Learn Fold Types Of Drawing Clothing With 3D Animation

Fold Types of Drawing Clothing In 3D Animation

Do you have that interest 3d Animation  in painting and drawing clothing types at the time of designing a character?

Perhaps your fashion designs seem quite aberrant or flat in its relationship.

One should have a clear and lucid understanding of the various types of folds in order to get a good hold of the illustration.

The various things that one must be concerned are how the folds wrap around the human shapes will assist you to achieve better visual results at the time of illustrating the clothing.

In our today’s blog post you will get a brief understanding of the 3d Animation fold types of drawing clothing.

The blog serves as an instructional exercise for the purpose of the artists who are dedicated to such illustrations in 3d Animation.

The blog is presented by the MAAC Kolkata team in coordination with the MAAC Chowringhee, MAAC Rashbehari as well as MAAC Ultadanga centers.

Let’s have a look at the 3d Animation blog topic.

Folds indicate profundity and volume for frames that are expansive or little underneath a given material.

Folds can likewise outwardly bolster a motion or action in a frame.

Fold Types of Drawing Clothing In 3D Animation

A decent place to begin is by concentrating the human frame and separating different body parts into basic shapes.

By deciding how they show up in three-dimensional or 3D space you can start to apply apparel hemlines and edges that take the forms of the body precisely.

With regards to the edges of various materials, you’ll need to make certain to keep up a feeling of volume so the pieces of 3D clothes don’t show up skin tight.

Being aware of your 3D clothing line work and how you fold a material’s shape over a particular body part will decide this.

When you have built up how these hemlines and edges of apparel will be set on the body you can begin hindering in pieces of attire.

Contingent upon what part of the body the attire is being connected to will create a particular kind of overlap.

Fold Types of Drawing Clothing In 3D Animation

There is some regular overlap writes that happen which you’ll have to get comfortable with.


Pipe folds have a tendency to happen on dresses and draperies and they execute it on Adobe Illustrator.

Fold Types of Drawing Clothing In 3D Animation

This happens when the root purpose of the material is packed or grouped together while the opposite end that is hanging free isn’t.

Making a progression of semi-tubular shapes to frame as the material hangs free at the contrary end.

The base part that is without hanging regularly has a wavy example to its appearance.


Zig-Zag overlap has a tendency to happen where pants group up at the base of the legs or behind the knees because of the pressure of the material.

Fold Types of Drawing Clothing In 3D Animation

They’re fundamentally overlays that tend to interchange each other in a zig-zagged manner with territories that overlap internal on itself.

When drawing this kind of overlap attempt, to begin with, a zig-zag rule that feels natural and not very uniform.

Adobe Illustrator are often used by fashion designers to design all this tactics.

This will furnish you with a more normal looking outcome.


This is those type of 3d animation folds that occur on sleeves that have been rolled or bunched up.

Fold Types of Drawing Clothing In 3D Animation

The advantage of this fold is they only happen on cloth material that is being enfolded around and also bunched up on tubular formations by designers that comprises the part of the leg or an arm.


Half-Lock folds have a tendency to take place where there happens a sudden change in the course of the fabric.

On the off chance that you have ever observed a golfer that is twisting his body in planning to swing his club you’ll at times observe these sorts of folds in the upper piece of the jeans where the body is bowing forward.

Fold Types of Drawing Clothing In 3D Animation

Fold Types of Drawing Clothing In 3D Animation

Slacks tend to demonstrate this kind of overlap extremely well.

Another territory you’ll see this kind of overlap will be on the sides of the knees when a man is hunching down or situated, causing an unexpected alter in the course of the material to fly out on the sides.

Photoshop CS6 is another preferred platform for the purpose of illustration of folds and formulations of clothing.


Diaper folds are a consequence of hanging in a material between two help focuses.

Contingent upon how much texture there is and the separation between the help focuses will direct the measure of slack in the material.

You’ll regularly observe these kinds of folds on scarves and tissues.

Fold Types of Drawing Clothing In 3D Animation

Fold Types of Drawing Clothing In 3D Animation


Drop overlays ordinarily happen where a material basically drops off of a frame to hang openly.

The general look of a drop overlap is managed by the frame the material is hanging off of and gravity.

Envision a towel holding tight a snare.

This sort of overlap tends to sneak its way into some different folds you may work within the plan of your apparel.

Fold Types of Drawing Clothing In 3D Animation

Fold Types of Drawing Clothing In 3D Animation

It’s additionally imperative to take note of specific sorts of texture overlap distinctively so invest some energy looking into and exploring different avenues regarding an assortment of materials to pick up a more grounded feeling of how they can be controlled.

The more slender the texture or material the all the more effectively it can overlay or wrinkle.

The 3d animation folds will be nearer together and more inexhaustible.

The thicker the material the harder it is for organizers to happen.

On the off chance that there are folds, there are just a couple.

The gentler the material the rounder the folds can be.

Take a stab at setting up a light source to see these distinctive sorts of folds to obviously set up them on the frame.

When you have turned out to be better familiar with these sorts of folds and their connections to the human frame you’ll have the capacity to join them in a strong way and outline additionally persuading articles regarding apparel whether you’re a mold originator, an artist or painter.

To take in more about illustration more sensible apparel for your characters look at the Illustrating Form and Folds for Clothing instructional exercise.


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