An Enchiridion To the Realm Of Designing

Realm Of Designing Animation Kolkata

Designing is a great field of job in the present market scenario.

Realm Of Designing Animation Kolkata

There are several designing fields; may it be art or graphics, creative or website designing.

Several times we have come across several questions asking us like “what is the distinction between a web designer and a graphics designer?

Questions like “what does a creative director do as contrary to an art director?” are arising in the minds of the aspirants to which we have to answer.

During the past years, the design industry has been emerging as one of the highly influential industries in the corporate sector.

It has followed a mounting rampant growth in the past few decades.

A large number of workforces serve to add vigour to the design industry.

As a consequence, we have devoted this post to the copious and wide-ranging job profiles in the global world of design.

Today’s blog is written with a view to informing our readers of the diverse scope of designing across the world.

MAAC Kolkata is presenting this subject matter so that the readers can get a vast idea about the different types of designing posts in the field of design and describing the vitalities of each one.

Creative Design Director

Realm Of Designing Animation Kolkata

Creative Design Director is bestowed with the general responsibility of managing and administrating the development of graphics, print and web design.

He has to look after the various duties of the graphics designer, print department and the web designer.

He is considered as the resourceful head of the design company or the advertising agency.

It is his responsibility to direct the subject matter and the general tone of the project that is to be carried out in an effective manner.

The creative design director serves as the creative head of the concerned firm or the agency he works.

Art Director

Realm Of Designing Animation Kolkata

He is the main face to set in motion the global tone and perspective direction of the project.

The art director is bestowed with the responsibility to interact and convey the prime ideas that the project-assignment will imbibe to the remnant team.

He interacts with the entire team so that they can get a lucid idea of the concerned aspects of the assignment.

He works in close association with the creative director to maintain a cordial relationship with him in order to restore smooth working of the team.

He delegates tasks to the artists and the junior designers in the teamwork.

Web Designer

Realm Of Designing Animation Kolkata

work of a web designer is to establish the entire look and appearance of the website.

The individual is responsible for the general layout/outline of the code written by the web programmers.

The web designer is conferred with the duty to decide the shading and colours that will be implemented on the website.

He is the man who decides which colour combination will be absolute for the website and the logo of the company.

The slider options, the plugins to be used and where the menu will appear on the page.

All are decided and put on the website.

Graphic Designer

Realm Of Designing Animation Kolkata

The work of a graphic designer is a difficult task to accomplish.

He is conferred with the similar responsibility what a web designer does.

However, this distinction is only made for print or television media.

The web designer is the mastermind behind all web browsers.

He understands how a web browser works.

Graphic designers concentrate more on the conventional modes of dissemination/broadcasting information.

The senior graphic designer is in charge of conceptualization and usage of the outline of arrangements that meet advertising methodologies from idea to finish.

They frequently have the assignment of “senior” as a result of their power in basic leadership, or in light of the fact that they hold the lead part on ventures and direct middle of the road and junior designer in making ideas, comps, formats and last workmanship.

When all is said in done, a Senior Graphic Designer would have a degree in graphic design and three to five years’ involvement in lead fashioner/designer parts or past senior creator encounter.


Realm Of Designing Animation Kolkata

A copywriter is assigned the task of writing and editing advertising, promotional and texted content for a concerned website.

He is responsible for writing and editing contents for print publication and other multimedia platforms such as Television and radio.

In order to become a skilled copywriter, he or she should be proficient in languages and should have a good command over the writing skills.

However, when a copywriter writes for the purpose of online media or website, he is known as the Content Developer or the Content Writer.

Web Programmer: Also Web Developer

Realm Of Designing Animation Kolkata

A web programmer always tries to remain in coordination with the web designer.

He gives the client absolutely free websites that possess some specific applications.

Web developers or Web Programmers utilize HTML, Javascript, ASP and even C and C++ with the purpose to deliver web pages/websites that assembles and gathers data so that they can process it through various coding and modifications.

After processing all the respective steps, you can get the required output in an efficient manner.

However, a web programmer is expected to have proper coding mechanism and website developing concepts like matching the website with the contents of the website, matching the website layout with the font style of the contents and preparing the web pages in parallel to the reason behind the website design.

Marketing Manager

Realm Of Designing Animation Kolkat

A business firm is incomplete without the presence of someone who goes out to look for and bring new business opportunities.

A marketing manager plays an important role in a business organization.

He is responsible to develop proposals in the business deal.

He markets the designing company or the advertising agency’s strengths with a view to seek and maintain clients.

Entry level Designer

Realm Of Designing Animation Kolkat

An Entry Level Designer is one-to-two years out of school.

He requires tutoring in all parts of design and design execution.

Print Production Artist

Realm Of Designing Animation Kolkat

A print Production Artist has a working comprehension of format, sort and shading, and can take directions from a planner and make an entire design, working capably in InDesign, QuarkXPress, Photoshop and Illustrator.

Their duties likewise incorporate creating last records that picture appropriately to film.

Content Developer

Realm Of Designing Animation Kolkat

A content developer plays a significant role in the design industry for shaping the website and it’s SEO.

The content writer or web content writer is assigned with the task of the production and writing of text contents, graphics contents as well as audio contents in the form of texts on the sites.

Therefore, people after entering the website are first lead to the contents, and thus they will have an idea about the brand or website from the written content.

So a content developer needs to be strong in writing.

He should have a good idea of English language, grammar, spelling checks, punctuation and proper construction of sentences.

He or she can also have a conceptualization of SEO and Google Business Listing.

This blog is written by the MAAC Kolkata to give an idea of the different job scopes in Designing.

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