Animation OR Visual Effects Choose The Promising Career

Animation OR Visual Effects best institute in Kolkata

In todays time animation and visual effects has emerged to be the two most promising carrer option for newbiies.

Lets undestand which one is more luctative and sucessful.

Animation is the most widely used word in job industry nowadays.

This word comes from Latin word “ANIMARE” which means to give life to anything inanimate.

Animation is the process of creating a motion picture from many still images.

A career in animation is one of the brightest career option nowadays as a young aspirant is earning a lot in this field.

The Animation industry in India is in blooming stage.

The reason for growth in animation industry is due to 3d/ 4d visual effects in video games, movies and television.

According to statistics employment of multimedia artists and animators is expected to increase 4percent from 2018-2028.

In India, a junior animation artist while making first step in this industry may earn Rs.8000 -Rs.15000 while there are high chances of increment in future.

If they can gain experience for three to five years they can make their wallet much more heavier….by earning Rs.50000 – Rs60000 per month .

The average salary of a 3D animator is Rs 21,153 per month in India.

Animation OR Visual Effects best institute in Kolkata

An animator may be a self employed person i.e. he may earn his living by running his own animation studio.

Being an animator, one usually works for 35 to 40 hours a week although they may have to work for some extra hour according to requirement.

It is fairly difficult to break into animation, but once if somebody can gain a proper knowledge in this field he may earn a lot .

Animation is a multidisciplinary art science.

High level of core skill to articulation skill is required to be successful in this field.

The general idea of animation is an exciting and easy process of sitting in front of computer and making an image and with the help of software.

But actually one need to work on it seriously with hours of efforts be someone making an advertisement clip or a full length animated movie.

Animation OR Visual Effects best institute in Kolkata

Highly capable and specialized persons are required to make animation movies.

The animation technology has massive career scope for people who want to give a vivid description of their imagination to life and those who have interest in good stories.

The basic work of 3D artists and Animator are to design complex graphics and animation using independent judgement, creativity, and computer equipment.

Two dimensional/three dimensional images depicting objects in motion or illustration is created using computer animation or modelling programs.

There are some easy animation software one can use such as toon boon harmony,blender,pencil2d,animakervyond,wideo,animaker,vyond,wideo,adobe character animator.

What are the uses of animation?

Animation enhances marketing as one can display information to common people in more alluring and appealing way.

In a sequence of a film an animator can grab more attention of the viewer by inserting some special effect with the help of animation.

Animation is essential as it helps us illustrate stories and communicate emotions and ideas in a unique easy to perceive way both small children and adults can understand.

It is a good medium of communication for people all over the world in a way that is not possible by books and films.

Animation OR Visual Effects best institute in Kolkata

Nowadays animation is used in education for the purpose of making learning more interesting.

The first purpose of animation in academics is to fulfil the imaginative function.

It also helps the student to learn through audio visual medium.

Animation OR Visual Effects best institute in Kolkata

In a way there are various way in which animation is used nowadays so animation can be a good career option for young career aspirants.

Animation OR Visual Effects best institute in Kolkata

VFX is also be a good career option nowadays.

It is a more complex form of animating images in films.

Visual Effects is unique process of mixing real film shooting with false or animated images.

Suppose in a movie one wants to show that a person is jumping.

So without using a dummy a VFX artist can make the scene realistic by using computer generated imagery.

VFX or Visual Effects is a way of mixing real film shooting with images.

VFX artist use software to create animation and special effects.

They work on movies television show and video games.

VFX artist use software to create animations and special effects.

They typically work on movies, television shows video game.

Animation OR Visual Effects best institute in Kolkata

Visual effects is the term broadly used to describe any imagery, created, altered enhanced for a film or other moving media that cannot be accomplished during a regular film shooting .

VFX refers to the procedure of creating imagery using live action with filmmaking.

Visual Effects deal with consolidation of real-life footage and computer generated imagery to make situations, which looks sensible however would be risky costly unrealistic, tiresome or challenging to shoot on film.

Animation OR Visual Effects best institute in Kolkata

Visual Effects created with the help of software are available to the moviemakers nowadays .

These software are designed by artists .

VFX is flexible and they offer advantages for wide range of video creation from footage visuals altered videos, and computer generated imageries.

VFX artist can help us in making the art of film- making easier in the following ways ;

  1. Create excitement & showcase glimpses of your work.
  2. The use of various VFX techniques in your project enables you to envision and display it to customers in the initial stage of product development rather than after investing all the resources and effort in making of the product.
  3. Furthermore, the use of VFX permits you to see product in ways no conventional shooting procedures can match.

In practical ways Animation and Visual Effects influence video production, reducing the cost spent on actors and real location shot.

Animation OR Visual Effects best institute in Kolkata

Elements into visuals that can be later modified and changed by using visual effects.

Images are generally accepted by the viewer much more easily than anything they listen verbally or anything that that read from softcopy or hardcopy.

Therefore using special effect leaves a lasting impression in the mind of users.

The work of a VFX artists is to utilize computer generated imagery with moving images from a coma.

This industry is a creative industry founded on digital communication and technology .

So one visual effects artist may earn lot of money as well as it will be a challenging career for them.

As there is a great demand for them nowadays in film industry.

Visual effects artist are responsible for creating visual effects using particles, animation, materials and more.

Visual effects artists operate cameras work with lightening, and use microphones to shoot videos and record audio.

Animation OR Visual Effects best institute in Kolkata

As a whole a visual effects artist may have a good career and he may have the scope to earn lot of money as animation and vfx film industry is in blooming stage in India as well as many parts of the world.

So we can conclude both animation and VFX has been proved to be very sucessful career options for aspirent who are having creative mind set.

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