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animation institute Kolkata

Animation is the way by which layouts are designed and drawn, and photographic sequences are integrated in multimedia and 3d animated games.

Animation involves manipulation of still images to generate an illusion of movement.

A professional illusion creator is called animator.

animation institute Kolkata

An Animator with the help of computer technology captures still images and then it is animated accordingly.

There are three types of animation generally 2d or 3d animation.

The animation industry is growing enormously in India much better than any other software industry.

Animation is the field where a creative person may have his or her utmost work satisfaction.

He or she may get appraisal from clients.

The animation industry is growing in leaps and bounds.

There are 4000 animation studios in India where the number of animator is more than 15,000 and the figure is growing.

The requirement for animation artist has grown upto 22% according to recent statistics.

After completion of a course in animation one may work as a graphic designer, multimedia developer, game developer, character designer, animator,3d modellers and layout artist and many more.

The requirement for the above professionals is at large in advertising, online print and media, film and television, cartoon production theatre, video game and e learning industry.

Animation Industry Is In Blooming Stage In India

An animator may work for the organization or he or she may go for freelancing or can even do both.

animation training institute Kolkata

MAAC is an institute in Kolkata at different place like Rashbehari, Chowringhee, Ultadanga which provides animation courses to students.

MAAC in Kolkata provides best 3d animation courses for all aspirents.

MAAC is one of the best institutes in Kolkata which provides good quality education and training in the field of animation.

The course content is prepared by professionals who holds high position in various segments of animation industries.

The curriculum is prepared in the best possible so that it caters to the requirement of the industry.

animation training institute Kolkata

In MAAC animation institute well equipped library WIFI covered zone has provided enormous opportunity for learning to the students.

They not only gain theoretical knowledge but practical skill as well.

MAAC animation has a course on 3d animation

The main content of this course is AD3d edge plus, D3d (programme in 3d Animation Filmaking) and DAFM course.

The sub- content of the above discussed courses are given below.

AD3d Edge plus-The work of animator is like that of a conjurer.

As a conjurer takes us to the Utopian world were illusion appears as reality.

It becomes an opportunity for aspiring to enhance their creative skill.

This is the thing one learns At various Maac Animation Centers like MAAC Chowringhee, MAAC Rashbehari and MAAC Ultadanga.

AD3d edge plus is a course on animation filmmaking.

It covers all three stages of production from preproduction, production, to post production with special emphasis on storyboard writing, stop motion, 3d design and modelling.

animation institute Kolkata

Other parts which are covered in this particular course is cinematography, video editing, digital designing, sound editing, look development, lighting and rendering, fluid hair & cloth fx.

Software one need to learn in this course, adobe photoshop, adobe after effects, adobe premiere, adobe audition , auto desk 3d max, autodesk mudox,   fusion, motion builder, etc and many such,new age softwares.

After sucessfuly completing the course an aspiring student can become modelling artist, lighting artist , texture artist, render artist , character animator, layout artist, digital sculptor, rigging artist, video editor, motion graphic artist, fx artist, game artist , 3d generalist.

animation training institute Kolkata

Course duration: 600 HRS (including one specialization)

D3d(Programme in 3d animation filmmaking- In this part a student with the help of students creative and imaginative skill gets to learn different aspects of filmmaking like story boarding, filmmaking, character animation.

Mainly in this course one learns preproduction, storyboarding, concepts of filmmaking , digital painting, matte painting, Bg modelling and surfacing, 3d character development, texturing & look development, lighting, rendering,particle and dynamics.

animation training institute Kolkata

The software that is generally taught in this course is adobe photoshop, autodesk 3d max, autodesk maya, autodesk mudox.

The career option after completing this course 3d modelling artist, character animator, texturing artist, lighting artist, rigging artist, render artist, layout artist,3d generalist.

animation training institute Kolkata

Course duration: 408 HRS

DAFM-In this part of the course MAAC institute focuses on preproduction, digital filmmaking and it gives a thorough idea of 3d animation process.

Students in this part of the course gets an thorough idea of filmmaking, storyboarding, character design,modelling, 3d animation , texturing and lighting

The course content includes preproduction, storyboarding, cinematography, concepts of film making, stop motion, digital design, compositing , sound editing, concepts of nonlinear editing, modelling texturing ,lighting and rendering, particles and dynamics character setup & skinning, character animator.

animation institute Kolkata

Software to learn- adobe photoshop, , adobe premiere, autodesk 3d max, adobe after effects, adobe audition.

After completion of the course one may become design visualization artist, lighting artist, animator, rigging artist, motion graphic artist , modelling artist, digital designer.

animation institute Kolkata

Course duration: 288 HRS.

If one wants a specilaization in modelling and texturing, lighting & shading one need to undergo a course on art & technical aesthetics, inorganic modelling, stylized character, low poly character for digital sculpting, realistic character.

The main software to learn is Maya , Zbrush.

Apart from providing formal training MAAC conducts other activites such as 24Fps, NSM, workshops, composition studio.

MAAC students gets a chance to communicate with corporate professionals from various industry to amplify their knowledge.

An aspiring animation professional gets an average salary of Rs1.2 lakhs that may increase upto 7 lakhs per annum depending on experience.

The essential skill required to become an animator is creativity, good visualization, good color skill, appreciation of aesthetics, ability to express the clients idea with creativity.

Nonetheless animation is frequently used in entertainment.

Various animation series and movies are created for children and adults as well as for children like Bahubali, Kungfu panda, Jungle book, that was a huge source of entertainment.

animation training institute Kolkata

Animation is used in education industry as it enhances the receptive skill of the students.

It is used by business houses to advertise its product to clients and prospective buyers.

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