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If somebody is looking to create a video on his or her own animation style there are various option on need to choose. There are more than 18 animation style one may choose.

  1. Traditional animation
  2. 2d Animation
  3. 3d animation
  4. Typography Animation
  5. Motion graphics animation
  6. Stop Motion Animation
  7. Puppetry Animation
  8. Rotoscope Animation
  9. Clay Animation
  10. Augmented reality animation
  11. Realistic Animation
  12. Whiteboard Animation
  13. HUD Animation.
  14. Realistic cartoon.
  15. Zoetype Animation.
  16. Drawn on film Animation.
  17. Japanese Classic Manga.
  18. 360 Animation
These 18 animation style are discussed vividly.

1.Traditional animation– Traditional animation first came into prominence more than two hundred years ago in 1877 when Emil Reyand showed the entire world an apparatus for showing moving picture. Traditional animation means just creating each frame manually using a pencil and a piece of paper. It was very much time consuming process. The first series of Tom and Jerry cartoon was created manually seventy years ago.

2. 2d animation– 2d animation is the most common type of animation style. It doesn’t need any introduction. The first cartoon produced by Walt Disney. The uniqueness of 2d animation is two dimension width and height.

3. 3d animation – It is very much similar to computer animation. This animation style is simply due to the development  of computer graphics and visualization software. The use of 3d animation is very vast. 3d animation is used  In medicine to show the work of organs and systems. In architecture  to show a building under construction. In production, porche uses 3d model to develop unique car design. In advertising to show how a product works and how it looks from inside.

3D animation style

4. Typography animation or kinetic animation is a type of text animation. In business this style is very much used to show statistics or other information in a involving way. This is a good method for e-learning.

5. Motion graphics– Motion design originated in 1960 and has now become one of the most  popular animation techniques in video and content writing. Motion graphics is used to create movie and screen savers, commercial video ex plainer brand and storytelling video.

6. Puppetry Animation-Puppetry animation is a style intersection between puppet theatre 2d or even 3d animation. It is generally introduction of puppet heroes in a digital environment.

7. Rotoscope Animation– This animation style one need a video with real characters which will be then transformed into animation. To do this one draws each frame of animation of the video from cinema film. Rotoscoping is used to create crowd scene in films. It is necessary for the drawn object to interact with the environment.

Traditional handmade wood strings puppets and marionettes, Prague, Czech Republic.

8. Clay animation– This is very creative and complex technique. The result is unique and funny. This technique is created for business houses whose target audience is children.

9. Augmented Reality animation – This type of animation means using animated objects to complement an AR experience. One of the simplest examples of augmented reality animation is to stick a moustache or cat ears to selfie.

10. Realistic cartoon– A realistic cartoon is a style between a classic cartoon and a film where different kinds of roles are generally played by people. This is a trail to humanize cartoon heroes or just to put cartoon heroes or implant cartoon heroes into real environment.

11. White Board Animation– The essence of white board animation is exactly what appears from the name. This is a video in which a hand with pencil draws something ob board and a voice over elaborates the drawings step by step. This type of animation style is thus very much essential for explainer video when one need to explain how ones product or service works. This style necessarily developed in 2009. It was a marketing movement which reached its peak of popularity in the year 2012-2013.But recently it has lost its appeal as the costing of white board animation is equal to motion graphics.

 12. HUD animation – HUD animation is a part of video game development. It generally provides users with information and guidelines within the game. It is also used in cinematography and advertising to provide supplemental information.

animation style

13. Zoetrope Animation– The first mention of this type of animation style dated back to 180 BC. A device called Zeotype was the main tool of this technology .It was a drum with special slots inside where there was a ribbon with drawings. During the rotation of the drum the drawing use to from a constant animation due to the persistence of vision.

14. Drawn on film animation– This form of animation is regarded as either very much outdated or too original .Animation frames are created directly on cinematic film which generally possesses some kind of sketch or it is completely blank.It is generally a cheap way of creating animation as it requires a camera or very much sophisticated software.

15. Japanese Classic Manga– The history of this animation began with comics which later became popular animated series by using 2d technology. In classic approach Manga was in black and white. Using other colors was also allowed. This was a particular style for particular audience. If somebody wants to build up his particular business then it will be an excellent bridge for the potential consumers.

16. 360 Animation– It is much more than just 3d. This type of video was used in virtual and augmented reality thus it brings to us endless opportunity for video marketing. This type of video is used by retailers in their virtual fitting room or furniture sellers so customers may easily get an idea of how piece of furniture may complement with the interior.

Abstract Earth motion graphics – 3d rendered image. World map point, lines, composition. Global communication concept illustration.

 17. Stop motion animation– Stop motion animation style is one of old technique of animation. The very first attempt to create this sort of animation was made more than 150 years ago.The essence of this technique is that the creator usually creates multiple photos by moving objects in composition.

18. Cut out animation– It is a form of stop motion animation. This animation is created from paper and cardboard or photographs. Then this are superimposed on each other creating effective movement.

These are some of the animation style that is prevalent. The software that is used to create animation is Autodesk Maya, Blender, Cinema 4d, Open Toonz etc. One should be very much proficient in all these software to create modern form of animation.

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