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Graphic design college serve as incubators for aspiring designers, nurturing talent and shaping the future of visual communication.

According to Steve Jobs, design is something that should not be determined just by how it looks or feels like, but how it functions. Now you might ask, how can a ‘design’— a mere form of art be so vocal rather than communicative ? This is exactly where the term “graphic design” steps in. 

Graphic design conveys messages through incorporating different elements creating visual subject-matter, designed by professionals. In today’s digital era, graphic design is in every place — from large ads, placards to drug vial boxes to mobile applications. Graphic design, also known as communication design and the professionals are the visual communicators because they craft the designs through graphic design softwares, in a way that brings life to these visual ideas and concepts

Best graphic design college

Design is an effective language that communicates to the universe. And, in order to obtain a good grasp over this particular language, graphic design colleges or institutes become a launching pad for the striving designers. However, let us know what prospects exactly this creative harbor has for you.

You might also ask, why do we need to attend a graphic design college? 

In a nutshell, the utmost need to go to a graphic design college for these significant reasons below:

  • to create a compact foundation on the knowledge
  • to intensify creativity  and teamwork
  • to acquire knowledge beyond operating softwares

graphc design college

It is very crucial how you select a high-standard graphic design college or institution. This is because it has an effective impact on your career progression as an aspiring graphic design enthusiast post-graduation.

In the competing worldwide business market, job opportunities for graphic designers and services related to computer designs are expanding rapidly. Graphic design professionals are likely to face challenges and competition even at the entry-level job opportunities. 

In order to receive high-quality academic guidance to become one in a million, you need to be mindful of the key factors while choosing a good graphic design college. 

Following are those key factors: 

  1. Accreditation 
  2. Curriculum 
  3. Hands-On Training
  4. Certification Programs In Graphic Design Software
  5. Income Stability & Freelancing
  6. Exposure To Modern Developing Design Technologies
  7. Freedom Towards Expression Of Your Creative Concepts And Ideas
  8. Meet New Designers
  9. Workshops Of Brand Strategies
  10. Placement Opportunities.

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1. Accreditation: No matter how much popularity there is, accreditation is of utmost importance not only for degree programs in business management, law but also in other affluent fields of academia. One has to be very careful while selecting a graphic design program from a recognized institution or college, accredited through a trusted authority that has raised high standards for under-graduation, graduation, and diploma and certification courses.

Accreditation of the institution will ensure you in the authenticity of the quality education you receive from that institution.

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2. Curriculum: It is essential for you to carefully study the curriculum the institution will offer before selecting the latter. Curriculum offering fundamental topics, specialization topics and software modules that are necessary for a novice to work professionally. It is not the tenure of the course structure of the certificate program or the long-term degree of post-graduation that will determine the academic skill but, it is the quality of the education you receive that will get reflected on your performance.

3. Hands-On Training: The best way to manifest your talent and expertise to your approaching employers is by highlighting on the portfolio. And the educational program structure of the best graphic design college offers pupils with a curriculum maintaining an equilibrium between academic learning and hands-on experiences. The most essential part of this field is that graphic designers acquire as much practical experience as possible in various mediums such as websites, illustrations, logo designing, brochures etc. 

You should always look for institutions providing internship exposures to learn the modern designing skills to enhance your portfolio. This in turn will pave way to lucrative career opportunities in professional designing firms. For instance, the infrastructure of MAAC Animation Kolkata is supported by high-end computers, Wacom tablets with advanced configuration like i7/i9 processor, 32GB RAM, 3060 Graphics card and more. This enables students to render their graphics at a higher speed. You have to be honest with your domain of interest and make the right choice.

best graphic design college in Kolkata

4. Certification Programs in Graphic Design Software: In this field designing software is the backbone of graphic design as a whole. Graphic design colleges containing a curriculum that offers certification programs in graphic design  enables the learners to excel the latest design software tools.

5. Income Stability & Freelancing: At present, Graphic design is in huge demand in the market. Stability of income in this industry is unconstrained with big companies offering great opportunities. Having acquired academic education of industrial background and proven certification, you will be able to secure jobs with financially rewarding packages. Companies are always in search of committed graphic designers, who can meet their needs to break the ice with the target audience. If you know your craft well, you will surely be able to accommodate their necessities.

Attending Graphic design colleges enables you to equip yourself with the appropriate skills, so that you can efficiently work on freelancing projects for clients or launch your own design enterprise as well. Here you get to learn a lot, starting from customer acquisition to planning of a project, handling client criticism, cost evaluation, etc. The great advantage of Freelancing is that you get to work at your own flexible schedule, determine your clients according to your preferences, and you can work from any location (with access to electricity and internet). It also allows you to create your own profile that manifests your individual style.

best graphic design college Kolkata

6. Exposure to Modern Developing Design Technologies: It is an industry that is going through a constant evolution. Different dynamic design technologies are also emerging. Choosing to attend a graphic design college or institution is always a wise decision. This is because the latter will provide you with a professional exposure towards the contemporary design technologies that mold the future potential of the industry.

7. Freedom towards Expression of Your Creative Concepts and Ideas: graphic design is a creative field. And the primary thing that a graphic design institution does is, it inculcates in you the freedom to express your own imaginary concepts. Graphic Design College will support you with all the necessary resources and tools that would allow you to create your own unique designs, pushing you further to reach heights. 

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8. Meet New Designers: Besides gaining knowledge and enhancing your skills of graphic designing, there are also some benefits you get as an added bonus and that is- coming across a handful of contemporary graphic designers, who share your zeal and enthusiastic spirit for the field of design. 

Several graphic design colleges or institutions conduct design contests and social events where you can connect with other fellow students and learn from their observations. These social events develop peer to peer learning amongst students thereby leading to an encouraging and supportive environment. Participating in such constructive gatherings will also help you expand your connectivity with people of the same mind and develop friendships and professional relationships for lifetime.

9. Workshops of Brand Strategies: The subject content of the workshops teaching brand strategies entail how one can construct and execute compelling branding strategies. In this industry, branding is becoming essential day-by-day. The guidance towards branding strategies provided by the graphic design college or institutes are quite helpful and ensure you are able to stand out of the crowd and meet the rising demands of the clientele. From these workshops you also get to learn how to construct extensive branding solutions worldwide.

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10. Placement Opportunities: Starting a career in this industry appears to be quite challenging but a little help in that struggle actually can make a remarkable difference down the highway. Graphic design colleges will benefit you by providing ample placement opportunities in some of the leading companies across industries. These placement opportunities give accessibility to professional-like experiences and internships which helps in transforming your academic knowledge and hands-on skills. These experiences are advantageous in a way that it helps you to establish your career and make an impression by the industry experts. 

best graphic design college

If you aspire to become a top graphic designer, contact your nearest center of MAAC Animation Kolkata (MAAC Chowringhee, MAAC Rashbehari, MAAC Ultadanga), the most demanding graphic design college in Kolkata!


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