While graphic design may sometimes appear like anew brand it is actually just the reverse thing. Graphic designing is an industry that has been growing and changing for various centuries at the hand of various designers. In order to celebrate this rich and very much interesting history one is presenting a list of 40 famous designers who have worked in shaping graphic designing in a very exciting way. Actually a graphic designer is a person who generally puts together words and art to convey a message. They generally work in various industries like marketing, advertising and public relation.

Graphic designer usually work with the motto of indentifying the most efficient streamlined way to give information to particular audience. Satyajit Ray revolutionized Indian cinema and introduced India to graphic designing long before Indian had the idea of graphic designing.

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The most famous graphic designer in India is Akshar Pathak who was used to design Bollywood film posters. His posters are very much given recognition in the digital world and thus featured in just more than 90 magazines and newspaper. He used to work with Comic Con India, Happily Unmarried and DYSN. He also used to work for Zomato. He worked with All India Bakchod as a social media manager for a short duration. After that he is back with zomato.

Benoy Sarkar

Benoy Sarkar Benoy  Sarkar was born in 1938  in Kolkata. He has a great sense of design and has done a lot of work in the stream of graphic designing. His simple elegant and meaningful logos were very much perfect for various companies. His interest and passion for various cultures also affected his designs and may be seen as elements of design. Benoy Sarkar has made a remarkable mark in the field of graphic designing. His contribution to corporate communication is highly appreciable and an example of virtuous effective design. He successfully designed various logos of companies that are very much an expression of simplicity and elegancy. He completed his Bachelor and Master studies of Yale University. He also got an opportunity to teach and work at National institute of Design. He also got the opportunity to teach and work at NID for various years.

Benoy Sarkar left a remarkable mark in the field of graphic designing. His contribution in field of corporate communication has much being appreciated and essentially it is an example of virtuous design. He designed numerous logos of corporate companies that are expression of simplicity with elegance. The study and gratitude of diversified culture attracted him a lot and may be seen in his designs. He had the honor of learning from experts like Paul Rand and Alivien Eisenmann during his studies at Yale Univeristy in UK. He applied his learning skill in his designs as well. Some of the best projects of Binoy Sarkar include logos of Airpost authority of India, Delhi Transport Corporation, Electronics Corporation of India, Indian Airlines.

Dashrath PatelDashrath Patel– Dashrath Patel was one of the first multimedia design artist in India. His great vision is reflected in multiple facets of Indian culture. The interrelation of color and light is central to all his artwork. According to him the Indian palette was designed to interact with light that is sun.  He studied Fine Arts at Government college of Fine Arts Chennai and Debi Prasad Roy chowdhury was his mentor. His studies included painting sculpture and ceramics during his Post graduate studies at Paris. HE was idealistic in shaping the idea of design education at National Institute of Design Ahmedabad. He was very much proficient in diverse art fields such as paintings ceramic, photography and industrial exhibition and design. He continued as the post of secretary of National Institute of Design Ahmedabad. He also established the ceramics department at the NID. He also designed the rural designing school in Sewapuri near Varanasi. HE was awarded Padma Bhusan in 2011 and Padma Shri in 1980

Gopinath Prassanna- Gopinath Prassanna was born in Chennai. He was a graphic designer, logo designer and brand expert famous for pioneering

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