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MAAC Kolkata has brought before you a bag of interesting facts and elements about the position the storyboard artist have in animation industry.

This time it hasn’t missed the ‘unique’ factor about it.

A storyboard artist resembles the chief of an animated film or TV appears.

The artist makes visuals for each significant scene in the story including character postures, outward appearances, and foundations.

Each storyboard is comprised of boards and the artist draws all the vital boards including activity bearings, similar to when a character lifts their arm or when a character leaves the scene.

At times the storyboard artist gets a content and needs to draw the story as-scripted.

Be that as it may, ordinarily, particularly in TV series, the storyboard artist is likewise the author of the scene.

The artist can incorporate visual muffles and exchange to include their vision into the story.

This makes storyboarding a lucrative vocation for anybody inspired by the workmanship, coordinating, and narrating.

Be that as it may, storyboard artist can be utilized as a part of any advanced item including computer games.

Numerous diversions have cutscenes or rehash character developments that should be envisioned through sheets.

Storyboard Animation Kolkata

A great many people think about board work through cartoons since that is the means by which they’re made.

Each scene needs a storyboard to direct planning, camera shots/container, and character postures.

Activity moves quickly so every great storyboard experts should be brisk.

This implies a specialist level of draftsmanship for arranging and posturing characters in a scene.

Customary activity utilized storyboard boards drawn on paper.

One 22-minute scene could without much of a stretch be many sheets of storyboards just to recount the story.

Storyboard Animation Kolkata

There’s a cool scaled down doc from Pixar demonstrating their procedure for storyboarding highlight films.

On the off chance that you need to wind up a storyboard artist you’ll be a genuine decent sketcher.

You’ll require a phenomenal handle of the point of view and figure drawing for posturing characters precisely.

What’s more, you’ll be OK exchanging between various styles of workmanship as you move between appears.

A storyboard for SpongeBob will have an altogether different creative style than a storyboard for Adventure Time.

As a rule, you’ll have to face the basics and be fast with them.

Be that as it may, storyboard specialists once in a while work in shading so that won’t be as imperative.

In case you’re past the basics and need to dig directly into blocking at that point certainly pick a couple of books from our prescribed rundown for storyboarders.

That post ought to have all that you’ll ever need to find out about the organization, arranging, camera edges, posturing, and all the related complexities of drawing extraordinary sheets.

You’ll likewise require some tolerance and an eagerness to crush.

It takes diligent work to go anyplace in media outlets.

In any case, storyboarding can be such a breathing life into the process, to the point that for some individuals it’s justified regardless of the exertion.

Particularly in the event that you have a profound energy for both art and narrating.

Art and artists can never be separated just as the storyboard artists from the story.

Being a storyboard artist, you should have the capability to draw anything that is given to you as a task or project.

A Storyboard artist has a vast scope of opportunities in diverse sectors of Advertising, Live-action films, and Animation.


The Storyboard artist can find its career actively in the field of advertising.

The Storyboard artist in advertising is utilized to produce an illustration of what the story of the TV commercial or the soap will look like.

This is done so as to influence, persuade and engage the customers in order to buy the concept being pitched.

Well, the set of illustration is prepared either when the brand agency is making efforts to win the customer’s business or the time when the client has already signed the agreement on the agency-brand.

Whatever may be the case, the significant element on the part of the storyboard is to envisage for the customer what the brand’s creative director or ‘creatives’ are contemplating and this is the blueprint to sell the customer’s product.

A storyboard artist may likewise be solicited to outwardly speak to a few adaptations from a crusade for print advertisements.

Live-action Film

Storyboard Animation Kolkata

On the front of the live-action film, a storyboard artist is employed at the very beginning of a project.

The time when a storyboard artist is contracted by a movie organization, the artist must separate the scenes of the content into shots which can be taped.

This is done under the supervision of the movie’s executive keeping in mind the end goal to guarantee the chief’s vision from the beginning of the venture.

As the creation continues, the storyboards are displayed to the cinematographer who is then in charge of conveying that vision to the screen.

The production organizations of the film may likewise contract a storyboard artist to make cleaned introduction style storyboards (which may likewise incorporate sound)which can be utilized by an official maker to collect the cash to make the film.


Storyboard Animation Kolkata


In case of Animation, project assignments are frequently addressed based on the fact of storyboards individually.

In this situation, the storyboard artists keep on to work all the way through the production in order to develop some specific scenes.

Subsequent to a scene which is edited the director along with the storyboard artists and the entire crew perhaps required to rewrite the succession, if required.

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