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In our todays blog we will discuss skills required to become a roto artist and establish oneself in the animation industry.

Rotoscoping is an animation process that is used by roto artist to trace picture footage frame by fame.

ROTO ARTIST @bestmaacinstitute

Originally it was done by animators who projected live action movie image on a glass panel and traced the image.

The projection device was referred to as rotoscope.Later this device was replaced by computers.

But the process is still known as rotoscopy.

The person who performs the work of tracing picture footage frame by frame is called Roto artist.

ROTO ARTIST @bestmaacinstitute

Rotoscopy refers itself to live action movement for use in live and animated movie.

Rotoscoping is extensively used in film industry.But it is no longer performed in a traditional way.

It is one of the old animation technique. Rotoscoping is traced to create animation.

The animation technique of rotoscoping is almost hundred years old.

The new innovation in technology and technique had made roto artist work different from what used to happen in past.

A roto artist almost work exclusively using computers evolving rotoscope software.

The basic theory of rotoscope remain the same almost a century ago.

ROTO ARTIST @bestmaacinstitute

Roto artist provide traced outline so that live action objects can be congregrated into layers for film television show and video games.

Computer and complex software is used nowdays for rotoscoping.

Earlier everything was done normally.

ROTO ARTIST @bestmaacinstitute

Rotoscoping is considered by many people as a simple work.

But actually one need to do a lot of tedious work as well as a great deal of patience.

The main duty of a roto artist is to trace live action movement on film to make realistic and fluid action.

ROTO ARTIST @bestmaacinstitute

A roto artist trace live action movement on film.

The tedious job of tracing movement frame by frame has been allievated to digital movement.

Nowdays digital artist create detailed digital mattee with 2d image processing and drawing tool.

Roto artist manually draw around and cut objects from movie frames so that the required part of the image can be used for rotoscoping.

The part of the image that is wanted after cutting is known as matte.

If the live action is not moving within a shot , rotoscoping might involve one frame.

The duty of the Roto artist is to create matte.

ROTO ARTIST @bestmaacinstitute

A roto artist should be good at his skill and be patience and have adequate knowledge of programme.

Roto artist manually draw around and cut objects from movie frame so that the required part of the image can be used for rotoscoping.

The Skill One Requires To Become A Roto Artist Is Discussed Below

Artistic Skill-

The first and foremost thing required by a roto artist is artistic skill .

He need to draw accurately a good line to trace objects.

One need to be methodical and thorough to take care to rotoscope to help to produce high quality job.

If one live action camera is not moving around a shot, roto artist trace the relevant of each and every frame to complete this monotonous activity.

Roto artist need to have a keen eye to complete this work.


A good roto artist need to know how to motion track in order to perform better concealing.

The artist should know about animation advancement,as well as skilful with drawing and painting for tracing live action sequence.

ROTO ARTIST @bestmaacinstitute

Reading & Watching-

One need to watch and read a lot of videos on rotoscoping in youtube and various other channels.

One need to learn the basic technique of rotoscoping by reading books on the subjects.

Knowledge Of Programme-

One should be very much proficient in using relevant programme such as Photoshop.

One should also have a clear idea of graphic software Adobe After effects,

Dreamweaver, Illustrator, silhouette.

Delivery Of Work Within Strict Guidelines

A roto artist should work within strict guidelines and should be able to work under pressure. So one have to be skill ful and patience

ROTO ARTIST @bestmaacinstitute

Roto artist in ourder to make a good career in the field should try to work as apprentice.

Apprentices are jobs which gives training as well as pay a lot.

To become a roto artist one should get a proper training in Vfx industry or related industry.

Before enrolling one self with prospective employer one should check whether the employer trains one in the skill one wants.

Build A Portfolio-

One should learn the software , and create a showreel or demoreel that one may show to tutors or employers.

The portfolio should be made in such a way that it shoes the relevant roto work to show ones immediate practical skill.

ROTO ARTIST @bestmaacinstitute

Roto artist should accquire good training from good reputed institute.

It is not very much necessary but still if one gets a training it teaches them to learn the nitty gritty of work when one start working as a roto artist.

In this rotoscoping courses one learns how to prep, align , light, edit and output in professional 3d styling.

ROTO ARTIST @bestmaacinstitute

Building Network In The Industry-

One should build a good network with well known roto artist by attending events.

One should meet high professional rotoartist ad now how they work.

They should demonstrate interest and knowledge in this sector to them.

In this way they get to work with them and earn experience and gets an opportunity to work with them in future projects.

Lets Understand The Process How ROTO ARTIST Search For Work-

While searching for job one should go through the internet to see whether there is any advertisement in it.

ROTO ARTIST @bestmaacinstitute

If there is no advertisement one should post the cv and demoreel and ask the prospective job-owners about to keep him or her in mind if there is any vacancy.

Last but not the least a rotos artist must be methodical, thorough and patient with a good eye for detail.

They must have a good communication and teamworking skill.

As a whole a good roto artist should have a good understanding photography, composition and colour, basic knowledge of software, comfort with pen tools, good planning skill, ability to create exact and consistent image in timely manner.

A good roto artist should have a good understanding of camera angles and movements.

The duty of a roto artist is to create final image by combining layers of previously constructed material.

So if you aspire to become a roto artist do call us @9836321595 for a detailed career guidance .




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