Animation Principles Every Motion Designer Should Know

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In our today’s blog post, we’re going to discuss the various motion principles that every motion designer should know.

We believe this blog will be helpful to a pupil who is making their career in the field of motion designing.

MAAC Kolkata presents this blog in association with MAAC Chowringhee, MAAC Rashbehari and MAAC Ultadanga with a view to acknowledging the readers as well as the amateur beginner’s various Animation principles every motion designer should know.

 motion designer  @Animation Kolkata

Thirty-two years prior a book was distributed called The Illusion of Life: Disney Animation, made by two of Disney‘s pioneer animators: Ollie Johnston and Frank Thomas.

In this book, the now-well-known Twelve Basic Principles of Animation were clarified.

Right up ’til the present time, these Animation standards have alluded back to in all types of movement as kind of a definitive control book for animators.

How do these standards relate to your motion design work in the event that they were intended for character artists?

 motion designer  @Animation Kolkata

While not all motion designers involve breathing life into characters, the Twelve Principles of Animation are similarly as pertinent to non-living components as they are for characters.

You are as yet making development and conveying thoughts, items and more through Animation.

While every one of the twelve standards is essential to any Animation, as a motion designer, there five of them specifically that are an incredible beginning stage when taking in the center standards of Animation illustrations.


Timing alludes to the number of casings for any given Animation, which at that point means the speed of the Animation.

 motion designer  @Animation Kolkata

Redress timing gives the fantasy that the object complies with the laws of material science.

The reason you need to actualize great planning into your venture is on the grounds that it gives you a chance to characterize the heaviness of items and developments.

In the event that the wrong planning is set up for an object, it won’t look amend.

For instance, in the event that you were quickening a leaf falling, you would need the planning to be spread out, if not then the leaf would fall much too quickly, and feel more like a block instead of a leaf.

The guideline of timing goes a long ways past simply altering the heaviness of an object, however.

In motion designs, you will regularly be working with a lot of content that the group of onlookers must have the capacity to peruse.

Your camera developments must have the correct planning to give the watcher enough time to peruse the content.

 motion designer  @Animation Kolkata

Back In and Ease Out

In actuality, the development of an object needs time to quicken and back off.

The same goes for your Animations.

When you have an object moving, you should give it enough time to quicken.

This makes a substantially more engaging Animation.

 motion designer  @Animation Kolkata

 motion designer  @Animation Kolkata

In order to get the best possible back in and back out, you should modify the dispersing for your object.

Separating basically alludes to where every individual casing is situated between two keyframes.

 motion designer  @Animation Kolkata

For instance, on the off chance that you have a keyframe on outline one and a keyframe on outline ten, the separating would be the situations in the middle of the keyframes.

By having outlines nearer together toward the start and end of each keyframe makes a quickening and deceleration for your Animation.

In motion designs, this can be used in pretty much all that you animated.


Anticipation is utilized to set up the crowd for a development and to influence an Animation to seem more practical.

For instance, a player preparing to swing must first move back and pivot his abdominal area to get enough power behind the swing.

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In the event that there was no development back or expectation, the swing would have no vitality behind it.

The perfect measure of expectation cannot just add significantly more interest to the Animation, however, it helps to offer the development.

The measure of expectation you have to include can be dictated by the speed tailing it. In the event that the development isn’t quick then the anticipation can be little.

In the event that it’s a major development then the anticipation should be more articulated.

A decent case of where expectation could be utilized as a part of your motion designs would be amid a content development.

On the off chance that you need the content to take off the scene, you would need to have the content move the other way before it proceeds forward.

This gives the crowd that prompt when a substantial development is going to happen.

 motion designer  @Animation Kolkata


The reason for arranging is to coordinate the group of onlookers’ consideration and make it clear what is of most noteworthy significance in a scene.

Johnston and Thomas characterized it as, “The introduction of any thought with the goal that it is totally and indisputably clear.”

In motion designs, arranging can be controlled by the situation of components in the edge, the situation of the camera, or even the lighting.

On the off chance that the arranging isn’t right in your scene, the gathering of people will experience difficulty centering or may center around the wrong component.

Where the watcher ought to take a gander anytime in your motion designs ought to be unquestionably clear.

In order to decide your organizing, you have to consider what the primary purpose of this shot is, and what it is that you need to impart to the watcher.


It has been said everything moves in an arcing style.

In the event that you raise your hand there will be a circular segment, or on the off chance that you turn your head there will be a bend.

Nothing moves straightly (with the exception of, obviously, things like robots & CG creatures).

 motion designer  @Animation Kolkata

So keeping in mind the end goal to make engaging motion designs that don’t look mechanical, you have to consider curves in all that you do.

Unquestionably there will be times when you need a direct development, so knowing when and when not to make an arcing development is fundamental.

An incredible place to join pleasant circular segments into your movement configuration is amid camera developments.

By having decent adjusted circular segments it will be a much smoother change and be more lovely for the watcher.

If you somehow happened to have exceptionally direct camera development, it could feel jerky and the components in your Animation configuration could be difficult to peruse.

 motion designer  @Animation Kolkata

So there you have it!

The five Animation standards you’ll have to completely see, as a matter of first importance, for your motion designs ventures.

When you have these five standards down, you can begin taking a gander at the other seven standards and where to actualize them.

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