Digital Compositing And Its Advantages

Digital Compositing at Animation Kolkata

The topic of discussion in our blog today is Digital Compositing and its advantages.

So many times Hollywood’s action movies have left us speechless with its incredible images.

Have you ever thought that how could it be possible to create those unthinkable visuals for entertainment reasons.

These days compositing is done completely with the help of digital computers and that it why it is called Digital Compositing.

Digital Compositing is a crucial part of visual effects which is being utilized everywhere in the entertainment industry.

Modern filmmakers are highly relied on the Digital Compositing and they cannot imagine their larger than life movies without it.

Digital compositing is both an artistic and technical challenge as the frame with the touch of digital composition should look powerful enough to convince the viewers that the visuals are real.

When Digital Compositing Is Required

Digital Compositing at Animation Kolkata

It is not always possible to capture the perfect frame according to our wish.

We may face bad weather or technical difficulties during shooting.

To make the captured frame according to our imagination we have to rely on the compositing software.

With the help of digital compositing artist can join multiple images to create a final image.

One can find the art of digital compositing both in print as well as audio/video medium.

Digital Compositing technique helps us to add or remove something from the picture to tell the story more effectively.

This technique allows us to connect images from different platform for example in an image we can add a figure of an actor from a film tape or from 3D model software.

A digital compositor is an artist who takes separate elements from different sources and blends them together artistically into a smooth photorealistic whole.

The digital compositor works on various digital platforms such as Autodesk Maya, Adobe After Effects, Nuke, Houdini to create artistically amazing piece.

The art of digital compositing lies in how effectively it can manages to join the visuals from different platform into the final image.

Today in the film industry and other audio/video medium digital compositing is highly used to create more effective visuals for the entertainment or educational purpose.

Digital Compositing at Animation Kolkata

In the above picture the ground with grass has been digitally replace with the visual of rail tracks and forest.

The female body also received some tonal effect matching the surrounding of the forest.

Digital Compositing process is growing day to day with the use of computer generated imagery.

CGI or Computer Generated Imagery solves visual problems more quickly and effectively.

Availability of high quality VFX software has made the digital compositing process achievable for both professional and independent artists.

Ways To Create Digital Compositing

CGI Compositing

Digital Compositing at Animation Kolkata

CGI compositing is very popular now.

Digital artist creates CGI model or creatures with the help of 3D software and use them in the live action videos.

The above picture shows two computer generated dinosaur like creatures with the real background.

The helicopter is also crafted in the computer.

There are many Hollywood movies where CG creatures have been used against the background of live action.

Advancement of technology has made it possible to create wide range of incredible objects and creatures within the computer.

Beyond the common things like cars or houses, CGI has gained the ability to create photorealistic hair, skin, cloth, clouds, fire and water.

Through cloth simulation or hair simulation reproduction of minute details through CG is possible.

Even use of Digital Double has become common when the movie star is required to perform some daring stunts

Set Extension Compositing

Digital Compositing at Animation Kolkata

Sometimes it becomes difficult to shoot in the actual real locations; in that case artist creates a small miniature model of that location and captures the shot with the green screen at the background.

In the above picture the background set of buildings were crafted digitally and merged with the live action.

The live action and the CGI set extension must be composited nicely and color corrected to match perfectly.

Digital Compositing at Animation Kolkata

Digital compositor can also create the digital or artificial set with the computers.

In the above image we can see a vehicle and a bridge are created with the wireframe along with the digitally crafted skyscrapers.

The side trees, roads, signboards and the lights all are the work of CGI.

Digital Compositing at Animation Kolkata

Digital Compositing today allows the artist to add extra features into the captured frame with the help of computer software.

The above picture shows us how artists have added the shots of cars and houses in the foreground and background with the technology.

Artist can switch between different software to bring his/her imagination into life.

Digital Morphing And Warping

Digital Compositing at Animation Kolkata

Digital morphing changes one image into another through seamless transitions.

It is an amazing technique through which artists can give wings to their imaginations.

By using the tool of stretching an image can be converted into something else.

Digital warping is a process of manipulating an image.

Warping is used to correct image distortion.

Both morphing and warping is possible only in the digital computer platform.

Today compositing software comes with warping and morphing capabilities.

Advantages Of Digital Compositing

Digital Compositing at Animation Kolkata

First and foremost Digital Compositing provides artistic freedom to the creator or individual.

Availability of wide range of tools and options has opened up the immense door of possibilities.

Nothing is impossible for the digital artist now.

From simple color correction to animating huge CG dinosaur has become a work culture in the film industry presently.

A digital compositor artist works with the other artist like colorist, 3D modeler, lighting artist to develop stunning composite images.

Digital compositing is a money saving and time saving art procedure.

It saves the money from investing in huge exterior sets; filmmaker can create small model set and can make the set grand digitally later on at the post-production stage.

Digital compositing can bring different visual elements under one frame.

A beautiful digitally composited shot with lot of actions holds the attention of the viewer for much longer time.

Learn and be a pert of Digital Compositing world with us.




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