UX Designing Process Simplified for Absolute Beginners

ux design

The Internet Savvy customers today expect a lot from websites they browse. With enormous intense competition in the digital space it is now essential for companies and brands  to offer a seamless online user experience. UX design includes elements of interaction design, visual design, user research and much more. Every user has different types of requirements and purposes when they visit a website and it is the responsibility of a UX designer to make the website as simple and intuitive as possible.

An understanding of the UX design process is always an advantage for you if you intend to enroll in a UI and Ux design course and look out  for Ux designer jobs  after course completion.

A concise Ux process is always advantageous for somebody if one wants to enrol in a UI – Ux designer jobs after course completion.


Although UX designing may not have any clear cut stages here are some basics of the process in a simplified manner.

1.Strategy – It is a more  long term vision of an organisation.

If the website isn’t able to meet the expectation of the surfers people will abandon it and move to someone else.

So the better impression a website creates for customers the more pleased they  will be and the more likely the more likely that  they will recommend the service.

2.Research – It is very important to know who the users are and how they can be categorised. Just knowing and understanding one’s target audience has now become a key phase that defines the UX strategy.This knowledge about users and the environment helps to provide a clear direction to designing.

3.Analysis- what the user is trying to experience on one’s website and what are the key elements to help this . The answers to this question will help in analyzing one data on current user flow one may improve upon the existing ux experience with the new site.

4.Designing- This step involves idea inputs from different people generating ideas and figuring out a skeletal framework which will eventually form the basis of a later much evolved design. Designing also requires one to put ideas in front of users to get their feedback and work on them.

5.Execution– Execution includes user testing sessions working  with feedback from users which provides improvising minor changes in design  evaluation of Beta releases and outcomes looking at such things  as ease of use validation of the system utility, efficiency  in performing tasks and so on.

ux design

An amazing user experience may only be provided by a design process that has been well tailored according to the wants of the user.

The basic goal is to improve how a user feels when interfacing with a website.

It takes a specific set of skills to become a UX Designer .

According to Ideo a truly innovative product must have desirability, viability and feasibility for sustainable long growth and success .

The design thinking process  involves research for a design overview to determine what product and features  will serve the customers best.

A successful design process identifies a problem the competitors aren’t solving that will benefit both users and the business.

During the conceptualization phase of design thinking there are some ideas  that meet three key criteria.

These ideas are Desirability, viability , feasibility.

The design tool provides one with features to take a product from concept to design handcuff.

Uxpin   is an advanced end to end design tool that makes it easy  to create a prototype with a live react storybook.

What are Desirability  Viability  Feasibility in design?

Desirability viability and feasibility is  a design thinking methodology to test ideas, concepts and hypotheses to determine if one has an unique value proposition and if it’s worth pursuing.

Whether checking all boxes one increases the risks costs and potential for failure.

One might say that desirability , viability, and feasibility are risk analysis for ideas for a tool kit to find innovative spots.

A typical Ux design process involves  eight ux design process steps from defining the product to design hand off and making sure everything works as intended.

The first step of  a Ux design process involves the project’s goal and scope with team members and stakeholders from various departments .


Business – explains business requirements and goals for the project .

Design – communicate what they need prior to design and manage expectations.

Product – shares context helps plan the timeline and resources that are required  for design.

Technical- Define feasibility and technical constraints of an Ux Design.

The early design phase aims to identify the problem the product or feature must solve .
The product team will outline the various project scope plan deliverables and delivery date.

Run research- Designers research to find problem solutions.

The research phase Ux designers conduct several types of research includes-

User research– Studies the target user to understand who they are, what they need and in what context they operate the outcome of research are user persons  journey maps and soon.

Market research– Analyzes The market to determine  market segmentation and product differentiation.

Product  research- Analyzing  the insights and analytics to understand user  behaviour.

Create rough draft of  a solution- With a clear understanding of users market and competitive landscape designers create a rough draft of what solution would look like which often is regarded as ideation  phase.

Designers use paper and pen during early ideation and iterate on many ideas fast.

ux design

Some technique  includes

Sketching- Hand drawn sketches of user interfaces

Paper prototyping- Paper version of Prototype.

Wireframing- Digital versions of paper prototype featuring basic lines and shapes

Low fidelity prototype- Digital prototype using wireframes to test user flow and information architecture.

Design fidelity mockups and prototypes- The Ui design team converts wireframes and mockups to build high fidelity prototypes that look and function like the final product.

If the company has a design system designers will use the UI components library to build interactive prototypes.

These are some of the  processes by which  the UX design process is simplified.

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