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Making a career as a professional gamer is now very much possible. For those who are very much interested in playing video game here there is adequate chance to turn ones passion into profession. Even though shaping ones career as a  professional game designer or a developer may turn out to be very much difficult  sometimes but hard work, dedication and choosing the right course and learning the night skill may  make the path smooth for you.

Here are the seven tips that are required to make oneself a successful person in the gaming industry:

1.Understanding the requirements of the industry-As a pre requirement one should always  understand the needs and requirements to plunge into the gaming industry. The gaming industry is vast and has specific requirements that are catered by a specific set of professionals. The industry may require animators, game developers, mobile game designers and character artist, to name a few. One must understand the requirement , choose accurse accordingly, specialize in  a particular field where one is interested choose a course accordingly specialize in a field that one is interested and gather the right skill sets.

2.One should work as a trainee or freelancer in a game studios-One of the best way to just shape ones career as a game designer is to work as a trainee or freelancer in a game studio. This will introduce you into the day to day life of a professional gamer or game designer at a gaming studio. Even before just landing into the permanent job in the gaming industry one should learn about game development mobile game designing, creating a gaming environment, and character building. All these experiences earned during ones training or freelancing will give a boost into ones portfolio.

3.Practise makes a man perfect – Practice makes a man excellent. One may be passionate about playing video games research on game strategies and test the strategies in gaming environment. One should keep an eye on what other gamers and streamers do and one should also watch updated guidelines and tutorials online.

4.Choose the right course in gaming-Different gaming courses specialises in different gaming genre. While some courses specialises on mobile gaming and developments some focus on product application and AR game design. So one should choose a course that fits one are of interest so future one may be able to shape ones career efficiently as a game designer.

5.Practise Working on gaming software-Every course in gaming provides hands on training in industry oriented gaming software . However working on software only during class hours may not make oneself confident or a pro software usage. One should install the software on one’s personal computer or laptops and practise developing games using that software  on ones personal computer or laptop and practise developing games using that software at home  . The more one try ones hand on this software the more efficient one becomes.

6.Buy relevant gaming gear- While one join a course in gaming one need to invest in good gaming gear to practise at home or after class hours. Good gaming gear helps one to excel in this field. There is some thing that one should definitely have such as gaming PC laptops, gaming pc, or laptop, gaming mouse, head set, mechanical keyboard, and Led monitor.

7.Join a community of gamers-Just pursuing a course  in gaming are not be sufficient  in today’s competitive world .  One may join a gaming community where one may build a network with professional gamers. Many vocational training institutes these days are offering career oriented courses in gaming.

One may join a gaming course and get certified by a good and well known institute, this will open up various career opportunities. A game designer should follow asset of game design principle while designing games that should be acceptable that is acceptable and worth appreciation. The video game, market is highly competitive market. This might reward oneself with very lucrative options if one has the passion and enthusiast to be a game designer. Designing a high level and user friendly game in an art and it gains enormous dedication, and research. At the same time it involves certain principles to be followed so that the game once developed might win the heart of millions.

There might be various frustration and contradiction while designing a game. But as soon as the final product is launched the feeling becomes surreal.

  1. Study and play other games around a mechanic-Just analysing a game and playing it time and again help a game designer to narrow to a few core mechanics. It important to build a game on the basis of a few core mechanics because any game changes during development. Therefore focusing on a very few ideas or mechanics because any game changes during development. Focusing on few ideas or mechanics will help developers develop a game tends that is more fun to play and a very significant one.
  1. Design games that are easy to learn-In today’s time this is one of the most important principles a game designer should follow. This is because lots of casual game has entered the market and making it difficult and engaging. A game that is accessible by game lovers and very much easy to start playing but it is very much hard gain a mastery of it as it progress and reaches the end. This will keep the player engaging and increase his interest and may also ask his friend to play along until the game is over.

game designer

  1. Reward players with innovative items-Powerful reward associated with a game contributes to a games success. Reward might embedded in a game or there might be a feature like external rewards at a restaurant and shopping mall. Recognizing and rewarding winners motivate them to play again and again may also invite friends and other enthusiast to play. This very much contributes to games success.

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