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For the so many aspects that are involved in creating a website design there are some web designing tips that are more important than others. Having some ideas of those tips will help someone to create effective beautiful and user friendly website. If somebody is wondering how to become a web designer whom anybody might be happy with one should follow the below tips and then start chasing ones dream.

Simple and clean – A clean and simple website is that one which always looks appealing and flashy and full of clutter. The first web designing tips one should keep in mind while designing a website is to keep it as simple as possible. Complicating things by just including too many elements and unwanted information should be avoided. This will end up confusing the user and then drive them away leading to an increase in websites bounce rate.

White Spaces – Once if somebody has been trying to make the web design tidy the most fine thing do to be to leave the space in between empty in other words one should use white space a lot. They are easy on the eyes and they help to highlight the subjects one intends for. They redirect the eyes of the user to the most proper element. This is one the most important web designing tips that some of the best tech companies in the world are accustomed to use. One may take a clue from them to create clean and interesting website with most intelligent use of white spaces for the clients. They are comfortable in our eyes and they help to highlight the subject that one is intending for.

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Text manipulation– A website may have a lot of text just pasted on it, but a good web designer knows which text to be highlighted and which text to be just minimized to smaller font size. Readers don’t have a tendency to read everything on a website. So as a web designer one may use that to ones advantage. The hierarchy of the content is very much important. Where one is placing ones content and size is very much crucial as that thing will influence what the user sees first. If one  wants to put a particular part of information one wants to highlight then one may put a big and bold title  and in the centre. Other company related information may be put to the bottom. One will be taught how to treat one CTAS in web design courses for beginners and professionals – they are enhanced with bold colours and very much interesting texts to just boost the users to just click on them.

Web Graphics Optimization- With more people using just mobile phones to browse the internet one need to keep in mind the page loading time of a website. Sometimes pages are loaded slowly on mobile devices as they do not necessarily have Wi-Fi speed each and everywhere. So one should make sure that one should optimize the web graphics by just selecting the right format and font. This might reduce the loading time of website on mobile phone.

Navigation– Navigation is the backbone of any website. While innovation and experimentation is very much encouraged it is very much necessary that one do not overwhelm the users with too much navigation options. Even the best web WEB DESIGN & DEVELOPMENT WITH MAAC Kolkatadesigning tips suggest that one should keep the navigation simple and user-friendly.



Avoid hectic colour scheme- With so many wonderful shades and hues over there it is very much easy to go overboard with colour. Though bright and bold colour schemes are the corner stone of many designers’ aesthetics when one put too many colours too close to each other the visual noise that is created over powers the rest of website. One should stick to simple colour palatte and neutral back ground colour. A toned back ground make instances of colour such as colours on call to action button, menu items or other design elements, stand out and easily catches the attention they generally deserve. Sometimes all one need is a simple white black or neutral back ground.

Put some thoughts into the images one may try to include– The photos that are integrated into a web design layout have a huge impression on the overall look and feel of a website. Poorly shot images with fuzzy focus and questionable composition may diminish the most brilliant design. Generic stock photos may drain the life from a design leaving it bland and uninspiring. Using high quality photos is a simple way to improve your designs. There are plenty of options on stock photos. But one shouldn’t plops down into their design as they are. One should be very much sure to just edit and crop them. One should use filters adjust the saturation, bump into contrast and use photo editing technique adjust into the harmony as web designing tips.

Learn about SEO – One may note that one might not devote oneself to the art of web design to be very much bothered by search engine optimization. But a web designing may have a great impact on SEO. As a web designer a few things one should know about search engine optimization which include- How to properly use header tags like <h1>, <h2>, <h3>. How one part a link that identifies a specific page aka a slug which may influence organic search rankings. Then how to optimize images in order to speed up loading times and decrease the bounce  rate and how much percentage of visitors who may view only one page on ones site and then navigate without taking any action.

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Use responsive design– There are many devices with various screen sizes. No matter how somebody is accessing the web design it should have a similar experience no matter where it is viewed. Instead of putting a huge effort into complex animation and various effects that may not work on every device it is more practical to improve UI and UX for everyone.

Keeping typography consistent– When we read a book we expect that each and every page should follow a sense of order. The text will be of same size set with exact spacing and they should follow the same repetitive format. The sense of congruity generally keeps us engaged offering uninterrupted experience in reading through book pages.

These are some of the web designing tips one should keep in mind as a web designer.

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