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In this time and age technology is growing at an unfathomable pace and it’s only set to increase further. There isn’t any sphere of human activity which is not currently being revolutionized by newer and more efficient technologies. Animation  technology isn’t an exception. With the market for animation movies just breaking all records , the fact is that people are craving a high degree of realism and life-like visuals in animated movies. Technological advances in animation would help to unlock the vast possibility of computer generated images .

Some of the recent developments are transforming animation technology completely.

1.Virtual reality-Until a few days ago animation was a watching experience. Virtual reality was making animation , something people may feel and live in virtual reality with the help of animation which people may access by using VR headgears or other similar equipment. People may attend concerts or take tours of their favourite destination virtually.

2.Augmented reality- Augmented reality is very much different from virtual reality in terms of access and experience. Augmented reality could be experienced simply on our smartphones or smart glasses. Augmented reality basically adds digital elements or objects to the real world that we see. Pokemon go is a classic example of a mobile game using AR technology. If one has an inclination  to know more about application of VR and AR in animation and game design these AR and VR courses could be a great way for someone to get updated as well as to make a career in animation related field.


3.Block chain- The relevance of Block chain technology in animation is not apparent to most. However recent research revealed that Block chain may be a game changer for design related professionals . It democratizes the animation design process and makes information sharing very much efficient which might make the animation technology process much simpler.

4.Artificial Intelligence-  Most of the tasks  involved in creation of animated films are generally done manually. It is anticipated that as the application of Artificial Intelligence gains prevalence in the animation industry. Many of the technically minute tasks may be performed automatically.

5.5G networks-The developments of 5G telecom networks which are expected to be launched on a large scale in 2022 could  randomly increase the speed  and reduce the latency in the making of computer generated  images. Moreover 5G will also enable the streaming of 4K resolution content, which is a phenomenal video quality when it comes to animation watching experience. A high speed network is sure to create a suitable environment for further technological innovation in the field. These rapid advancements in animation technology are ensuring a promising future for animators and visual graphic artists.

The thing that will increase the animation industry is that it has evolved over years and it hasn’t stagnated at any point. With each passing day the prospects of animation are increasing. Basically the animation work takes place with technology and there is no denying the fact that technological advancements  are a part of progress in the modern animation world. Animation is an ever progressing career option. Due to vast expansion of 3d animation  as a career  the number of  animation courses in Kolkata is increasing. It is an established fact that animation has seen an unprecedented growth in the past few years.



One may find various animation institutes that offer animation training courses in Kolkata by training oneself in the field of animation, one become part of this gigantic industry. While computers have assisted animators in their efforts for decades, the advent of computer animation was a turning point in terms of technology animation studios needed to be used. For many years the usage  and advancement of technology has aided  the creation of the entertainment industry  especially the animation sector. From the early days of 2d to the discovery of zoetrope and contemporary work of graphic animation technology has assisted the evolution of cartoon production from two to three dimensional format and even stereoscopic 3d.

The business has walked a long way from hand drawn drawings that had to be animated by hand The ancient animation known as anime in Japan is a very simplistic type of animation due to lack of visuals and computer animated technology. Animators are now employing ground breaking software to create amazing films and programmes after years of research and a lot of new technology. The Indian film industry is relying increasingly on VFX and animation to just  enhance the visual appeal of films  as it was demonstrated by blockbuster hits like RRR and Bramhastra. The shift in the film and television industry is bringing  about significant  changes.

Globalization of industry ; thanks to VFX the entertainment industry may now collaborate globally fostering new partnerships and collaborations, as well as providing international opportunities for industry professionals. Animation technology helps to create stunningly realistic  environments, characters and special effects elevating the overall quality of films and television shows and thus creating more immersive viewing  experiences for audiences. Increased creative freedom gives filmmakers and creators greater creative freedom , enabling them to realize their ideas in ways previously impossible  and leading to the emergence of new genres and techniques.

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Cost effective solution-VFX is a more cost effective way of creating special effects than building elaborate physical sets or props. This has given the chance to independent filmmakers and enabled studios to undertake bigger and more ambitious projects. Industry academic partnership- In order to meet the rising demand for skilled professionals many Indian educational institutions now order courses in animation and VFX. Vfx and studios are partnering with students with hand on training allowing them to provide industry relevant training.

The partnership facilitates the identification and recruitment of talented individuals by providing a stream of talented individuals , providing a pipeline of skilled professionals for the industry. The Indian government is taking a lot of care to promote the growth of the animation industry in the country. The establishment of the National centre of excellence in Animation ,Gaming , and VFX is a key initiative aimed at unlocking the industry’s big potential. That’s why the animation industry is growing rapidly.

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