VFX OR GAMING Best Career Option

In this blog we are going to discuss about the different career options in Vfx and Gaming Industry and how is it growing day by day and gaining more popularity.

These days there are different creative options which are gaining popularity as more and more people are opting for these creative jobs.

These creative fields are creating jobs for the digital sector and the economy at large.

VFX OR GAMING Best Career Option

People who are opting for these creative fields are high in demand everywhere.

This industry is highly flourishing and constantly changing and people who are really passionate about these things should go for it.

This field is highly competitive in nature. The key to success here is expertise, experience, creativity and attitude.

Indian market is getting more and more work as talent here is way better.

Starting with Vfx we can say that India is growing and getting developed as a VFX hub.

More and more countries like Korea, China and Hollywood are opting for Indian minds when it comes to jobs in Vfx sector as the creativity which is found here is unparalleled.

After the huge success of blockbuster movies like Bahubali, Robot 2.0 etc the Bollywood industry is also gearing up for the new Vfx trend.

VFX OR GAMING Best Career Option

With the emergence different OTT platforms like Amazon, Netflix, Hotstar, more and more jobs are created as these platforms are gaining popularity for their Web series, Movies and Serials which are a huge hit among people.

It has resulted in the increased demand for Vfx artists in these platforms as every Movie, Series, requires Vfx jobs as people these days are not interested to watch any Web series or Movie which does not have any special effects.

With the growing area of digital particle effect, fluid and fire along with object and lighting manipulation Vfx artist are into so many different and creative outcomes.

It’s all about making the viewer’s believe what they are seeing or believing is real and they are actually experiencing the whole thing in front of their eyes.

It could be anything from a fairy tale castle, big wave, spaceships, superheroes, alien cities or an entire planet which has been created especially for the viewers to give them that spectacular look.

VFX OR GAMING Best Career Option

Vfx artists create high quality visuals.

They are into conceptualizing designing, and creating cutting edge special effects including particle effects, dynamic simulations and shaded effects.

They work with producers, lead artists, supervisors to track and manage the work along with other people who are involved in this whole remit.

VFX OR GAMING Best Career Option

The different career options in Vfx are Layout Artist, Compositing, Roto Artist, Rendering Artist, Matte Painter, Lightning Artist and Match Mover Artist.

A Compositing artist’s job is to look after that the Vfx and live actions are intact and there is no visual disturbance at all while viewing it so that the feel remains more real.

VFX OR GAMING Best Career Option

Roto artist looks for the perfect frame where the computer generated graphics meets the real life.

VFX OR GAMING Best Career Option

A Layout Artist interprets the script and storyboard and creates templates for how to transform it to the screen or visual medium.

VFX OR GAMING Best Career Option

A Matte Painter uses beautiful photographs, sketches and other visual reference cues and transforms them to realistic Vfx scenes where all the action takes place.

VFX OR GAMING Best Career Option

A Rendering Artist is responsible for turning the 3D models to real world visuals which we see on screen.

VFX OR GAMING Best Career Option

A Lightning Artists looks after the behavior and use of light and its interaction with real world subjects.

VFX OR GAMING Best Career Option

A Match Moving Artist is doing the difficult task of matching the computer generated graphics to integrate properly with the live actions to make it look seamless and more real.

VFX OR GAMING Best Career Option

Any career in the Vfx field is both skill based as we as talent based.

Jobs in Vfx is like giving life to objects and characters on screen.

These artists create photo real digitally generated images with the help of different technologies which help these Vfx artists to come up with their amazing creations.

They create a variety of computer generated creatures, crowds and stunt doubles.

Now let’s take a look at another unique, interesting and highly creative career which is gaining popularity day by day and is one of the favorite options among individuals.

It is one of the most emerging professions. Many enthusiastic amateur gaming artists are trying their luck in this new profession.

Where technology meets creativity gaming comes into being.

A lead Game designer is no less than a director of a movie.

He is the one who is responsible for the overall designing and creation of those interesting and engaging games which is capturing the interest of the people.

