UX DESIGNING At Animation Kolkata

In todays blog we will take our readers to UX designing strategies which are trending now a days.

User experience Design or UX designing is a process whose main objective is to design a specific system in computer that offers a huge experience to its user.

UXD incorporates a number of disciplines such as user interface design, usability, accessibility, information architecture, and Human Computer interaction.

A UX designing is the process by which the design team use to create products that use to be very knowledgable experience to its users.

This generally provides the whole process of integration of the product that includes various aspects of branding, designing, utility and function.

The term ‘’User Experience Design’’ is often used simultaneously with ‘’User Interface Design’’and Usability.

UX DESIGNING At Animation Kolkata

‘’User Interface’’ and ‘’Usability’’ are just the main stuff that is associated with it.But there are various other things that are associated with it.

The whole planning for Ux designing begins before the device is in front of the user.

Ux designer’s main concern is not on creating products that are useful.

But the designers aim is to give pleasure , efficiency , and fun to its user.

Simultaneouly there is no particular definition of a good user experience.

UX designing is generally User Centred. UX designing is also quite a multidisciplinary field.

Generally the designers come from various multidisciplinary background like visual design, programming pschology ,and interaction design.

UX DESIGNING At Animation Kolkata

To make it usable for human being one need to consider three things what , why how.

The Why refers to the users intention for persuing a product, whether they need the product to perform any work, or the respective emotion the user possess withe the owner ship of the product.

What refers to the utility of the product.

How refers to the utility of the product.

UX designer first give emphasis to ‘’why’’. UX designing is mainly user centred.

UX designers comes from various back ground such as

Such as visual designing, programming psychology, and interaction design.

If one is designing anything for human user , it means one need to work for with many possible scope regarding its availability and it accommodates various features including a users limitations , such as unreadibility of small texts.

UX DESIGNING At Animation Kolkata

An UX designers task is to research the requirement of the user,creating personas, designing fireframes, interactive prototypes as well as testing various type of designs.

These tasks generally differ from one organization to another.

But organizations always want their designers to be user friendly and they want them to keep the users demand at the centre of all designs and efforts.

A tech savvy customer indeed expect a lot from internet they browse.

UX DESIGNING At Animation Kolkata

Each user has different requirement and purpose they visit website.

So it is very much responsibility of the Ux designer to make the website as simple as possible.

A basic understanding of Ux designing process is an understanding for a person.

A good UX designing course is always a good career option for an aspiring candidate.

A good understanding of UX designing is always neccssary if one is looking for a good UX designers job.

UX designing don’t have any clear cut stages but here are some basic rules of UX designing –

1 . Strategy– It is like a life long vision of an organisation.

If the website isn’t able to come upto the mark of peoples expectation people will definitely just leave it and visit some other company’s website.

So more better the website is created, the customers will be more pleased by it.

In a way by a attractive website of any product the customer will be more inclined towards the product.

2. Research– It is very much important to have a good idea that who are the potential users of my website. One also need to know how these viewers can be categorised. One need to know about the psychology of the target audience that is a key factor that defines the UX strategy.

This idea gives a clear idea of the designing process.

UX DESIGNING At Animation Kolkata

3. Analysis- What are the key things that a user is looking in a website and what are the main elements to distinguish it from others are the main thing a UI designer should keep in mind while he or she is designing the website.

By analysing the above matter one may finalise the design of the interface.

UX DESIGNING At Animation Kolkata

By analysing ones data on user flow one may improvise current user flow.

One may improve the existing UX designing experience by ones new site.

4. Designing – This is another phase that involves to take idea from different people.

It involves making a skeleton framework which will form the basis of a later much reformed and user friendly design.

Designing also involves to put ideas in front of the user in order to get their feed back and one may later try to improve them.

5.Execution- This is a vital point in designing.

UX DESIGNING At Animation Kolkata

It is a major testing sessions which include working with feed back from different users which involves minor changes in design.

It involves evaluating Beta releases and out comes.

It also includes looking at such things that how easily the website can be used, validation of system, and utilty and how efficiently a task could be performed.

An astonishing user experience may be provided by a designer process that has been well adjusted according to the demand of the user.

It requires some specific set of skill to become good UX designer.

6.Take Action- A designer should take care of what action one should take in mind to be a potential customer.

One may keep in the mind the possible action one may take while they will be visiting their site.

If one want more information, if one wants to watch videos make neccssary comment , research product or services one wants to make proper purchase.

A designer should note down all the action on another sticky note.

Then on should arrange the action in a user flow .

7.Get Emotional- One should use different coloured sticky notes to know what feelings or emotion a person have when they finish on action .

As for example if people land on home page or in the Landing page one might want them to be excited, curious, and feel welcomed.

UX DESIGNING At Animation Kolkata

UX designer might be able to echo the feeling through a combination of shape color, navigation and sound.

The right mixture depends on these combination of shape, color content or sounds.

So designing a good UX should not be a complicated job any more. One need to be Tech savvy in order to make it customer friendly. The above discussed strategies will be definitely helpful.

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