Blast from the Past: Remembering Big Babol’s Iconic ‘Kachua and Chiriarani ‘ Ad in Animation

Big babool famous animation ad

Can you guess which most popular animation ad we are going to talk about today? 

Here’s a hint for you, the tagline is “bade kaam ki cheez”…

Yes it is none other than, one of the best of the archaic Big Babol Ad in India.

More accurately speaking it is the ‘Big Babol – Chiriarani’ animated ad where the turtle, being adopted by a bird, is capable of flying after he blows a bubble of a chewing gum. 

At some point of time, every Indian kid was busy trying to blow a bubble of a bigger size than their mates. This advertisement with its tagline showed children how a mere bubble could rescue them from trouble or be utilized to their advantage.

The main focus of the ad was not to merely showcase how blowing bubbles was so much fun — kids were already aware of that.  The point was to make it look valuable and look good even among the teenagers and adults. And that particular message was passed on, to contemporary times. 

This famous ad starred a little tortoise who was being adopted by a bird. Being inspired by its winged siblings, the tortoise instead of giving up is seen to blow out a big bubble with the help of which, the tortoise manages to try flying like its other siblings.

The narration and lyrics were composed by the marketing pro Prasoon Joshi and the bubble in the ad had been successfully glorified.


MFX > Big Babol "Adopted Tortoise"

The storyline of the Ad

This is a 2D commercial, which is completely animated, telling an emotional story of a baby tortoise accidentally being born into a bird family. The mother bird, determines to adopt the little tortoise and love him as one of her own babies. The mother bird and her other babies get scared when they see the baby tortoise jump off the cliff, trying to fly to join his feathered siblings.

Fortunately he had the Big Babol gum. The brave heart jumped off the cliff while chewing the gum and to everyone’s surprise he suddenly began to float in the air while blowing a huge pink bubble. His fellow winged siblings and the mother were relieved to watch him flying like them.  

The concept behind the Animation Ad

The concept of this ad revolves around the pink bubble. The concept behind the animated commercial of Big Babol involves the objective to reinforce the brand statement ‘Bade Kaam Ki Cheez.’ This campaign was designed by McCann Erickson.

The new commercial showcases another circumstance where the bubble becomes effective and adds a new perspective to the story.

famous ads big babol animation


What type of animation is used?

This animated commercial is particularly done in a traditional manner by using Cel Animation. Color was added to the piece in Animo and then it was composed in Tremor.

What is Cel Animation?

One of the most traditional forms of animation is Cel animation. It involves characters that are usually hand drawn transparent celluloid sheets and placed over painted or multi-colored backgrounds. It was in the late 1930s when Cel animation came to public exposure for the first time. Disney used the respective techniques on its animated films. Few examples of films using Cel animation are Snow White and the Seven Dwarves (1937), The Lion King (1994) , The Princess and the Frog (2009).

Now, what is an Animo?

Animo happens to be one of the most innovative professional animation procedures to create cartoons and other 2D animations. It is the primary software package smoothly incorporating 2D &3D animation. It is an animation system that provides solutions to challenges faced by the animators in both the small and large workshops. 

It allows the professionals to integrate the age-old techniques of traditional animation.  Application of Amino along with the contemporary computer technologies also enhances the smoother motion, better images, higher speed and advanced effects. 

This animation procedure is the only procedure available that allows the animator full automation along with the skills of the chief animator being transformed into completely colored and amongst frames offered by the system.

cel animation ways

Different Visual and Narrative Styles of 2-Dimensional Animation utilized for the Big Babol Ad

It is important to first understand what the chances are and which animation styles and types would be appropriate for your project and how to initiate a discussion about the options with your clientele and the company.

Let us take a look at what different visual and narrative styles and 2-dimensional animation have been implemented for the iconic Big Babol bird Ad.
Motion Graphics:

In simple words, the style that adds motion to the elements of graphic design such as geometric shapes, typography and other basic illustrations, is motion graphics. It is an effective tool in terms of marketing animation and commercial branding.

The composition of both animation and narration can offer multiple meanings to lifeless abstract objects and allows them to be utilized as components of all kinds of explanations in spite of the complexity of the topic.

