CHARACTER ANIMATION TIPS From Best Animation Institute

In this blog we are going to learn the basics of Character Animation Part II and tips to make it better.

From the primitive days humans were trying to get the illusion of movement by posing the limbs on their animal sketches.

In this specialized area of animation process characters are brought back to life with the use of advanced techniques.

In character animation unique characters are created and presented on screen with the help of particular characteristics and traits.

Now Let’s take A Look At The Factors To Make Character Animation Look The Best:

Real Life Characters:

After deeply understanding the characteristics, their mannerisms, actions of the character one can actually create the character which has all the traits which would make it look like real world characters.

This also helps in getting the look which gives the real life look with intricate details about that character.

This detailed insight into emotional aspect of the character which are being developed also helps the animators to create them using various advanced techniques.

Giving life to an inanimate object gives the true feeling of thought and consideration.

CHARACTER ANIMATION TIPS From Best Animation Institute

Movement Psychology of the Characters:

To get the best look and feel the intention of the character is very important.

We need to know exactly what and how the character feels and uses his movements to show that at that particular scene is very important.

To understand the intention behind any movement is crucial before we start designing any character.

Deatiled study of the nature of the character required while doing the character animation for it.

CHARACTER ANIMATION TIPS From Best Animation Institute

Be the Character:

At times it’s very important to get into the skin of the character to know the character well.

To do this one can actually enact the same and record it for their own use so that they can see later what the character portrayal we are aiming at and can make the necessary changes to it if required.

Simple Rigging:

The rig should match with the specific needs of the character.

Like if the character is shown with a heavy built it will walk slowly exactly the same way a fat man in reality would walk.

Whereas a character with a lighter built will walk fast showing the walk of a lean person in real life.

The characters should be portrayed in the same manner.

CHARACTER ANIMATION TIPS From Best Animation Institute

Balance the Time:

When we talk about animation one more basic feature is the portrayal of time.

A character who is showing some happy mood will work kin a fast pace and will be always shown smiling and portraying the feel good factor.

If the walk slowly they might be sad unhappy or down.

Character Movement and Balance of the Animated Character:

Use of gravity plays an important role while animating a character.

During a particular scene how the character needs to balance his actions should be handled carefully as it gives the perfect balance to the character.

To study the effect of gravity on the character gives the best look to the character and will make it look more real.

CHARACTER ANIMATION TIPS From Best Animation Institute

Basic Animation:

The basic animation should be kept for future as those things add more life and create the best effects. It gives it more subtle and effective look.

The tail, tongue, waving of hand are few of the things where the natural flow of the element is very important in animation.

They should be designed keeping in mind the natural look of the characters.

The movement and motion of wings for example should be integrated with the movement of the animated character to give the perfect look.

CHARACTER ANIMATION TIPS From Best Animation Institute

Illusion of Movement of the Animated Character:

To make the viewer’s feel that the animated characters are alive and moving is a difficult task in itself as it involves a lot of specialized technical work.

We can make use of Stop Motion technique where a series of photographs of posed objects are moved slightly after each shot which will make it appear like it is moving.

The perfect look of Stop Motion can be seen in the movie Chicken Run.

CHARACTER ANIMATION TIPS From Best Animation Institute

Eye Coordination:

Whenever a person starts any action the first thing which moves are the eyes of the person.

They always move in a particular direction where they want to go followed by the head and then the neck.

The first thing that we see when we notice the movements of any person are the eyes as eyes catch our attention very fast.

This tip always works the best.

The movement of eyes should always match with the other body parts of the animated character to make it more proper and look more real.

Basic Model of Animation:

When we are working with the overall motion of characters, a simple model works the best compared to a high resolution model.

CHARACTER ANIMATION TIPS From Best Animation Institute

A reduced version of the character allows the work to be done in a more fluid way.

Reaction to every Action of the Animated Character:

To understand how the characters will react to any action the animator needs to study the action reaction of the animated character as it should be, compared to a real characters action and reaction.

It is one of the best and proven design tips.

To make the character look more real its connection with the real world should be established.

Speech & Movement of the Animated Character:

The speech should work in coordination with the mouth and it should have resemblance with the real world when it is being spoken.

The character animation animated character’s speech and movement should properly coordinate and when seen on screen it should look as if it is real.

When a character talks it should synchronize with his lip and mouth.

CHARACTER ANIMATION TIPS From Best Animation Institute

It is indeed one of the toughest and most challenging tasks to create the best animated characters.

Creation of these animated characters through character animation in itself is a unique thing and involves a lot of creativity and patience.

Breathing life into a character be it person or animal or an object and to decide how it will look move and interact with its environment is all about Character Animation.

Hope readers you have enjoyed our blog fully.

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