Pre-Production In Filmmaking Know How

Pre-Production In Filmmaking At Film training Institute Kolkata

In this blog today we will discuss about importance of Pre-Production Stage in filmmaking.

Filmmaking has three stages Pre-Production, Production and Post Production.

Pre-Production is the first step of digital filmmaking process where ideas are transformed into workable project.

This stage is the foundation of the digital filmmaking.

Filmmakers put hard work in this stage to get better end result.

Every successful movie remains in pre-production stage for many years to produce magnificent visual project.

Pre-Production is the stage of planning or preparation for the shooting and editing stages.

Pre-Production Is All About Planning

Pre-Production In Filmmaking At Film training Institute Kolkata

Digital filmmaking has increased in the last few years; many independent filmmakers are coming up with their unique film stories to entertain audiences.

But before moving into the actual part of shooting filmmakers make proper planning so as to avoid any kind of obstacle during production and post-production stage.

In Pre-Production stage the director or the filmmaker has to take all the important decisions regarding the film such as budget of the film, shooting location, actor/actress, editing etc.

Every digital filmmaker carefully works on pre-production stage to deliver better end result.

It is the stage where one can visualize the content from the first to the final scene.

Let’s look at the steps which must be followed during Pre-Production Stage.

Preparing Synopsis

Pre-Production In Filmmaking At Film training Institute Kolkata

First and foremost a synopsis must be prepared.

A synopsis is the summary of the story plot and not more than a page.

It highlights the main characters and what they will do in the story.

The scriptwriter or the director prepares the synopsis to get it approved by the producer; if the producer is happy with the plot he/she will approve the synopsis.

Synopsis plays an important role in presenting the idea to the producers.

Once the synopsis is finalised the director will move toward research and more detail works.

Thorough Research

Pre-Production In Filmmaking At Film training Institute Kolkata

Research is very vital in case of filmmaking.

Filmmaker needs to collect facts to support the script.

Research is essential to authenticate the content of the script.

If the research is solid nobody will doubt the plot of the story and will not raise questions.

Thorough research makes the script more powerful and compact.

It also helps in crafting proper storyboard or screenplay for the film project.

Draw Nice Storyboard

Pre-Production In Filmmaking At Film training Institute Kolkata

Storyboard is the graphical representation about how the film is going to be shot by shot.

It carries each moment of the scene in the form of shot breakdown.

Storyboards are of great help for the filmmakers during the filming process.

Illustrated picture conveys the idea or the angle of the shot more efficiently to the team.

It saves lot of time and makes the production easier.

It gives an understanding about how the whole film will look like and is it matching director’s vision.

Cinematographer makes the black and white storyboard sketches alive during the shooting stage.

Storyboard is extremely important part of pre-production stage; the scriptwriter and the director sits together to make the storyboard finalised.

Finding location

Pre-Production In Filmmaking At Film training Institute Kolkata

Location search for shooting is another pre-production part during film making.

Original places matching with the script is a good idea otherwise makeshift locations are also workable.

Keep time in hand to find or to build perfect location for the storyline.


Pre-Production In Filmmaking At Film training Institute Kolkata

Budget is another crucial phase which must not be ignored before digital filmmaking.

Budget includes cost for hiring crews, casting actors, planning the shooting schedule, travel, meals, research and other factors.

This must be planned with much attention as no filmmaker wants funds to dry up while in midst of the shoot.

Unanticipated expenses may come up during the shoot so keep the space for it.

With the pre-planned budget it is easy to eliminate guessing and unnecessary things can be avoided.

Planned budget at pre-production stage provides an idea about overall film project to the whole crew.

Right Crew And Cast

Pre-Production In Filmmaking At Film training Institute Kolkata

Crew members like storyboard artist, cinematographer, production designer, editor, actor and actress must be selected as early as possible in pre-production stage.

Filmmaking is all about collaboration so get the entire team together beforehand so that thoughts and perspectives can be shared.

Right artist with experience and skill will benefit the film project more but keep the opening for new comers also.

New talent with passion and determination can increase the potential of the whole filmmaking process.

The director should interact with its crew and actors to convey the story idea to them.

Developing a good chemistry between each and every crew members so that everyone pours their best in the film project is a big responsibility for the director.

Production Schedule

Pre-Production In Filmmaking At Film training Institute Kolkata

Production schedule is a planned document from script to movie release.

It carries each details of filmmaking process about what should be done at what time; like when scripting, shooting and editing should be finished.

It helps each crew member to act within the set time period.

Keep production schedule flexible so that creativity can get breathing time.

Let extra days in hand to think something out of box.

Call Sheets

Pre-Production In Filmmaking At Film training Institute Kolkata

Call Sheets includes locations, timings, contact information and every important detail for the main day.

It is important to get the call sheets right as they reach to entire crew.

Call Sheet has the detail outline about what and where every member is supposed to do and when.

Following it crew member can visit the shoot location beforehand.

It helps cinematographer to decide about camera angles, lighting positions etc.

Call Sheet also includes equipments needed for the shooting.

In other words it is a pre-planned agreement prepared at pre-production stage for the hassle free production stage.

Permits And Clearances

Pre-Production In Filmmaking At Film training Institute Kolkata

Last but not the least permit or clearance aspect is required in case of getting permission for the location or equipments or props.

Permission for the location must be cleared before actual shooting stage.

To avoid unwanted pressure blocks on creativity and talent; laws and rules must be followed.

Permits are necessary from municipal governments to shoot on public property.

Insurance is also required to protect crew members and equipments.

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