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Hello everyone! A Very Happy New Year, 2024! 

In this blog, we will discuss the most important event of 24FPS at MAAC Kolkata and share some happy news with you. We all have heard about the most popular and cherished event, the 24FPS. 

Let us take a brief look at what the annual event of 24FPS entails.

24FPS Award

24FPS is essential as it has a significant impact on how the viewer perceives the film, offering an individual visual rhythm and the cinematic beauty that we are aware of. 

But what is 24FPS?

FPS is the abbreviation of frames per second. It is the unit by which the frame rates are measured. Number of still images shuffled through in one second creating an illusion of the motion is called FPS. Smoother motion is perceived when the frequency of the frame rate is higher. 

MAAC 24 FPS is an open platform where studios, students and professionals across the web get to showcase their talents. It is the platform where each work of the participants stands out from one another demonstrating their individual skill sets.

24 FPS is a unique forum in which film making is achieved by using live-action, 3D animation, and visual effects (VFX). It is the most prestigious international Award Ceremony for the animation and visual effects (VFX) sect throughout the Indian subcontinent and beyond.

24fps award winning

The main objective of the 24 FPS event lies in encouraging and inspiring the students to experience an ambience of making a film wherein they get to perform like professionals. This involves conducting all the necessary groundwork, enumerating their creative ideas to construct and achieve a piece that is unique; and last but not the least, working under immense pressure to meet the deadlines. 

To sum up, during MAAC 24FPS is the time when our mentors provide the students with the feeling of working in a professional environment— production-house-like surroundings, which enables them to perform in a production house in reality.

The jury members constitute a group of accomplished industry professionals who assess and evaluate the compositions of the students and determine their best works.         

The grand event of 24FPS is organized by MAAC in affiliation with the United Nations Information Centre (UNIC).

There are various categories in which every center can contribute with active participation. The three primary categories of MAAC 24FPS are as follows:

  • Script to Screen: It is an animation short -film in which participants create the whole story and design anime characters, in a similar way a movie is crafted. The participating team has to select the theme provided by the governing body, work on it using their creative charisma.
  • VFX Challenge: In this category video footage containing VFX shots of few Bollywood/ Hollywood movies are provided by PAN India which is re-created by the students and makes a clone of that particular scene/shot.
  • 3D Animation Challenge: In this category video footage containing shots of few Bollywood/ Hollywood animated movies are provided by PAN India which is re-created by the students and makes a replica of that particular scene/shot.

24 fps award show 2023

Few other categories of MAAC 24FPS are listed below:

  • Digital Filmmaking (DFM) – an open-themed live-action short film. 
  • Multimedia Mania it is based on website design. 
  • UNIC it is based on a short film that has a duration of (approx.) 1:00 minute using sketching, 3D/2D or mix-media.
  • Single Set Category (SSC) – a category containing various other sub-categories, such as digital painting, photo story, 3D game asset, vector design, etc. 

MAAC Chowringhee and MAAC Ultadanga participated in Digital Film Making (DFM) and VFX Challenge respectively whereas MAAC Rashbehari participated in Script to Screen.

The theme for the Script to Screen and the video clips for 3D Challenge and VFX Challenge is declared six months prior to the date of final submission. Primarily, the participating team has to select the video clip and the theme on which they would be working on.

24FPS stage celebration 2023

In this event 24FPS students along with their mentors start planning on how they would execute the project from the very first day of receiving the project challenge. A team of 15 members is selected at each center.  These 6 months appear to be very crucial and challenging for the participating teams. Students with dedication and commitment perform throughout the day and night in order to achieve the given deadlines. Mentors channelize their projects and coordinate with their respective teams accordingly. After numerous sleepless nights of rigorous hard work students submit their final project on time.

Single Set Category (SSC), as mentioned above is another category in which any student can participate among a set of sub-categories such as, Modelling & Texturing, Matte Painting, DFM, Multimedia, Compositing, etc. In this category students can take part in one or more than any of the categories. 

Post completion of the projects, what all the participants look forward to, is the award ceremony evening where the final results are revealed. We are extremely delighted to share that MAAC Kolkata has come out victorious in 24FPS Challenge 2023.

24FPS had a total 7 submissions in the mainstream categories from MAAC Chowringhee, MAAC Rashbehari and MAAC Ultadanga (MAAC CRU).

24 fps game asset winner 2023

Awards achieved by us are:

  • Silver in Best VFX Challenge (Ultadanga)
  • Gold in best stylization in Script to Screen Category (Ultadanga)
  • Bronze in Digital film making in Script to Screen Category (Chowringhee)
  • Gold in Best character animation in Script to Screen Category (Ultadanga)
  • Silver in Character Modelling and Texture in Single Set Category (Chowringhee)
  • Gold in Best 3D Animation Short film in Script to Screen Category (Ultadanga)
  • Silver in Script to screen Category (Rashbehari) 
  • Gold in Best lighting and cinematography in Script to Screen Category (Ultadanga)
  • Gold in 3D Game Asset in Single Set Category (Rashbehari)

24 fps award winning show 2023

Christmas indeed is the time for celebrations and like every year, the auspicious occasion of the 20th edition of 24FPS Annual International Animation Awards 2023 was hosted by MAAC, on December 22, 2023 at Hotel Sahara Star, Mumbai. 

On post return of the 24FPS Champions from Mumbai, a grand celebration is organized in all our 3 centers MAAC Kolkata (CRU) where all the mentors and students rejoice their victory. 

Just like a clear sky after thunderstorm night, it was a precious moment for all after consecutive 6 months of creative turmoil! At the end, there was a motivational speech by our chairperson, Mr. Naveen Choudhary Sir to inspire the students to be more dedicated and committed towards achieving the summit of perfection. The happy news is when it comes to performance, MAAC Kolkata is reaching a new climax in setting a benchmark. Our team with all diligence works blood, sweat and tears today so that the students who are the faces of the institute, come through with flying colors in the days ahead.

This is the moment that you raise your socks and make the right choice for your career! Don’t miss the opportunity, visit today and get to know more about the content of Animation, Multimedia, VFX and Gaming. Good Luck!

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