Discovering the Trendy Compositing Software 2018

Compositing Software @ Animation Kolkata

There are several compositing software that you can download ranging from simple to Hollywood-level but here you are led to such compositing software that may turn helpful to you in the long run.

When you’re beginning with this blog post, there are certain chances that you already have an idea about compositing.

But like most other blogs from the part of MAAC Kolkata this blog is written to acknowledge the readers as well as the aspirants so that they can get a brief idea about the different compositing software used in editing, Visual Effects, video content and many more.

This blog is presented by MAAC Kolkata conjointly with the assistance of the three branches of MAAC Chowringhee, MAAC Rashbehari and MAAC Ultadanga with a view to educating the readers on the several compositing software applications.

Different types of Compositing Software

Adobe After Effects

Compositing Software @ Animation Kolkata

With After Effects 7.0, Adobe reveals a noteworthy rundown of new highlights for its very fruitful Visual Effects and compositing programming.

The new After Effects 7.0 UI enables the bridging of the gap between space conservation and ease of use.

This is convenient to use as well as intuitive.

Compositing Software @ Animation Kolkata

This software is a Visual Effects software that is also used for the purpose of motion graphics and compositing application.

After Effects software application is developed by Adobe Systems and is utilized in the post-production process of moviemaking.


Compositing Software @ Animation Kolkata


Nuke is a node-based compositing software that is designed to streamline day to day work process.

The compositing software is supple, well-organized to distribute and deliver first-grade results.

High-end compositing is performed and in addition to it, the multi-track editorial timeline of Hiero allows the user to confirm, review, edit and also produce/render compositions from the timeline.

A product of The Foundry, Nuke is best for various post-production processes in filmmaking.

Blackmagic Fusion

Compositing Software @ Animation Kolkata

Blackmagic Fusion is considered as the best compositing software application after Nuke and After Effects software.

Blackmagic Fusion (some time ago Eyeon Fusion and quickly Maya Fusion, an adaptation created for Alias-Wavefront) is after generation picture compositing created by Blackmagic Design and initially wrote by Eyeon Software.

Compositing Software @ Animation Kolkata

It is regularly used to make Visual Effects and computerized compositing for motion pictures, TV-arrangement and plugs and utilizes a node-based interface in which complex procedures are developed by associating a flowchart or schematic of numerous hubs, every one of which speaks to a more straightforward process, for example, an obscure or shading remedy.

This kind of compositing interface permits incredible adaptability, including the capacity to alter the parameters of a prior picture preparing advance “in setting” (while at the same time seeing the last composite).

Fusion of Blackmagic Design was released in two forms: the ware Fusion, and the economically sold Fusion Studio.

Fusion is accessible for Microsoft Windows and Linux, and with the arrival of Fusion 8, macOS.

Autodesk Composite

Compositing Software @ Animation Kolkata

Autodesk Composite is considered as a collective solution for the purpose of movie compositing.

This software application brings in high-quality compositing as well as Visual Effects tools to 2D and 3D artists who are indulged in the projects of 2D and 3D.

Composite proffers high-end compositing at HD, 2K, 4K or even above.

The application features full-length high dynamic HDR pipeline, high-quality performance level interaction, next-gen 3D compositing at high-resolution and advanced rendering.

Autodesk Toxik

Compositing Software @ Animation Kolkata

The product has likewise experienced colossal advancements for playing back and working with superb, high determination symbolism.

It was extremely an essential reason for the product designers in Montreal to get however much execution out of the product as could reasonably be expected when managing such pictures.

It additionally has a firmly incorporated player inside the product, which is significantly unique in relation to the picture grouping watchers in a current node based compositing programming projects, for example, Shake.


Compositing Software @ Animation Kolkata

The and open source compositing software, Natron is a node-based application that brought in the rotoscoping, compositing, chroma keying functionalities alive into the post-production.

It proffers effective compositing benefits to the VFX industry.

Natron is said to be affected by the other advanced compositing programming applications that include SoftEddie, Avid Media Illusion, Apple Shake, Blackmagic Fusion, Autodesk Toxik and some more.

Autodesk Flame

Compositing Software @ Animation Kolkata

Flame consolidates the intuitive speed of customary 2D compositing and capable 3D Visual Effects.

It provides a 3D node-based compositing environment that amalgamates with the timeline as well as the desktop to combine 2D and 3D components effectively.

Matchbox API of compositing Flame utilizes GPU-accelerated GLSL shaders with a view to solve and manage the alterations in the Action’s 3D compositing environment.

The modern color management strategy of Flame has enabled to track color space data on a per-clip basis from source to screen.


Compositing Software @ Animation Kolkata

At the initial level, Combustion was a computer program for motion graphics, Visual Effects, and compositing.

This specific application is little identical to Adobe After Effects.

Autodesk Media and Entertainment is the root with which Adobe After Effects shares a timeline based on the interface.

It performs higher-end compositing systems like Inferno, Flame, and Flint.


Compositing Software @ Animation Kolkata

Motion is a Motion illustration and compositing application comparable in some approaches to After Effects and Nuke.

With Motion 3, Apple included 3D compositing, vector paint, and Motion following to Motion’s tool compartment.

Motion, besides the GPU, quickened nature of Motion, facilitates to be viewed as another option to those packages for titling and fundamental Animation ventures/projects.

It is produced by Apple Inc. and is utilized to create as well as edit motion graphics, 2D and 3D compositing for Visual Effects, and several post-production processes.

Conclusive Statement

So after reading this blog, we can assume well that you got to know the various software applications that are utilized by the 2D and 3D artists for compositing.

What truly comes to the mind is serve the next-gen with advanced compositing strategies and techniques.

And this is only possible with the advent of newer compositing applications that are used in Visual Effects, Animation, editing and other post-production procedures.

Upgrading to the much higher level of understanding assists the aspirant to rise towards the career.

Similarly, here you are led to some comprehensive understanding of the compositing applications that are used worldwide by compositors.

Not only they are on their way towards the creation of something unknown to the field but also give the next-generation what they deserve to get.

If you’re eager to know more about details, you’re welcome to our MAAC centers of Kolkata where pupil are trained on VFXAnimationMultimediaGaming to become experts in the professional field.

So hurry and register to get into the world of MAAC.




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