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Social media graphics are generally pieces of visual content that are generally shared through social media.

This might include Instagram stories, facebook photos, Tik tok videos, Twitter Gifs , Pinterest Pins , linkedin infographics and more.

Not each and every social media manager  is very much proficient in graphic designing.

Visual formats which are included in the social media graphics umbrella include cover art, typographic images, digital posters, screenshots.


Social media graphic designing


But specifically if it is graphics, if it is not  on social it is social media graphics.

Many social media were launched with a focus on text post graphics and were taken over as the communication format of choice for every social network.

It is not hard to understand why strong visual content may communicate  an idea very much instantly.

Studies reveal that images stick with us much longer than text  humans are more likely to remember information if it includes an image.


 Social media Graphic Design images


Graphics are a great way to create a visual identity for a brand

Social graphics tend to create a higher engagement rate than a written post. 

Facebook  posts with photos get more likes and comments  and Linkedin posts with images have a whooping 98%   higher rate on average.

Meanwhile Tweets that include visual content are three times more likely to get engagement.

If one is not very proficient in artsy type one shouldn’t  worry.


Social media graphic designing images idea


Some of the tips for creating simple and effective social media graphics –

1. Use correct dimension  

If one uploads an image or video with incorrect aspect ratio, it is definitely going to get stretched, cropped or squished out of proportion.

Avoid the humiliation of an awkward resize auto crop by tailoring one’s content according to platform unique specification.

No matter about the dimension one should always make sure  for the highest possible image quality.

This includes pixels and resolution.

Whether the images are just text or photos , one should always be sure that the images are looking flawless on the feed.

While social media accessibility isn’t technically a requirement under Web Content Accessibility guidelines latest compliance standard, it is just good marketing practice to make content that everyone enjoys.

Social media marketing is a marvelous thing to do.


Social media graphic designer

It is very much essential to do.

Inclusive design principles makes the community amore welcoming and inclusive space.

Why generally accessibility matters for social media .

Despite its various benefit social media may be a source of frustration  for user with unique need inaccessible social media content may prevent these users from engaging with a world of social 

They may be shut out of conversations or may be very much unable to to access critical information

At least one billion people 15% of the world population generally goes through some form of disability

That figure increases very much remarkably while considering temporary and situational disability.

According to WHO about 33%of the global population has hearing or sight impairment.

Users primarily consume social content through audio and visuals accessibility .

Often accessibility is required by law. Countries including the United States  , Canada and the United Kingdom, have laws such as the Americans with disabilities Act and the Accessibility for Ontarians  which requires that websites and digital content be accessible to users with disabilities.


graphic design for social media


2. Always add alt text

Descriptive captions and alternative text allow people to visualize images when they are not able to behold them.

It is very much important to add alternative text as accessibility tools read them to describe images for users . 

Leaving it blank will cause a screen reader to announce it as an image creating a poor experience.

Several social media platforms use object recognition technology to generate automatic alternative text.

However these captions are often vague or limited so adding custom definition is always better.


social media graphics


3. Use bold and bright color scheme

The trend that one has been taking over social media graphics and graphic design in general are bold and bright color palettes.

As brands and designers go further away from minimalism that prevailed the last decade color might explode across the graphic.

We have just seen the first movers use the color explosion in their social media.

Tech companies and start-ups are usually the first to take on a trend and this one is quite different from others.

Over the past few years ebay has embraced bold and bright colors across all their branding.


social media graphic images


4. Use icons to illustrate concepts  

Not every single company has the resource to produce designs for their own social media marketing images from scratch.

One should put emphasis on icons that reflect the theme of the content one is sharing.

All the social media graphic designs are simple enough to create a few minutes and share quickly so they don’t require any intensive graphic design resources.

5. Create unique illustration

One of the favourite trends that have taken the social media is illustrated in social media graphics.

These are the biggest design trends this year.

That’s probably because they are very much fun to look at, but they cannot be replicated by your competition the way a graphic using a stock photo can.

Social media graphics digital illustration


6. That feeling that social media graphic design should do well no matter the problem 

Someone is paying attention to the post is not enough, someone should be very much interested in the post we want him or her to click as well as share.

Illustrated social media graphics rise above the rest .

Not only do they look great but they show the reader that one really cares about the content that one is sharing.

7. Visual data with charts and infographics 

one of the unique and versatile types of social media graphic one may create is classic graphic or chart.

If one is writing interesting data driven content one has probably already created a graph in the article or blog post.

These are some of the tips for graphic design, to create engaging visual content.

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