Maac Event

MAAC event have always been a part of the learning process that we at MAAC Chowringhee, Rashbehari, Ultadanga follow.

With mentors participating in events like National Technical Meet, MAAC klick etc it really makes the learning fun and enjoyable.

Maac Event

It’s a break from the regular schedule to reunite with the whole MAAC faculty fraternity, share ideas, gain new insights and rejuvenate at the same time.

This year the National Technical Meet was held the Palmarinha Resort, Goa from 23rd to 26th February, 2019.

Faculty members from various centers pan India gathered together to be a part of the event.

The Faculty members of MAAC Chowringhee, Rashbehari, Ultadanga as always were set to participate in the same.

Maac Event Maac Event

With everyone arriving at different times the first half of 23rd February, 2019 was busy with check-ins and lunch with some rest.

The Technical Meet kicked off with an introductory session led by Mr Abir Aich, Academic Head, MAAC, in which he welcomed all the members to the Meet .

Maac Event

This was closely followed by a session by Academic team, which was more of a nostalgic session.

We got a glimpse into the early years if the establishment of the brand that has took the baton of Animation Training in India.

The session took us on the journey of MAAC through the years and what achievements it gathered over those years.

The session saw a lot of participation from various members from various centers who have been associated with MAAC since the very inception of the brand.

Everyone reliving and narrating their experiences, it soon became a gathering of friends rather than a formal one.

Soon after the MAAC Event ended and we were asked to move for dinner or go around exploring the scenic beauty of one of India’s most popular tourist destinations.

We as a group of faculties from Chowringhee, Rashbehari, Ultadanga went to explore the nearby beaches post dinner and came back in time to get some rest.

The second day of our meet started with the usual bustle with everyone hurrying to their respective sessions.

The sessions were split between the production/post-production and Multimedia for the next two days.

The first half of 24th was lined up with sessions on AR content creation workflow by Mr.Ananda Gupta, R&D department MAAC, followed by a workshop on filmmaking.

While on the other side Multimedia group were having sessions on Concepts of Creative Design by Mr Sougata Mitra, SME lighting, MAAC, followed by a session on UI/UX design by an expert Mr Manoj Vishwakarma.

Maac Event

At lunch of MAAC event everyone gathered together and shared our share of business experience.

The lunch was followed by yet another string of enjoyable sessions.

The production/post production group were learning the essentials of compositing by Mr Ashish Ranjan, Manager T3 division.

MAAC and later indulged in the importance of performance and interaction in character animation by Mr Narayan Shewale, SME animation, MAAC.

The multimedia group were understanding the concepts of HTML5, CSS, Query and Bootstrap by Mr Bhushan, SME Multimedia and Web.

MAAC event sessions ended well in the evening as there was a lot of interactions and everyone was eager to learn and contribute to the learning in every way possible.

Although we enjoyed every bit of the sessions we were still famished so we headed straight to dinner and then to our respective rooms to catch some breath.

The next day of MAAC event was yet another fun filled learning experience.

The exciting session of CG Live action integration awaited us.

This particular session saw quite some participation from all centers.

The session was led by Mr Umesh Patel, SME Visual Effects, MAAC and Mr Ashish Ranjan.

Then came on the session by Mr Sougata Mitra, importance of light and colour in CG film.

The sessions were quite informative.

With our heads filled we needed to fill our growling stomachs.

The Multimedia section was having sessions on 2D animation in Animate CC and the orientation of Actionscript 3 by Mr Bhushan, which were no less intriguing and interesting than the sessions which awaited us across our lunch.

Maac Event

Post lunch the multimedia group had a exciting animation session Animation workflow in Harmony by Mr Narayan Shewale, where we talked about the fundamentals of 2D animation and how to approach the same in the correct way.

While the other group was seed by the capabilities of Blender as an application and throughout the years how it had become resilient and versatile.

The session was led by Mr Ajith Nair, Director Vivify Studios.

Amidst this hustle and bustle we were asked to gather for a commemorative picture.

The picture was to serve as memory of MAAC event the whole knowledgeable experience brimming with excitement and fun.

After these sessions, with a little heaviness at heart we came to the inevitable end marked with the closing note of the academic team.

But before that what awaited us was the gala night and the felicitation ceremony.

Finishing up with the sessions we headed to the poolside where the party was in full swing.

The music invited to dance to its tune with food being served.

Everyone seemed to relax and then began the faculty felicitation for the academic year 2018-19.

MAAC event honors it’s faculty members with a token of appreciation for their specific contribution made in academics.

A few of our faculty members were also felicitated for their contributions, which are as follows-

Maac Event

Long Service

Mr. Siddharth Jaiswal

Mr. Rajib Ghosh

Mr. Milan Kanti Dan

Appreciation for mentoring students for 24 FPS 2018

MAAC Rashbehari–3D Challenge

Maac Event

Reveling in the joyous atmosphere the night moved on and with this the three day Technical Meet Came to an end.

The next day of MAAC event was filled with everyone bidding farewell to each other checkouts.


Some had decided to stay the day exploring Goa as their return arrangements were for the night.

We falling under the same category decided to take a small trip to whatever we could lay out hands on, given the limited time we had.

We explored a few places and gathered at Goa Airport for our return flight.

Maac Event

With bundled of hopes and promises for yet another year we return to our own schedules to start a fresh with renewed energy to make difference.



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