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Animation is a technique for creating illusion of movement in a series by shooting consecutive drawings models or puppets. Our eye may record a movement for about one tenth of a second. The brain actually blends many pictures into a single moving image and they move in rapid succession. The animation studios are growing rapidly in India with more and more animated series being produced in India. As per FCCI EY March 2022 report, the animation industry has grown by 24% and it is expected to reach 180 billion by 2024. The demand for animation has grown with the development of children’s broadcasting, the availability of internet in a lower cost, and the popularity of OTT platform. In 2021 the total estimated growth of Indian animation and VFX industry was around Rs 83 billion.

According to estimates by EY the animation industry will grow from 30.5% in 2021 to 39.7% in 2022. The pandemic has caused to increase children’s viewership by 30%. Their parents have also become viewers. The increase in the number of viewers has brought many advertisers in the market which includes e-learning platform, ecommerce, and FMCG brands such as Hershyes, Maggie, Nestle and many more. Increased demand for animation across platform such as broadcast and digital outlets has led to renewed interest in the segment. There are more than 1800000 employees working in animation sector whereas in the world there are one million. There are 1500 animation companies in India and 21,000 animation companies in the world.


Computer generated imagery is one of the easily available source of creating animation. When we think of animation the first and foremost thing that comes upon my mind is light, camera and action. But actually this is not a factor. Animation consists of illustrators rigging artist rendering computer and animation studios. Animation is a popular form of entertainment that advances with technology. Over years we have seen beautiful characters and stories come into being as   artist struggle to create what audiences want to create in their animated television show or movies. We have seen of animation series like Loooney Tunes, Bugs Bunny, or classic animated feature films like Seven Dwarfs. An animation studios is generally produces animated media.

 Animation studios produces own physical equipment for production; employ operators for equipment, and hols a major part in sales or rentals of media produced. They also have the right over merchandising and creative right for characters created and held for company. Computer generated imagery is one of the easiest available source of animation in recent years. Animation is generally moving images generally created to give a lively look to pictures that are otherwise not movable. While animated pictures are in recent trend nowadays the companies are creating them incompletely new global demand.

animation studios

The animation companies who are operating in India nowadays are Digitoonz, Prayan animation, Visual connection, Cirtus Inc studios,Reliance Animation, CosmosMaya, Best Studios,Ocean Blue,Vibgyour 360,Pitch Worx.

1. Digitoonz – Digitoonz stands for Digital cartoons is one of the leading animation studios in Noida , India. The company specializes in 2d, TV series in flash, CGI in TV. It also specializes in broadcast feature film, game design and development. It has been creating its own IP for child focused content.

2. Prayan Animation-It is located in Kerela Prayan animation has succeeded in providing specialized services in 2d, 3d digital production and infographics. It is working in the field of comic book and childrens book illustration. It provides conceptual design, architectural visualization, game content technological techniques and production.

3. Visual connection-The company has been operating since 2013 has it has always assured it clients to narrate what they want and then they leave the rest to their operational team to bring the output to the fullest and finest. Optimised solution and an ideal user experience are what the team aims to provide serives in visual effects, product simulation and 2d and 3d. It tries to meet the need of its clients and tries to satisfy them utmost.

4. Citrus Ins studio-It is situated In New Delhi, India CitrusStudio aims at making a dynamic work environment whose creativity is present in all professionals who are there to save the client to meet their requirements. This Animation studio provides assistance in 2d and 3d VFX and motion graphics.

5. Reliance Animation- While gathering a lot of international appreciation Reliance Animation “ Veneta Cucine ‘’is an AD film of the year FiCCi Frames 2006 and Little Krishna as the best Indian animated content. Reliance Animation has proved its superiority and has stood out with its 2d and 3d along with its brilliant marketing techniques.

6. Cosmos Maya- Its is a Singapore based Animation Company, Cosmos Maya founded by Indian filmmakers Deepa Sahi and Ketan Mehta one of the leading company. It is located in Hydrabad the company provides in graphic design, 3d animation, and web designing and visual effect.


7. Best Studio- Providing a one stop destination to all its clients the company has acquired a complete team of content writers, video producers, scriptwriters, and animators design visual artist. It assists its client in 2d animation, illustration and promotional video.

8. Ocean Blueee- Established in Maharastra, Mumbai, OceanBluee, specialises in providing help to various publishers across gaming consoles and game developers. The Animation studios provides services to its client in term of various gaming models and their development into 3d. Visual development and art production for game are the stuff that the company aims to provide.

9. Vibgyor-It is situated In Bangalore, it has a team of professionals who specializes in all field of animation. It has vast experience in e-learning, modelling, gaming, web film character designing and a lot more thing.

These are some of the popular animation studios of 2022. They are operating finely in India for over a decade. These animation institutes are constantly in need of animators and VFX artist. So animators are in high demand nowadays.

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