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Multimedia is a cluster of media where text, image, audio, video comes together to transmit the information from one place to another.

Every day in our daily life we gather news, information, knowledge through different media like Television, Internet and Print media.

In this blog we will discuss about the Multiple Components of Multimedia.

For the purpose of communication Multimedia combines different content forms such as Text, Audio, Images, Animation, Graphics, Video into a single presentation; these content forms are basically the Components of Multimedia.

Multimedia is greatly popular in the field of education, entertainment, health sector, advertising, business and many more.

Human brain learns by using senses like hearing and sight so in that way multimedia is more effective to hold the attention of the audiences.

Web Pages are the good example of Multimedia; web pages can be easily created with the various components of Multimedia. Computer Games, Short Films, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are other applications where multimedia is used.

Multimedia can be playback on computers, smart phones, laptops and other electronic devices in real time through streaming.

It can represent information in an attractive and interactive manner; so that audience can receive the information easily.

Let’s have a look on the components or elements of Multimedia.

Diverse Components of Multimedia

Multimedia Institute Kolkata

As mentioned above Multimedia is the combination of Texts, Images, Sound, Animation, Video and Graphics.

Any message or information can be conveyed in powerful way if it has combination of various media.


Multimedia Institute Kolkata

Text is the fundamental component of multimedia and most familiar way of communicating information to other person.

Text delivers information in short and simple way. It is used mostly for Titles, Headlines, Subtitles and Acknowledgement etc.

Text in multimedia guides the user in navigating through the application and delivers the information for which the application was designed.

Microsoft Word, Notepad, Word pad are commonly used software for viewing text forms.

Multimedia Institute Kolkata

While preparing Text for Multimedia the artist must keep in mind the size of the text; the readability of the text depends on the spacing and punctuation.

Kerning refers to adjusting the space between letters whereas tracking refers to overall letter spacing in a selected line or sentence.

Style of the text must be appropriate with the Font Size and Background/foreground colour of the Text.

Still Images and Graphics

Multimedia Institute Kolkata

Photos or pictures are extensively crucial part of Multimedia; they are used as background images in a scene.

In Computer images can be obtained from clip-art or internet or by scanning.

Computer generates images in the form of Bitmap or Vector Images.

Multimedia Institute Kolkata

Bitmap or Raster graphic images consist of Pixels which are small blocks of colour; usually a scanned image is Bitmap image.

Vector images use basic geometric shapes like lines, dots, curves etc. Here mathematical formula helps to create the shapes.

Artist can draw Vector Images with the help of software like Adobe Photoshop.

Clear and focussed images are key tools in Multimedia.

Unlike Bitmap images Vector images are resolution independent; they can be resizable without reducing the picture quality.

Multimedia Institute Kolkata

Graphics are visual elements often used to point viewers to particular information and more or less every multimedia presentation uses graphics.

Computer can generate Bitmap or Vector Graphics; GIF is the Graphics Interchange Format which is widely used in World Wide Web; it supports 8 bit per pixel for each image.

Graphics enhances the appearance of the Web Page; software like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Microsoft Paint are common platform where attractive graphics can be prepared.


Multimedia Institute Kolkata

In Animation still figures are arranged or manipulated in such a way that they appear as moving image.

Animation can be of 2Dimensional or 3Dimensional.

In 2Dimensional animation, image comes to alive in flat X and Y axis of the screen while in 3Dimensional animation, image or figure appears on X, Y and Z axis; here Z is the depth and it gives real effect to the animation.

Artist who works on animation is known as Animator.

In multimedia animation is an effective tool where animated visuals communicate with the audiences in a real time.

Path animation and Frame animation are two basic types of animation.

Multimedia Institute Kolkata

In Path Animation an object or a character moves on a screen that has constant background for example a rocket may move across the screen or follow a trajectory path regardless of any change in the background.

Multimedia Institute Kolkata

Whereas in Frame Animation illusion of movement is created by making slightest change in between every key-frame; here the background changes with the movement of the character.


Multimedia Institute Kolkata

Sound or Audio is another vital element of multimedia. Sound makes the multimedia presentation more catchy and pleasant with the addition of music, voice-over, dialogues and special effects.

Sound can easily be compressed without compromising on sound quality by good quality audio software programmes.

Compressed audio files takes less storage space and stream faster when sent over internet.

Proper audio, music and dialogue tracks propagates the message more certainly then the text materials.

Window Media Player or Quick Time is the common software where audio files can be played smoothly.


In Video moving image combines with audio, still image and text to spread important ideas, knowledge or information.

Nowadays interactive videos are very much in use in Gaming, Virtual Reality, Advertising and Web Pages.

Video is the most essential component of multimedia.

Modernization of the technology has made video making and editing process convenient and hassle-free.

Video making is super easy now with the availability of light-weight, high-quality digital cameras which allows one to record at any time and at anywhere.

Large video files can be compressed and transmitted effortlessly on internet or social media platforms for the viewing purpose.

MAAC Multimedia Courses

Multimedia Institute Kolkata

MAAC Course in multimedia prepares its student to make a stunning career in web designing, print, advertising, gaming and entertainment industry.

Through this course one can easily understand how texts, images, symbols, graphics, animation, audio and video can be used in an effective way for communicating and conveying right message to the right audience at the right time.

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