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The term motion graphics and animation are often used simultaneously. Most people are often not aware of the difference between the two terms. If one wants to be part of creative industry one need to understand the difference. If one is interested in creating a motion graphic or animation video one should understand the difference. If one is a part of creative industry and if one is interested in creating motion graphics or animation video for business it is very much important to learn about the business. Motion graphic is a sort of animation. Motion graphics elaborates moving or animated graphic design. While animation is an umbrella term for the whole world of moving imagery including everything from cartoon to claymation. Motion graphics are no doubt animation but the texts are major component of it. Motion graphic may be regarded as animated graphic design.

There are three type of motion graphic. Emotive videos, explainer videos, promotional video are types of motion graphics. Motion graphic designer designs only a moving picture while an animator creates a whole story. Animation may be used to create explainer, promotional videos and how to and any other type of video a client prefers.


There are three type of motion graphic

Emotive video – This videos move the audience to feel something. The major aim of these video is to gain a powerful, emotional response from the viewer.

Explainer video– It helps to define a concept, product, or service.

Promotional video – It help to sell a product, service, or event.

Any technique that makes static objects or images move is animation, whether it’s is hand drawn cartoons, CGI, anime, claymation or motion graphics. Most motion are done with CGI but one may theoretically do hand drawn motion graphic as well. Animation is the broader umbrella that motion graphics fall under for the whole world of moving imagery everything from cartoons to clayamation.

There are three main type of animation-

Traditional Animation– It refers to animation style of big motion pictures that was mostly hand drawn and animated in frame to frame process.

2d Animation– It refers to the common style of animation that represents graphics and is created in 2 dimesnsional programmes.

3d Animation– These are graphics that are generally modelled in 3 dimensional element an then animated.

motion graphics

Some of the differences between motion graphics and animation  are discussed below-

Content of motion graphic and animation – A motion graphic video typically includes onscreen text couples with shapes and images. Where as an animated video generally comprises of animated characters.

Statistics vs Narrative – The other major difference is the presence of a narrative or a story. An animated video is more productive when one ones to tell a story. A major visual ingredient of telling a story is utilization of characters that viewers often find interrelated. Explainer videos are good examples of animated video. In motion graphic video, the sole purpose is creation of visual stimulating animations that are geared to grab attention. Although story telling is sometimes present from motion graphics videos generally it is not the main purpose. Animated video consists of moving illustration, motion graphic are used on real life footage.

Variation in dimension – Another huge difference between motion graphic and animation is the variation in dimensions in motion graphics and animation. Animation is in general in both 2d and 3d animation. Motion graphics are typically related to animations that are mostly in 2d. 3d animation is generally used to enhance the visual interest. If one need to exhibit some sort of data in a visually interesting way one need to a motion graphic designer. If one wants to connect with the audience and try to move the story to some level one need to go for animation instead. This difference may result in motion graphics appearing less captivating when compared to graphics defined by animation. But that isn’t necessarily a wrong thing. Motion graphics job isn’t to captivate ones heart. Its main job is to inform and give direction. A 2d design is sometimes easier to design and easier to understand. So motion graphic enables the viewer to follow its instruction and motion graphics helps to achieve its goal.


Motion graphics tends to be less captivating than animation – Motion graphics motive is to increase the delivery of selling point, statistics, or instruction. Animation generally concentrates on crafting a narrative. A successful animation generally makes a bridge with its audience, tugs at heart strings and tells a story. A motion graphic on the other hand informs teaches and instructs the audience. If an animated picture teaches a killer story or just creates a narrative there are more chances of getting oneself close to animation not motion picture.

Simple vs complex – Motion graphics goes for less complex design than animation. So designing a motion graphic requires very few resources. If one wants to make a pop out title for the company’s introductory video one may go for it swiftly and effectively without any complication. If one is interested in creating an animation video then one requires a lot of skill set ample resources and lot of time.

Reasonably prices vs expensive – As mentioned above designing an animation is more time consuming and complex than creating a good motion graphics. This means producing a motion graphics doesn’t require much input and it is less expensive.

Accessory vs Main focus – Motion graphics tend to integrate on existing live action or real life footage such as video or website. Animations on the other hand exist as standalone imagery over an already generated background of other animation. That means if motion graphics and animation is in a popup group animation would be the leading singer while motion graphics would have been background singers. As a whole if one wants his graphics to tell a story one might go for animation.


Animation breathes life into a character and thus helps viewer to connect with the audience. Animation makes the narrative more realistic than captivating. On the other hand if one wants to enhance the look of his pre-existing website or instructional video then one must keep  things simple with functional motion graphic. These are the differences between motion graphic and animation. Though both plays important factor in media world.

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