How To Create Infographics That Tells A Compelling Story

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When we speak of infographics the first thing that comes upon our mind is  what is infographic.

An infographic is the visual representation of information.

Rather than having blocks and blocks of text  that will be boring for reading, one might give the same information  in a separate way that one might get to know easily.

People are generally more comfortable with visual representation of images.

Only 20% of what we read we generally tend to remember.

All of the important things that we read shrink down to less than a fourth of what we read.

All the important things that we read shrink down to less than a fourth of what we started.

One is visual because one’s brain is 90% of what the brain processes is visual in one way or another and one processes it much faster than we text do.

This holds true online as well .

The most shared and liked things on social media are images

If something is published like an infographic  more people visit our social site.

infographic image

Traffic in social media increases by 12% when we publish something like an infographic  online.

One might establish oneself as an established source of information.

The infographic should be educational and entertaining and not an element that wants to market itself.

One should establish oneself as a leading source of information in this field. 

Amazon Infographic

The customers will keep the creator of the infographic in mind.

This is  true for a lot of brands  that use infographics like USA Today, NY times and Google.

1. Process your data – Whether one is responsible for finding all of it or it handed  over to us odds are one will be sifting through hundreds of pieces of information.

It is not just to skim over it , little part of information is the most relevant thing making it the most important step in what builds an infographic after all.

Here one may see a lot of information that needs to be gone through . 

The ages and genders of peoples Instagram selfies in New York were organized and designed into something meaningful.

One might break down the key points of the infographic by using lines and icons to make complex information.

2. Check your sources – Make sure that all the information  that will be going  infographic is only credible as it is a credible source.

One might see an infographic designed by Jeremy Fleishcher that might contain a lot of information that would be fact checked.

Infographic template

3. Create a wireframe – A wireframe is just a skeleton of what one is working with.

One should make it before one begins designing.

Laying out everywhere will go in advance will save time and frustration

Using a wireframe will allow you to see if everything flows smoothly and makes sense.

This infographic is very much about a movie  so it is a very clear story.

A wireframe of the story should be created beforehand  to make sure that all very important parts  are included in correct order.

classroom infographic

4. Format with purpose –  Some information needs to be depicted in a very certain way.

One shouldn’t use a format  for the sake of using the format, and trying to get it creative.

One might show information in all kinds of ways like diagrams, pie chart flow charts, synoptic tables and maps.

The city guide created by Jing Zhang is a great example of getting creative with information.

Rather than showing a picture of subject matter, the illustrated icons  need to represent each other .

This  city guide created by Jing Zhang is a marvelous example of creating information.

Rather than just showing a photo of the subject matter  she illustrated icons to represent each one .

This gives  the guide a friendlier feel , and as feel and as a whole reads easily.

Visually represent statistics by combining element like pie chart ,bar graph  and diagrams than simply including numbers in your infographics


Infographic template5. Have a story – Having a clear message will result in a successful  infographic.

One should make sure that the story goes when one begins with wireframes  .

One should never start designing until one knows what one is trying to say.

Best graphic designing infographics

6. Set the tone –  One should be sure that the voice modulation of the infographic  matches the subject matter.

If the matter is serious the voice modulation should be serious.

If the voice modulation is lighthearted  the matter should be lighthearted.

If the voice modulation doesn’t match the matter will be confusing for the reader.

The infographics are very much easy to understand.

7. Think outside of a type – When one has the opportunity to show something visually one should grab the opportunity. 

One shouldn’t rely on fancy typography as a crutch .

One should utilize illustration charts, cartoons icons and graphics as much as one can.

Thus it creates more visual interest.


8. Still consider your type – Yes one has been told not to rely on type. 

When one is told to care about it, typography is still an important part of infographics when it is needed.

One should make sure that typerfaces complement each other as well as graphics that one is using.

Type should not be distracted from the visuals.

9. Control Color – Most infographics may be viewed online, so one might consider colors that work well on screen.

One should avoid bright colors that may cause stress to the eyes when viewed online.

One should keep in mind  that the majority of social media sites infographics should be shared on white background.

One should choose a contrasting color in order to just make sure it doesn’t get lost.

One should determine a color palette that generally works.

Just sticking with three colors  is a good rule .

If one needs more one should add shades and tints of the ones that one is working with.

If one has trouble coming up with their own color scheme there are a lot of online resources that generally create color schemes.

Colour infographic

10. Take a break – Infographic creation is hard work , go ahead and take a break.

Sometimes projects are very much lengthy and time-consuming, sometimes one is not in the subject matter personally.

Stepping away for a few moments may help someone to make the type of work more attractive.

These are some of the ways of creating infographics  that  generally tell a compelling story.


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