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Graphic Design is in a nutshell is the art or skill of combining of “text and pictures in advertisements magazines and books’’. It has a remarkable presence in everyone life. Any businessman or personal blog host should understand the utility and importance of graphic design in his or her marketing. The more attractive the packaging, it becomes more lucrative it becomes to buyers.

Let us discuss about what graphic design is all about.      

Graphic design is basically any visual medium that is intended to express communication. It is either used to express a message about an upcoming party on on a flyer or to just to show the features of latest beautiful I phone in a print ad. By the use of pictures graphics and text designers create a story or message that is intended to attract potential users. All graphic designs are not made much beautiful.

However the design should have the potentiality to cause some sort reaction among the spectators either positive or negative. Majority of people think that graphic designing is computer based. The tools that are generally used by graphic designers are boundless they mainly include paint brushes, pencils, pens, and paper as well as digital media. As the general public has nowadays become tech savvy graphic designers are following the same step.


What is the job of professional graphic designers?

Some people are of the opinion that just writing a few word and just positioning a few pictures to make something pretty isn’t a very difficult task. But it is not at all a very easy job. Actually graphic designing and its principles are quite difficult. It involves the flourish of ascenders on serif fonts to classic artistic rule from highly regarded art and design school studying the principles of print digital and 3d design.

Why graphic designing is is important?

Graphic designing conveys a message. It is generally a tool of communication. It is a distinguishable way to reach out to consumers and internet users.  Logos website advertisements and print media everything requires a graphic designer’s excellence to be successful.  Graphic designers work in the background when it comes to marketing a business or product. Graphic designing is a visual language and designers translate the message into something more interesting, catchy and unique so that everyone could well get into it.


The basic importance of graphic designing is discussed below-

  1. First Impression matters – Graphic design is an important tool to help any business house a positive and everlasting impression. The first time a visitor comes across a particular brand through business card, a new landing page in a website, a poster, or a flyer, social media post or product packaging. If this first impression is catchy one will definitely opt for the product.
  2. Efficient communication of ideas – Infographics is a wonderful way to summarize information which generally summarizes visuals with texts. This infographics are catchier than text only content. Human beings are more attracted towards images than text.
  3. Creativity kills competition- In the market where so many design tools available it is very easy to create creative content. It is very easy to create content, create new ideas solve existing problem, and it also relieves the customers difficulty in a new way.

What are the main elements of graphic designing?

It is very important to know the basic elements and principles of graphic designing. Graphic design elements includes the following elements-

  • Color
  • form
  • Line
  • Shape
  • Size
  • Space and
  • Texture

What are the main Principles of Graphic designing?

The main principles of graphic designing include Balance, Contrast Emphasis, Movement, Proportion, and Rhythm.

What are the Types of Graphic Design?

Graphic Design consists of many fields and specializations, ranging from print and web design, to animation and motion graphic. Some of the most remarkable modern day graphic designing includes-

Website design- Website designing involves creating catchy and interesting web pages for users. This includes overall layout, color scheme and navigation.

User experience design- This generally focuses on whether a website or application is very much easy or user friendly.  The designers mainly emphasize on value usability, adoptability, and desirability.

Motion Graphic design-   Motion graphics or animation adds visual elements to life by special effects, TV shows, video games , and movies.

What are the common graphic design jobs?

The new technological advancements have introduced to us new types of graphic designs. New types of graphic designing jobs are introduced in the society. The most common job  after completing graphic designing course are graphic designer, user experience designer, web designer, art designer, creative designer. The fundamental way in which graphic designing is created includes five steps-

These are discussed below-

  1. Start with a creative brief – A creative brief is a document that helps the designers to get a thorough knowledge about the scope of the project and what is requirement. A designer should include company guidelines, brand guide lines, target audience, one must define the drawback of the brand, the final product whether it will be eBook brochure etc. One should keep in mind the timeline expectation, budget milestone, the intention of the spectators.
  2. Conduct graphic design research – A designer should do a thorough research on the project to know the expectation of the spectators. A designer should undergo a thorough research on the motivation of the audience. This might involve looking at the competitors design, looking on what the targeted audience is engaging on with channels like social media. They might collect all knowledge they have learned and apply it to the project.
  3. Brainstorming design ideas – Before a designer goes through a project the project owner should give them some ideas on how the final design will look like. The project owner might provide them some important links or inspiration. After that when the designer provides some ideas from brainstorming session, the project owner should decide on which idea should be taken into consideration.
  4. Review should be done at 10/50/99 stage – A project owner should check the design in certain stages. When 10% of the project is done we get a skeleton outline or wireframe of the final design, at this preliminary stage one may give a feedback on the moto and direction of the work. When the work is 50% done one should check whether the goal of the design is reached or not. When 99% is done one may give reviews on colors spacing etc. But a project owner should make sure he is giving feedback on colour and spacing in the final stage.
  5. Presentation of final product– When the design is complete it is time to put the designs in action. In this stage a project owner might ask the designer how they found out the process.

Whether they feel they could improve it or not. If they are of the opinion they could improve it then a project owner might ask them to continue working on it to make it excellent.

These are some of the excellent facts on graphic designing. Graphic designing is indeed very much interesting and it might be a lucrative career also.

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