VFX OR GAMING Best Career Option

Once a game gets approval from other members a team of Game designers work hand in hand to develop the characters and various other aspects of gaming.

As this gaming industry is growing at a faster pace it is also facing lot of challenges in terms of creativity and uniqueness.

VFX OR GAMING Best Career Option

The different career options in Gaming are Game Designer, GameTester, Narrative Designer, Sound Engineer, Game Developer, DevOps Engineer, Translator, Animator, Q A Tester, Writer and Marketing Professionals.

VFX OR GAMING Best Career Option

Narrative Designers work with the Game Designers to create the context for the story. Words act as a tool for Narrative Designer.

VFX OR GAMING Best Career Option

Sound Engineers add realism to the games with those noises and sound tracks and sound effects such as gun shots or cars vroom, traffic sounds, crowd noise or chirping of birds.

Sound Engineers develop theses sounds for the games.

VFX OR GAMING Best Career Option

Game Developers run the technical codes for the games to function smoothly.

They work with the game designers, sound engineers and other technicians to make the sound work in sync with the game design which in turn make sit loom more real with those codes.

VFX OR GAMING Best Career Option

Game Testers work whole day by playing the games again and again so that it works systematically.

This in turn also helps to analyze the games performance, identify bugs and if need be suggest some changes before it is open for public to play.

VFX OR GAMING Best Career Option

Then comes the DevOps Engineers who looks after the network and servers.

They look into the fact that the server on which it is running and connected to is safe to use and secured too.

Translators do the job of translating the games into different languages for the people.

As these games are so popular almost everywhere in fact worldwide so the need for these translators always arises.

VFX OR GAMING Best Career Option

Animator is the one who makes the characters look lifelike with the help of different softwares.

They design the characters keeping in mind the story and screenplay and make use of features which gives it the exact look which is needed by the game.

VFX OR GAMING Best Career Option

Q A Testers are there who looks after the coding and technical errors which can affect the game play.

As these games run with complex production there is always a need for these type of Q A testers who look after the difficult and technical codes.

VFX OR GAMING Best Career Option

Gaming is one of the largest segment of entertainment industry and that is the reason it is considered one of the hottest profession.

Creating a game is not as easy as it looks when it is being played and it involves lot of risks.

As the competition is very high as this industry is changing day by day and in return more and more games are invented with so much of creativity.

So now we know that there are different opportunities are related to both Vfx and Gaming and there is always a need for people to work in these two sectors as they are highly paying sectors and involve a great amount of creativity.

VFX OR GAMING Best Career Option

Both the sectors are growing day by day as there are lot of new development happening and in turn a tough competition arises.

It is always individual choice, interest and opportunities availability which can act as standards to help students to decide what they are looking for and can decide accordingly.

As both the sectors involve lot of creativity and innovation it’s not easy to say which sector is more in demand.

Indian students are gaining knowledge as well as getting and creating more unique ways to attract the market globally.

Lot of work is being done by our students as companies outside India are investing their money in the Indian market.

Student should be able to develop their own creative ideas be it Vfx or Gaming for that matter with the spirit of observation along with hard work.

Patience and team work also are very important as without these no one can succeed.

Vfx artists create visuals which are of high quality and standards to match with the standards of the industry so students who are more inclined towards these should go for Vfx.

As we see these days no one is interested to watch movies or songs or Web series which no not show such visuals or characters which are simple.

Along with these they should have excellent interpersonal skills, great artistic skills and visual awareness and lateral thinking skills to excel in this sector or industry.

Gaming on the other hand involves lot of creativity, storytelling abilities, knowledge of multimedia development software, programming knowledge, adaptability, persistence, excellent communication skills, time management, collaboration and wide ranging knowledge of gaming trends are some of the most important skills needed for this sector or industry.

So now we know that based on individuals preference and skills and abilities as well as options available one can decide which one to go for and can make the choices accordingly.

Both these courses are very much in demand. If it really answers all your doubts do call us @9836321595 get going.








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