After a year full of backbreaking work, what else could be any better than celebrating a day-out with the MAAC Animation Kolkata and Lakme Academy family, away from the concrete setup!

The most awaited Annual Picnic of MAAC KOLKATA (CHOWRINGHEE, RASHBEHARI, and ULTADANGA) And LAKME ACADEMY (NAGERBAZAR and RASHBEHARI) was organized on 10th February, at the venue of Ekanto Apon, Bibirhat, Thakurpukur. 

Best MAAC Annual Picnic

This time, it was even more pleasant as the grand event of our annual picnic was held during the very onset of Spring. In spite of the chilly morning at the start of our journey, yet the winter cold did not bite us!

The day started with hustle and bustle as we spent a lot of time guiding students towards their transportation. You won’t believe how much time it actually takes to help students get into the right bus and somehow it reminded me of the school picnic days.

We began our journey early in the morning, with students at the peak of their excitement and team spirit. 

We all know, winter repairs and Spring rejuvenates. 

It is wonderful to witness the bonding of the students of the 3 centers with every student and other members of these centers of MAAC CRU getting involved in sports and activities.

Expensive deluxe buses had been arranged, and students of all the three centers reached the picnic spot by 11am. 

MAAC Annual picnic buses

On reaching the venue, everybody was in a full mood of enjoyment and rejoice.

There was a thrill in the air and the joyful mood of the day commenced with appetizing breakfast for both vegetarian and non-vegetarian, followed by beverages (tea/coffee/cold drinks).

The arrangement of the grand picnic was conducted in such a way that it covered multiple sports activities, other fun games and amusements and lastly wrapping up with the award distribution ceremony. All of this was enhanced by appetizers and refreshments every now and then.

The picnic spot was a very nice place with two playgrounds running parallel to each other, where all the sports activities were being conducted. It had a garden containing blooming marigold flowers, beautiful roses of different colors, and running rows of other ornamental plants on the other side.

The garden also had a pair of swings and slides where few could relive their childhood memories. Coming out from our daily busy schedule, it feels very peaceful and serene while taking a stroll amidst the greenery with birds’ chirping at the surroundings and watching everyone, living the moment.

Best Maac annual picnic 2024

Soon after breakfast, everyone got involved into their several activities, respective teams were called upon for the commencement of the sports and games. After a lot of nature admiring, and food nourishment, let’s take a look at the games!

The Annual Picnic involves games like marble & spoon race, three legged race, 100 meters racing, passing the ball, badminton and several others. 

The core attraction of the day was the Football and Cricket league between MAAC CHOWRINGHEE, MAAC RASHBEHARI and MAAC ULTADANGA!

Girls from Lakme Academy Rashbehari and Lakme Academy Nagerbazar also participated in cricket games separately.

Mentors too were involved in different amusement activities. All the participants gave their best efforts. Meanwhile, our chairperson, Naveen Choudhary Sir joined the picnic.

Annual picnic 2024

The entertainment stopped for some time as we took a quick lunch break. We guided everyone to the lunch room situated in the premises. 

The meal started with a mouth-watering menu that included- Naan /Chana Masala, Peas Pulao, Paneer Kofta (Veg), Chicken Curry, Fish Curry with curd while the unforgettable fish fingers added an extra flavor to the course! A good Indian meal is never complete without Chatni and dessert. Talking of that, Chatni was followed by soft Rasgullas and creamy butterscotch Ice Cream.

When your stomach is full, the first thing that comes to your mind is an afternoon siesta. So, post lunch all the participants took a rest for a while. Some played the guitar and sang songs. Eventually, 

The day rolled on, moving towards the result of the games followed by the prize distribution. All the students, along with their mentors and other staff worked hard together to put in their best efforts. 

However, in the end, the day belonged to the winners of the Football match and Cricket league, MAAC Rashbehari and MAAC CHOWRINGHEE, who brought home their most precious trophy, respectively.

Ritu Mondal, the Team Captain, from Lakme Academy Nagerbazar with all her team members from the other centers won the awards for the Girl’s Cricket match.

Best Picnic 2024

Joint efforts of the students and mentors made this possible and it was a moment of victory and rejoice! Encouragement by Naveen Choudhary Sir towards the participants throughout the matches was an added bonus.

As the day was coming to an end, it was time for the results! With each second passing by, there was a mixed feeling of excitement and anxiety amongst the player teams from different games. 

But who wants to return home without prizes after so much playing sweat and blood? Countdown had begun for the revelation! 

Trophies and prizes were awarded to respective students and the winning teams by our honorable Chairperson, Naveen Choudhary Sir. 

Annual picnic is the day when students of all 3 centers merge together and become one on the playground.

Faculties and staff members also participate with the students in these games. Nobody is known for their professional positions on the day of the picnic. It is a day of celebration for everyone!

These moments are precious and memorable for all the members of MAAC Animation Kolkata

Numerous photographs of the special moments and few candid photographs were clicked to record the different moods of the eventful day. Thus, anyone can go back and relive these memories in the near future.

Not only this, FacebookLive was also recorded so that you can get a glimpse of all the events, conducted throughout the day and get a feel of the Annual Picnic 2024  hosted by MAAC Lakme Academy Kolkata.

Best Annual picnic

Eventually it was time for pack-up!  In the end, Naveen Choudhary Sir gave an inspirational speech to the students, motivating them to be more committed and show up with similar high team spirit towards achieving the peak of excellency. He also made an announcement regarding an upcoming event “PRAYAS”- an event where students from all the three centers will participate in competition and Agomoni winners will be declared.

The closing ceremony of prize distribution, followed by a speech by Naveen Choudhary Sir, the gala event of Annual Picnic 2024 ended.

Students and the faculties assembled together to the respective buses, allotted for them. 

After thoroughly checking that all the students and other members were seated in their places in their respective buses, it was time to say farewell to the picnic spot. Everybody returned to their respective centers comfortably, unless few members and students as per their convenience, were dropped at nodal points for their easier commute.

All the students, tired after a long day, returned with remarkable memories, counting for the next year, re-energizing and boosting up academic preparations for the exams approaching.

So, if you too wished to be a part of such a grand event, and experience such amazing enjoyment and do not want to miss out on a great career opportunity for yourself, then don’t sit at home and day gaze, step out and visit your nearest center or, click here to register your name and get a call back from our professional expert.

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