Webdesigner Or Webdeveloper Best Career Choice

Webdesigner Career with MAAC

One of the frequent term used nowadays is web developer and webdesigner.

This term is frequently messed up by common people as they are not aware of these two term.

The difference between two career options are discussed below.

The difference between this two career options can be explained by imagining the term with the making a car.

A webdeveloper is a person who is responsible for using the various part of the car like engine transmission, wheels, accelerator to built a car.

Where as on the otherside webdesigner will be responsible for designing the car that includes seats , comforts, layout, dashboards.

Webdesigner Career with MAAC

The car should be user friendly in driving and riding aspects.

Webdesigner Career with MAAC

Lets now understand different software tools used by a webdeveloper and web designer.

A web developer generally works with programming languages like HTML, CSS, Javascript for web development.

Other programming languages are used by the web developer to setup email services, user authentication ,database and technical support of website.

Mainly the programming languages such as text editor,command line,interface and version control are used by the developer.

Webdesigners are responsible for making the website user friendly.

They use design software including products like adobe photoshop, Illustrator,Inscape.

The layout of the website is designed by the designer through constructing prototypes and wireframes.

The flow of information is controlled by the designers and they are also responsible for analyzing the website.

Portfolio of Webdesigners and Webdeveloper

A portfolio of a webdesigner varies from that of a webdeveloper.

Webdesigner Career with MAAC

While appearing for interview developers generally use Github.com to give a demonstration of their coding work.

It helps to demonstrate how a developer can refactor and abstract their code to make it readable to developers.

The developer use cloudbased website hosting services like AMS and Heroku.com to display websites and web application.

On the otherhand web designers may use websites like behance .com and dribble.com to show their expertise in colour grading and schemes, graphic design ability, and creativity.

Webdesigners inorder to show their expertise may create a personal website to show his or her expertise.

In order to avoid unneccassary interference from other websites while hosting.

Webdesigner Career with MAAC

Salaries of webdesigner and webdeveloper

The salary earned by webdesigner in India is Rs 17,000 per month on an average.

The salary earned by a web developer is Rs 36, 000 per month on an average.

Nature of duty of the Web designers and Webdevelopers

A webdesigner is an artist whose work is to develop object for the Internet.

They are responsible for creating the over all design for the website.

The work of a webdeveloper is to develop application and functionality for the Internet.

Stages of work of a webdesigner and webdeveloper.

Webdesigners begin their work of designing the website by understanding the clients requirements.

Webdesigners creates wireframes and then they start working on the design stage.

Several design techniques are used by the webdesigners to create a catchy website.

The webdesigners look at the contrasting sizes , textures, and shapes to highlight the different section of a website.

The designers works on three design principles balance , contrast, emphasis, consistency, unity.

Balance is important for the webdesigners to create a balanced layout.

Dark and light colours are used in correct proportion to achieve balanced website design.

Webdesigners take care of the contrast sizes , textures and shapes to define and draw attention to certain sections of website.

Contrast – Designers take care of contrast sizes, textures, and shapes to define and draw attention to certain sections of website.

Emphasis –It is a design principle used to highlight certain portion of the website selectievely.

If everything in a page is highlighted then highlighting will be of no use.

Consistency-It is another design priniciple. It is like a repitation or rythmn.

It helps to provide a clean consistent  navigation and website have good experience.

Unity- Unity is an intresting relationship between various website layout and composition as a whole.

This idea is based on Gestalt theory, unity deals with how the brain organizes information by grouping elements into categories.

The work of a webdesigner comes next.

He takes the created design and make a floating website.

The webdesigner uses Php and other language to create a website.

Some times the user uses content management system like wordpress or joomla so that a client can maintain their website in an easy way or update it.

People who are more logical and linear are dominant and will be enjoying the work of a webdeveloper .

While people who enjoy creativity will have work satisfaction more as a webdesigner.

An artist can be expert in web development and a physicist can be proficient in web designing.

It depends on ones personal choice.

Webdesigner Career with MAAC

Working points of webdesigner and webdeveloper.

Webdesigner generally works with the visual part and the utility of the website.

Web developers takes a website design in hand from the webdesigner and makes a working website from it.

Which one is harder in aspect of learning and career?

Some are of the opinion that programming language is more difficult while others are of the opinion that designing is more harder as it involves creativity.

But according to general opinion development will be harder as one need a mathametics backgraound to learn it.

Both the post of a webdesigner and webdeveloper are maintained in a company?

The well known companies maintains both the post of a both developer and webdesigner.

But sometimes in small companies they hire only one web designer who has a basic knowledge of programming also.

Webdesigner Career with MAAC

As a career which one is more deserving?

The career as a webdeveloper is more deserving as one can earn huge money by becoming a developer.

The career as a webdesigner is also deserving as one can earn money and gets creative satisfaction in total.

Course duration of the webdesining and web developer

The webdesigning course content is also simpler and shorter than web developers course .

So in the current scenario one can be successful as a webdesigner or as webdeveloper.

One success depends on his or her expertise in that field.

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