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Hello Friends, today in this blog our focus will be on the Stop Motion Software.

As we all know that Stop Motion is an animation technique to bring static objects to life on screen.

In case of Stop Motion; animators move objects or puppets frame by frame and then capture that movement via camera.

All the recorded actions give the effect of continuous movement when they are played.

Generally clay figures, puppets and miniatures are used in Stop Motion animation.

There is certain software available in the market for the Stop-Motion Animation.

Presently digital software is highly used by the animators for the short or commercial Stop Motion films.

Types Of Stop Motion Software

Dragonframe Software

STOP MOTION SOFTWARE @ Animation Kolkata

Dragonframe is the best professional Stop Motion Animation Software.

It is ideal frame-grabbing software and can be used for time-lapse photography.

Initially it was developed by Jamie and Dyami Caliri brothers while creating commercial for United Airlines.

Later Dragonframe was marketed by DZED systems.

This software also won award at the annual Annie Awards.

Dragonframe software controls a digital camera to create basic stop motion animation.

It has features like onion skinning, step-to-live, auto-toggling and drawing with virtual pencil.

STOP MOTION SOFTWARE @ Animation Kolkata

This software allows the user to adjust the camera and the scene; then the user can combine the frames into a chain of animated frames.

Dragonframe has added innovations in Stop-Motion Animation by offering complete range of production features.

If you are an independent filmmaker or working on a big feature film Dragonframe carries all the tools required to produce gorgeous Stop-motion Animation.

Dragonframe offers following tools-

  • Video aid, editing and frame-grabbing animation properties
  • Timeline to edit the frame with simple drag and drop method
  • Feature of Cinematography
  • DMX-512 offers lighting automation
  • Built-in audio and dialogue track
  • Editor to program complicated camera motions
  • Colour Detection

Dragonframe has been used to make full-length motion picture films like Frankenweenie, Coraline, ParaNorman and Shaun the Sheep.

One can get the software free for 30 days.

During the trial period you can test the software with your camera and can try out the features.

iStopMotion Software

STOP MOTION SOFTWARE @ Animation Kolkata

Mac based Stop Motion program iStopMotion software has been developed by German based Boinx Software Company.

It is useful in creating time-lapse movies and stop motion animation on iPhone or Mac systems.

iStopMotion has amazing features as it allows to edit a recorded frame with outside software like Photoshop.

One can edit the unwanted part in the Photoshop and can go back to iStopMotion without stopping the recording.

STOP MOTION SOFTWARE @ Animation Kolkata

This software also controls the camera including colour balance, focus, hue and saturation.

It offers features like-

  • Onion Skinning which helps to look back at five prior frames each superimposed over the next.
  • Flashes the current live picture as well as earlier recorded pictures at timeframes
  • Instant Playback
  • Sound waveform and others.

This software is excellent for animators who want to record animation on their computer directly without depending on films.

Aspirant filmmakers can use this software easily to create their own masterpiece.

Stop Motion Studio Software

STOP MOTION SOFTWARE @ Animation Kolkata

Stop Motion Studio helps to create terrific movies with its unique features.

It is available for iPhone, iPad, Android, macOS and Windows.

This software is a fun, produces quick and easy animations.

Stop Motion Studio supports digital cameras including Canon, Nikon and Sony.

It helps to capture the images easily while controlling the camera settings such as white balance, exposure, control shutter speed etc.

With Live-View option one can control objects and movements.

It has in-built library from where one can choose the photos.

STOP MOTION SOFTWARE @ Animation Kolkata

This software shows frame-by-frame of all the images in chronological manner.

Adding audio clips, title, filter effects are very easy with it.

Image editor can be used to change the composition, colour levels and applying wonderful filter effects.

Stop Motion Studio has in-built beautiful design title and credit cards ready for use.

Its advanced typography features helps to create unique designs for the movie.

The free version of Stop Motion comes with tools like grid, fade, frame positioning and frame-by frame preview.

STOP MOTION SOFTWARE @ Animation Kolkata

One can also use Chroma Keying or Green Screen to change the background but the free version do not allows Green Screen and Movie Effect features.

It has in-built sound effects and music clips, animators can bring characters to life by recording a voice over track directly on the movie.

Audio editor helps to adjust the audio clip, set fade-in fade-out option, add funny audio effects.

Once the movie is complete you can share it on YouTube or anywhere else.

The developers of Stop Motion Studio claimed that ‘It is the world’s easiest software to create stop motion moviemaking’.

It lets you to create stop motion animated movies on your own PC.

StopMotion Pro Software

STOP MOTION SOFTWARE @ Animation Kolkata

This Stop Motion Pro Eclipse is made for both experts and beginner animators.

It has many features and provides high resolution stop motion animation.

The red button on the above picture is for recording frame-by frame object.

The play button helps to playback the animation at any point of time.

It can be easily linked to the camera or webcam to record pictures.

The marker can be used to track and plan the movement of the character.

The video can play as fast as 30 fps and the animator can record audio while the animation is playing back.

STOP MOTION SOFTWARE @ Animation Kolkata

It provides lip-sync support.

Animators can match the movement of the lips with the dialogue by opening the audio box; the above picture shows the audio graph at the below.

It has special effect feature to add effects within the frame.

Onion Skinning is also possible in it and has multi-track audio feature.

The software supports many cameras and has tools for advanced project management which are useful for managing long-term animation projects.

Stop Motion Pro’s User Interface supports five languages such as English, Spanish, French, German and Chinese.

In the above texts we mentioned about the Stop Motion Software; interested candidate can be a part of us .





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