective game designer a lot.

In these sort of certificate and diploma courses one learns subjects like computer programming,computer science, game designing, etc

After getting a normal 10 plus 2 or graduation degree in any stream one may join any animation- gaming- institute where he might get a thorough training on game designing.

While choosing an gaming institute one should choose the right institute where there are good training faculties , good lab , and placement assurance.

One need to give priority to improve ones technical skill,and gain experience.

Game Designer Career With Gaming Institute Kolkata

3. Gaining experience

The most common source of gaining experience to video game is working as an intern in any good company.

While undergoing the course one may ask the faculty person to let them reach out to work in a game studio in order to gain experience.

This one may undergo while persuing the course.

In a game designing studio one may work with experienced designers.

One might learn by working as an assistant, by observing, and following the instruction of an experienced game designer.

If one has already undergone the course one may directly apply online for the any internship.

4.Build your portfolio-

Game Designer Career With Gaming Institute Kolkata

5.Preparing for interview-

To get a job as a game designer one should thoroughly prepare for interview.

One may practise answering common interview question , update ones portfolio,showreel, and also prepare a list of counter question for the interviewer.

Game Designer Career With Gaming Institute Kolkata

In an interview one might face theoretical and practical questions.

One may need to show the knowledge for software, the understanding what the position of the game designer requires in that particular industry or studio.

Some other skills that are required to be a game designer are communication skill, creativity, problem solving.

A good game designer should know how to communicate with the management team, game testers and other designers.

Problem solving is one of the important skill that is required by a game designer.

While working on a video game one may face many problem at every stage from game development, to plot creation to writing final pieces of code.

Creativity is another skill required to be a successful game designer.

The game designer should have a creative mind to design good video games using innovative technique and software.

A creative mind can create good storyline for video games.

Video gaming can be a good career for person who possess a creative mind and good technical knowledge.

One may earn a lot by working as a video game designer though he need to be very much hardworking to become successful in this line.

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