Adipurush is an upcoming Indian mythological film which is based on Hindu epic Ramayana. The film was written and directed by Om Raut and it is produced by Tseries and Retrophiles. This film is shot both in Hindi and Telegu language the film stars Prabhas , Kriti Sanon , Saif Ali Khan along with Sunny Singh and Devdatta Nage in supporting roles. Adipurush was announced in August 2020, through an official poster. Shruti G the VFX producer of Adipurush told Animation Xpress that the trailer of the movie has 98 VFX shot while the movie has more than 4000. She also declared that they used motion capture for which several technologies was used like XSens and Dynamixyz.

The makers of the movie Adipurush have released its three minutes long much sought trailer. It was directed by Om Raut who was best known for the movie Tanhji the Unsung warrior. The film is an adaptation of the epic Ramayana. The movie stars Prabhas in the role of Lord Ram, Kriti Sanon as Sita, Sunny Singh as Laxman , Devdutta Nage as Lord Hanuman  and Saif Ali Khan  as Ravana. The trailer opens with Lord Hanuman just narrating the story of Raghavas exile. Then he tells about Sitas Kidnapping and Ram setu. The next half of the trailer narrates about speeches and battles as Raghvava just boosts his army to fight against Lankesh. The films Trailer is being accepted very much positively compared to the teaser which was released last year.

VFX IN Adipurush

It has got a back lash due to very much poor VFX. The makers of the film then decided to just postpone the release of the film and work on VFX in order to appeal to the audience. Adipurush teaser very much looked like half baked cake. The looks of trailer seemed much of the work has been put into refining and fine tuning of the VFX. The visual effects team was led by Bajirao Mastani and Tahanji the Unsung warrior fame VFX supervisor Prasad Sutar. Shruti G the VFX producer of Adipurush told Animation Express that the trailer had about 98 VFX shots while the movie has more than 4000. She also said that they made use of motion capture for which several technologies have been used like Xsens and Dynamixyz (specifically for recording facial Expression).

Adipurush trailer Prabhas – Kriti  Sannons epic film reveals refined VFX, big battles  reduces the screen time of Saif Ali Khans Lankesh. The credit at the film teaser mentioned the name of one of the producers  and VFX supervisor , Prasad Sutar  who is founder of famous VFX company , NY VFX waala launched by Ajay Devgan. Ajay Devgan serves as the founder and Chairman of Ny VFX waala. The cost of VFX in Adipurush is 100cr.  The whole movie was shot against a green screen. In the main story Adipurush has apparently have a total of 8000 VFX shots. This is almost thrice the number of VFX shot in the epic Bahubali2 which almost has around 2500 VFX shot. A well trained VFX artist and technician from around the country have started working on the project. Adipurush was criticized for everything ranging from very unnatural cast and unfit costumes to very disastrous VFX. The mythological epic has turned into a bull shit.

It appeared as if the makers have no intention of fixing it before releasing it. After the initial release of the teaser of Adipurush the makers of the film postponed the release of the film and promised to make the special effect of the movie better. The new posters then received a good response from the audience and later on they announced that the film will have its world premiere at Tribeca Film Festival on June 13th three days before it was released worldwide on June 16th. Prabhas Adipurush VFX beated the 2017 action adventure Bahubali. Bahunali 2 had the highest number of VFX in the country 2500 visual effects. Adipurush has more than 8000 VFX in the film. According to one social media user ‘’ Adipurush VFX has clearly improved to a great extent super realistic now Prabhas Adipurush ‘’

Adipurush movie

Another user wrote ‘’Adipurush at Tribeca Festival Even the previous VFX appear better than the previous. A third user reacted Extra 100 cr oorke pettad anukunarra Colour grading looks devastating. But there are number of other user who never noticed any difference between the before and after pics. One user reacted ‘’ The way #Adipurush marketing team is promoting new and improved teaser VFX is laughable and sad  as they never take into account  for what they have produced . There is a huge difference in color grading and improved VFX. But the creative choices they made were atrocious. But though the film had 8000 VFX shot it is really arguable that whether the VFX shots were up to the mark or not. If in a film VFX is too high then the scope of performance in very much low.

To overcome this belief Adipurush team must give very much importance to the performance in the film as well. The trailer of the movie consisted of 98 VFX shot while the movie has more than 4000. The trailer gives two quick and short glimpses of Ravana (lankesh in the film) while Lankesh lokks like a saint the makers of the film has kept the actual look of Ravana hidden. The reason might be the audience uproar over the look which was shown in the teaser that released last year. Renowned for their music in Marathi film Sairat and several Hindi film the duo Ajay and Atul is providing music for the epic. Before releasing in cinemas worldwide on 16th June in five languages the film will premiere in Tribeca Film Festival on 13th June.


Adipurush director Om raut has defended the criticism of the film VFX saying that it is only fit for big screen. Om Raut has said earlier that he is a big follower of Lord Ram, and he had done nothing wrong in the film. He has tampered with history and he calls this history proud history. He kept the purity of history while working on it. Ramanand Sagar Ramayana on Doordarshan had a great effect on him. Om Raut said that he added modernity to Ramayana. Adipurush will be released on 16th June 2023.

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