What makes motion graphics magical? It is the abstraction of the lifeless objects and the narrative sequences when put together brings about the magic! It functions in a way that it encourages to create an deeply engaging, curious and exciting narratives that allows them to be partly built in the observer’s mind- just the way, while watching a movie or reading a book story is narrated on the screen or the page respectively and the rest part lies up to your creative mind.


2d motion graphics animation

Narrative Techniques:

What seems crucial is to set the tone of the story and define its contextual variation as it impacts the project milestones. The creative board and the script can be affected by the direction that has been chosen towards the style and the timing of the sound effects.

2D Animation:

The most common form of animation observed today on the web is 2 Dimensional animation. It is a style particularly employing more complicated illustrations and characters for telling stories. What makes 2D animation even more complex is the characters that are being used in it. 

One of the most time-consuming tasks in animation is animating the characters that are being used. Therefore, counting on software in order to simplify and enhance such a backbreaking process. This in turn reduces the impact on the speed and budget of the production process. Although software aid will make your job easier, this is labor-intensive work. 

Hence, it is important to always ensure if animated figures and characters are essentially required for the project from the perspective of both branding and narrative.  

Mixed Media:

The combination of multiple visual styles is called mixed media. The combinations may vary like motion design with collage, frame-by-frame with live-action and a lot more. Creativity revolves around the unplanned and extraordinary; mixed-media happens to be the ideal tool for the same.

The function of mixed-media is to blur the limits of what is awaited from the story and provide multiple opportunities for phenomenal and unique outputs.

2d animation ways

What role does Animation play in Advertising?

Animation plays a key role in advertising and it cannot be overestimated. Advertisements containing animated content have always been revealing the best response value from audiences on different platforms ranging from traditional television to contemporary social media.


    It is not about what you are telling in the ad, it is always about how you are telling it! Practice reveals that companies trying out different procedures towards video marketing campaigns indicate that ads containing animated content attract consumer’s attention and retain it for longer duration.
    It might be because animated advertisements are unusual, kaleidoscopic and more dynamic. Addressing services such as animated ad videos enhance and boost the chances of your business attracting attention by the core audience.


    If your viewer is touched by the content you present, no one can stop you from getting success! Besides animated ad-video services, no other form of content will be able to help you in this field. The most heart-touching pictures that draw attention and boost awareness towards relevant humorous characters can provide smooth and convenient solutions. If you want your work to get heard and noticed, what you have to learn well is to play on the audience’s emotions.


    Animated ad videos enable you to use images and video effects that would be either impractical or very expensive in any other type of video subject-matter. Audiences love cartoons for they are capable of taking them to a parallel world. What does an animated ad do? Services like animated ads enable you to go beyond the old-fashioned storytelling methods, develop your brand image that is relevant and catchy, thereby directly communicating with the potential customers in a language that is easier for them to comprehend.


    These animated ads save a lot of money, effort and time for the corporation and its potential clients. Not only do people are fond of these animated ads but they tend to respond better too. This is because the animated ads let them get the message faster and more accurately which helps the audience to remember better.

significance of animation in ads


Significance of Animation in Advertising

Using animation in advertisements can help you convey the nature of the brand and emphasize it amidst others. Creating an identity for the product of your brand that stands out from all others can be the ideal example of this is a brand mascot. What is a brand mascot? It is something that would represent your brand and make it more unique and noteworthy.

It is expected that use of animation in advertising, in the near future will certainly expand and there will be more interesting and exciting opportunities for the merchants to experiment and explore various creative ad contents. The audience will find it easier to follow together with the message that is being conveyed to them.

It is easier for the audience to follow with the message that is being conveyed. It is due to the clarity of the whiteboard animation format that it makes adaptation and customization easier to fit the particular objectives of marketing.

Animated ads are loved by the audience because they are relevant, attractive and entertaining. They tend to directly communicate with the audience and emotionally engage with them offering available resolutions.

You have to understand the key role of animation in advertising and follow the latest trends of animation and video marketing in order to attract the target audience group. Services such as animated ad videos from a renowned and experienced institute- like MAAC Animation Kolkata will boost up your brand’s promotion to the new level!

Animation in advertising

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