MAAC CRU Creative Carnival 2024

MAAC CRU Creative Carnival 2024

In the heart of the city of joy, MAAC CRU—Chowringhee, Rashbehari, Ultadanga (formerly Kakurgachi)—has been a pioneering training academy for Animation, Multimedia, Visual Effects, and Gaming. Our goal is to invigorate and showcase the meticulous training we provide to every student, encouraging them to contribute significantly to the vast animation, multimedia, gaming, and VFX industries.

The objective of this initiative is centered around invigorating and showcasing the meticulous training rendered by the institute to its every student encouraging them to contribute to a squad of mammoth animation, multimedia, gaming and VFX industry.

MAAC Carnival


Speaking of the creative genre of Animation, Graphic Design, VFX and Web-designthe best training institute in Kolkata offering premium quality learning and uses the contemporary framework, the name that primarily strikes is, MAAC Animation Kolkata (CRU).
The academic program for each course module is structured in a way that students receive in-depth conceptual knowledge that makes their foundation for learning as solid as a rock.

This curriculum is designed by the industry experts who belong to our research and development team.

MAAC CRU carnival

Our institute organizes programs pertaining to faculty training that are conducted in order to ensure premium standards of training in the class.

The infrastructure utilized at our institute is similar to that of the global VFX & Animation industry. This helps in creating a professional environment thereby producing an ‘on-the-job’ ambience in the classrooms. This in turn helps our students win several Awards for the films they produce.

Today we are going to share about the mega event that has been organized by MAAC Animation Kolkata (CRU).

Here, we’re speaking about none other than the gala event of ”MAAC CRU Creative Carnival 2024”.

MAAC carnival

MAAC CRU, over 24 years and running institute takes an initiative with all its heart and
start the ball rolling with the Mega Event where all the MAAC legends, i.e. the alumnus of all
the three centers reunite on the same floor followed by an interactive seminar with some of
the most renowned professional experts from this industry. 

The event concluded with the most exciting annual cultural fest by our MAACites!

This auspicious event of ”MAAC CRU Creative Carnival” was held on 14th June, 2024 at
Academy of Fine Arts (near Rabindra Sadan).

MAAC CRU Creative carnival

It was a whole day’s event! The event was inaugurated with Lamp lighting by Mr.Anuj Kacker, the Chief Executive Officer of Aptech and Mr. Naveen Choudhary, the Director of MAAC Animation Kolkata. The next part of the mega event involves ‘Dronacharya Speaks’-the Seminar by the industry stalwarts.

Now, you must be wondering which personalities from this industry had joined in the event! Let’s take a brief look at what the ‘Dronacharya Speaks’ entails!

Rajib Chilaka | CEO green gold aimation
Mr. Rajiv Chilaka:
He is the founder & CEO, GreenGold Animation Pvt.Ltd. Mr. Rajiv Chilaka is the creator of Chhota Bheem, which is presently crafted into a film and also animated series. A team of over 800 professionals is led by him. Artists who have successfully produced over 10 shows, around seven hundred episodes, 80 plus television movies and four Feature films in the last ten years. It is under the leadership of Mr. Rajiv Chilaka that Green Gold Animation has won many honorary awards and hit a historic mark.
The creator of Mighty Little Bheem, is the newest India’s 1st Netflix animation series that is
authentic and innovative.

Deepesh Bhansali | digital design Cimpress
Mr. Deepesh Bhansali:
He is the Sr. Manager Operational Excellence, Cimpress India. Mr. Deepesh Bhansali excels in mentoring, motivating, coaching aspirants.
He coaches, motivates, mentors, & Inspires people in the corporation to aim for a purpose & achieve excellence. Mr. Bhansali supports to inspire, build & coach the creative team or designers to ideate realistically concepts, illustrations and prototypes. He also helps in Collaborating on forming the idea and developing unique marketing campaigns.

Arnab sanyal | VFX supervisor ILM
Mr. Arnab Sanyal:
He is the 2D Compositing Supervisor of Industrial Lights & Magic Production. In the world of visual effects (VFX), Mr. Arnab Sanyal has walked through a remarkable journey. He started as a Visual effects generalist, 2 decades ago. He has worked on most esteemed Indian ad and Bollywood projects prior to joining Rhythm & Hues.
The Golden Compass” and “Life of Pi” are films, Mr. Sanyal had contributed as a lead, had won academy awards. Later, he shifted to MPC and played a pivotal role in the pioneering film “The Jungle Book“.
Sanyal worked as the HOD of the Composition Department, where a team of over 700 people was led by him. At present, Mr. Sanyal is working as the 2D Compositing Supervisor in ILM India where he supervises creative endeavors of the studio and proficiently tackles their team. Various other well-known projects, where Mr. Sanyal has contributed include Wonder Woman, Dumbo, Night at the Museum, X-Men and Maleficent.

All the professional experts in ‘Dronacharya Speaks’ shared about the different career opportunities this industry offers; how vast the industry of digital design is; what career prospects the graphic design industry holds in store for you!

Press & Media Coverage

We acknowledge and thank the people from the press 24 hours, Taza TV, Woman Times who were there in the event. Their contribution and support cannot be measured on any scale as the press serve a dual role of being our spokesperson and future workplace for some of our students also.

As we celebrate today, let us also look forward to the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. The field of Digital Content Creation is one that thrives on change and innovation. Let us embrace the future with the same passion and creativity that has brought us to where we are today.

MAAC CRU alumni

Moving on to the next part of the event, here comes the LEGENDS OF MAAC– our gems, the Alumnus! Around 69 alumni were felicitated by Mr. Anuj Kackar and Mr. Naveen Choudhary.
It was a moment of mixed feelings- a moment of pride and emotions for everyone!
Alumnus coming from various backgrounds, meeting their own batch-buddies, walking down the memory lane after such a long time! Not only batch mates, meeting their juniors, seniors and faculties add up to another level of emotional touch altogether.


Coming to the closure, the most exciting and fun filled part of the event is Prayas– the cultural fest!
All the participants rocked the stage with back to back terrific performances- comedy play, dance, Shruti drama, singing, etc. 

Prayas 2024 is the event that celebrates the creative minds and the rigorous hard work they provide to achieve expected results!


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