Importance Of Color Correction In Digital Images

Color Correction @ Maac Kolkata

Today in this blog we will discuss on the importance of color correction.

Color Correction is the process used in photography, television and filmmaking.

Which of the above image you would like to choose?

Of course the one that is correctly exposed.

No one of us likes dull or very bright images.

Therefore images much be treated properly before display.

In case of filmmaking Color Correction is the procedure of matching and balancing colors throughout the film.

Color Correction often goes unnoticed to the untrained eye but it yields a huge impact on the quality of the product.

Color Correction process is mostly done at the Video Editing Stage.

Significance Of Colors Within An Image

Color Correction @ Maac Kolkata

Colors are part of our lives.

Colors play an important role in the images whether still or moving.

Colors can tell the time of the day, season and emotions of the characters.

Colors generate moods; bright color image creates a happy mood whether as dark tones focuses on serious mood.

By applying any particular color or by manipulating the luminous intensity with an image artist can give a complete new aspect to the visual content.

Colors of the video helps to keep the audience engage.

Video footages are treated very similar to photographic still images.

Video Editor does lots of color correction works to make the final video product.

Generally while capturing the video footage through the digital camera; the cinematographer adjusts the camera exposure, white balance and shutter speed.

But sometimes cinematographer has to shoot under unfavorable conditions and this is where color correction comes in.

Color Correction @ Maac Kolkata

Bad weather condition, technical mishaps or dull outdoor lighting hampers the quality of the footage but this can be rectified at the later stage.

In the above left side picture we can see that the image is dull and cloudy but after the color correction process the image looks bright and lively.

In spite of good quality camera and skilled cinematographers color corrections is the best way to get the highest quality of image.

Lot of digital cameras allows the cinematographer to shoot in a RAW camera format where they shoot in the flattest possible color spectrum.

In this case the color looks dull while filming but RAW footage allows one to manipulate the images in post-production stage.

The editor carefully checks out every video image and does the color correction whether ever it is necessary.

Color correction helps to bring the brightness back within the image.

Presently all the video editing software has the feature of color correction.

Color Correction @ Maac Kolkata

An image can have primary colors RGB (red, green, blue) or Secondary colors CMY (cyan, Magenta, yellow).

Before working on color correction the artist should have fair knowledge about the colors.

The color correction feature is an inexpensive technique to increase the production value of the visual content.

Artist can rectify a dull shot on the editing table without investing money in the reshoot process.

Digital content creators work on the colors of the visual content to make it more attractive and appealing for the audience.

Color of the shot creates impact on the viewers and also supports the storyline.

Colors give new aspect to the imaginations

Application Of Color Correction

Color Correction @ Maac Kolkata

In case of documentary film, the filmmaker collects sources from various media to build up a story; he/she uses still images, newspaper clippings, online articles, outdoor footages and indoor interviews.

All these images from variety of media differ in their quality, color and texture.

To bring all the images on the same timeline and to give them a seamless look the artist has to work on the color part of the images.

A documentary film editor spends more time in balancing the images shot to shot from various sources.

Color Correction @ Maac Kolkata

The editor/artist opens up the Color Corrector Tool in the video editing software and changes the color of the footage while working on color wheels.

Each wheel carries a dot in the middle which the editor/artist can move anywhere on the color wheel.

The artist can also alter the brightness, sharpness, contrast and saturation of the footage in the color correction option.

One can choose or create infinite colors by using this tool.

When a shot changes from one to another too much color difference within the shots can create jerk in the perception and in such situation color correction balances the color from one shot to another.

The editor can easily compare the before and after shot in the window panels during the application of color effects.

Color Correction gives a continuous feeling to the viewer.

This technique has become vital part of film and television series now days.

Filmmakers and editors work hard to make each and every movie visuals stunning and mesmerizing.

Benefits Of Color Correction

Color Correction @ Maac Kolkata

In the above picture we can see the difference in the color contrast.

Color Correction increases the contrast within the image which gives a specific look and improves the selling of the video.

Color Correction is done to achieve well-balanced perfectly exposed shots.

With color correction artist can create more professional videos.

Color Correction helps to retain the details when the video is watched on different television channels and projectors.

This also enhances the mood of the video; if the video is about the college event then the artist may increase the saturation and brightness of the images to highlight the color of grass and buildings; giving an overall happy and joyful feeling.

Color Correction @ Maac Kolkata

Color Correction saves the production money.

Filmmaker can shoot the scenes in the broad daylight to save cost on lighting and other equipments and then can darker the images in post-production.

Editor may add less luminance effect to the visuals to highlight the gloomy mood in the Horror films.

With the availability of the various color correction software in the market such as DaVinci Resolve, Photoshop, Adobe Premiere Pro etc .

Independent artists as well as professional artists can work on high quality digital equipments to make their visual product appealing to the audiences.

Hence try your hands with colors and contact us if you have any doubt.





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