A Sneak Peek To Robot 2.0

Robot 2.0 @ Animation Kolkata

In the present era, the film that has been in much troll and noise is the marvel of Rajni-The Thalaiva -Robot 2.0.

Rajnikanth’s film 2.0 is one of the biggest and also the most awaited projects of 2018.

The film 2.0 is directed by Shankar and is created as per the sequel to the 2010 blockbuster film Robot.

By just hearing the name it had become the craze of the Thalaiva fans.

The new making further released the video on the YouTube has added fuel to the fire.

It had increased the viewer’s expectations from the project just after the viewers are led to the sneak peek into the basement of 2.0.

With the makers’ release of such video has engrossed the fans to watch the camera scenes (a glimpse of the scenes).

Robot 2.0 @ Animation Kolkata

The fans are super excited for the upcoming 2.0 as the film consists of the two superstars of the country- Rajnikanth and Akshay Kumar.

They are working together for the very first time in the Indian Film industry.

The makers and the creators of the movie have tremendous honor and respect for Rajnikanth.

Thus it is certain that the trailer day will be a day of great celebration throughout Thalaiva.

Coming to the video, short glimpses of some of the scenes have been employed and given on the YouTube.

These scenes reflected the effective utilization of Visual Effects and several other techniques of Visual Effects.

Robot 2.0 @ Animation Kolkata

Lyca Productions has certainly created a lavish budget project of around 400 crores.

The movie is considered as the Asia’s the most expensive budgeted movie ever.

The movie has the character of Dr. Vaseegaran (Rajnikanth) and the superstar of Bollywood, Akshay Kumar, making his Kollywood debut for the first time.

When Enthiran had Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, 2.0 will feature the prettiest actress Amy Jackson.

The commercial accomplishment of Enthiran (2010) incited the producers of the film to quickly think about making a continuation.

By March 2011, the first film’s cinematographer, Rathnavelu, uncovered that underlying pre-generation chip away at a spin-off had started with a similar specialized team.

While completing the generation of I, Shankar drafted the contents of three more element films, including that of a continuation of Enthiran.

Production Work: Use of VFX

Robot 2.0 @ Animation Kolkata

Pre-production work for the film was accounted for to have begun in June 2015 with Lyca Productions choosing to fund the undertaking.

Alongside Shankar and Rajinikanth, author A. R. Rahman and proofreader Anthony stayed on the advancement group for the continuation, while Jeyamohan was added to help compose exchanges.

Shankar likewise started preparation the movie’s craft executive T. Muthuraj and visual impacts chief V. Srinivas Mohan about their association in the film.

Shankar had at first asked about K. V. Anand’s accessibility.

Robot 2.0 @ Animation Kolkata

At the initial stages, Nirav Shah joined the highly specialized group of 2.0 as a cinematographer during the middle of 2015 and subsequently went by the professional studios in the United States in order to explore the various taping strategies and methods for 3D shoots.

Trick choreographer Kenny Bates and visual impacts authorities John Hughes and Walt Jones were additionally marked to deal with the film.

In June 2016, Pookutty uncovered amid film generation that it would not fill in as a spin-off of Enthiran but instead an otherworldly successor

The Latest Video

Robot 2.0 @ Animation Kolkata

The video is indeed outstanding and it portrays clearly the efforts of the team.

There are greater contributions to this larger than life movie project.

After looking at the entire video posted by the makers of the movie, one can well understand the efficient utilization of Visual Effects in every step of the movie.

The movie promises some of the never seen before action sequences and in addition, VFX has played a significant role in the making of the movie.

Robot 2 is the most costly film on the Indian silver screen with an expected spending plan of around 450 crores.

The after creation work of the high-planned motion picture is underway and is required to be finished by November 2017.

We have officially detailed you about the record satellite arrangement Robot 2 creators have split with Zee Network.

The satellite privileges of Robot 2 has been sold to Zee for record 110 crores.

Featuring Rajnikanth, Akshay Kumar, and Amy Jackson ahead of the pack parts, Robot 2 is the greatest film of Indian silver screen.

After the gigantic achievement of Bahubali 2, the desires from Robot 2 are currently out of this world.

The motion picture is relied upon to the most terrific arrival of Indian film. It will discharge in around 15 dialects over the world.

Chroma Key and Greenscreens are used in portions where the makers thought it important to employ, where they might think to assert to compositing.

The technique of previsualization is also utilized in the making of the movie.

The Visual Effects supervisor, Srinivas Mohan has taken the hold of the VFX department of the film.

He had already worked with Bahubali The Beginning and now he is assigned with the challenge to combine the former Robot with the sequel.

According to Srinivas Mohan, he is of the view that the Visual Effects used in the former has been doubled in the 2.0.

RIF Dacher, the VFX Head of the Double Negative has stated that the movie project is extremely creative and a lot of it is poured to enhance the final outcome of the movie.

It is true that everything never goes beyond imagination and that can only be created with the help of VFX.

The production has employed some concept artist who is assigned with the duty to conceptualize the character models digitally and then with total suits/costumes the selections will be made and finalized for the actors to portray those characters.

At the very initial stage, previs is made and generated as because what Shankar have in mind is quite difficult to portray minutely to the other people (in detail).

So he has taken this step to communicate the previsualization for interaction.

For most of the scenes, they have created digitally and the actual set’s detail is captured and employed in the digital world.

In the film, several other advanced systems are also used and among it, one is ladder scanning.

Ladder scanning helps to provide the exact absolute position and point to mm detailing of the location/set.

The entire portrayal of Chitti, the CG effects all added up and concluded to the Visual Effects of the movie.

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