The Role Of VFX In Advertising

Role of vfx in advertising

VFX is playing an interesting role in advertising.

VFX are widely used in entertainment industry to create entertainment industry to create stunning and immersive experience for the audiences.

VFX plays an important role in helping brands to maintain a unique status.

VFX in advertising involves the use of computer generated images and other digital effects to enhance or transform an advertisement  visual experience.

It might range from subtle understanding like color grading to more complex effects like CGI elements and compositing multiple shots to create a seamless sequence.

While VFX in advertising in used for decades advancement in technology have made it more accessible and affordable than before

Brands are using VFX to create attention grabbing and memorable ads that stand out in the sea of traditional commercials.

VFX in advertising

The benefits of VFX in advertising are just discussed below

1.  Helps to show a more interesting and engaging storyVisual effects are optical illusions or tricks of the eye that are used to recreate the imagined event as a story. 

VFX is very much an impactful storytelling tool. 

Visual effects are used to establish the tone of your story, add insight and then it helps in building the hype.

A very well executed visual effect may help a brand genuinely enhance its content.

VFX may bring out the fantasy world just right in front of us.

2.  Helps in improving the Brands presence – It is a fact that our ability to recall verbal information both graphic and verbal is 80%.

Since it enables one to create any type of representation, VFX video advertising gives the brand uniqueness, among the crowd.

One may create an outstanding creative ad with the help of VFX that might end up leaving an impression on the audience’s mind.

An unique image or character thus helps in recognition of the brand.

VFX ads

3.  Helps in simplifying the message VFX is a convenient method for interacting with clients because it helps them to deliver complicated business concepts to simple scenes and scenarios that may be animated in a fun and simple to understand way.

Nowadays  viewers anticipate a great narrative in addition to the  same production values as seen in film.

Advertisers may understand the importance of involvement as they are always in an intention to grab the attention of the viewers.

There are many AD production houses in Mumbai and Delhi such as Griffin pictures.

It helps to create an eye catching environment  with the help of VFX.

4.  Increases Brand  Awareness By employing  visual effects in their advertising and marketing campaign, brands create lasting and immersive encounters for their intended audience.

Such an approach may result in a remarkable spike in brand awareness and remembrance.

The audience upon viewing a visually appealing  advertisement is more likely to implant the brand’s identity and its message into memory.

VFX Tv Ads

5.  Create an emotional connection Utilizing VFX an immersive and plausible environment may be forged  which may establish an emotional bond with the audience resulting in a surge in engagement and trust toward the brand.

This has been made possible by tapping into the emotional spectrum of the viewer, that involves a sentimental with the brand through the power of perception.

6.  Boost engagement and retention VFX holds the potential to heighten  viewer engagement and retention .

When an audience is captivated by an advertisement the likelihood of them watching it through to its completion increases.

This in turn translates to an increase in retention rates and consequently a superior probability of conversion.

We have seen several examples of visual effect commercials that are backed by solid visual effects  and experimental animation in the last decade.

Right here in India there are several examples of commercials that are backed by solid VFX and experimental animation in the last decade or so.

This trend continues to get stronger with advances in technology, powerful software and ever expanding scope of this field.

Visual Effects (VFX) Tv ads

Type of VFX used in advertising :- 

3d Animation When it comes to visual media there are various techniques that one may utilize to create a very much visually appealing and captivating output.

One of the finest techniques is 3d animation which is used to create realistic and lifelike characters and settings.

It is very much used in television commercials and product demonstrations.

3D & VFX for Commercial and Interactive Productions

Motion graphic Another technique that is used in creating compelling visual media is motion graphics.

This method involves the application of text shapes and images to bring out animations that are visually very much  striking.

Motion graphics find their frequent application in explainer video and social media advertisements.

Matte painting Matte painting is another technique that is generally employed in the generation of creating visual media.

It involves the creation of background or environments that do exist in reality.

This technique is very much used in the making of movie and television commercials.


VFX matte painting ads

Virtual realityVirtual reality is the process that permits the audience to submerge themselves in an artificial environment.

This technique is very much used in interactive ads and product demonstrators enabling the audience  a very much  immersive experience.

There are various instances of VFX used in the Complan AD campaign . This commercial was a combination of real humans and animation. Inspired by Big B film Bhoothnath where he portrays the role of friendly ghost , the Complan ad stars Amitabh Bacchan as Takat ka Bhoot. This ad emphasizes the benefit of health products.

The main character was animated to look like a ghost  in the ad and it resembles  believable right till the end.

These are few Indian Commercials which made use of animation technique and VFX to its maximum potential.

There are few Indian television commercials which made use of animation technique and VFX to its maximum potential. They are very much ready to accept new technology for making advertisements better and more viable.

Thus creating job  opportunities for animators and visual effect artists.

Best of Stash 2020: Advertising VFX - Motion design - STASH : Motion design – STASH

Combining new concepts with traditional outlook has changed the way the Indian industry would operate.

It has opened new avenues.

There are various instances of VFX used in advertising in Indian commercials.

By the use of VFX one may make impossible possible.

By the use of VFX one may take advertisements to the Utopian world.


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