Animation In Alice in Wonderland

Animation Kolkata

Animation has been an integral part of the media and entertainment industry.

It can be defined as the process of making and creating motion.

Animation Kolkata

The US animation and entertainment industry has been influential in developing diverse animated movies.

Since the 20th century, 2D animation has been rising to take its formation towards the course of 3D.

On this front, Alice in Wonderland has been produced by Walt Disney in the year of 1951 through the use of 2D animation.

Live action references have been done to create references for the Animators.

Animation Kolkata

However several other versions of the film are done afterwards.

Among this, the 2010 American fantasy adventure movie directed by Tim Burton has set the landmark for the genre.

Produced by the Walt Disney Pictures and shot in the United States, Alice in Wonderland is distributed by the Motion Pictures with Disney Digital 3D.

Tim Burton is of the opinion that their goal is to try to make it an appealing movie where you get some of the psychology and sort of bring newness but also maintain the characteristic nature of Alice.

Animation Kolkata

Plot Story of the Film

The plot story of the film revolves around a 19-year-old girl Alice Kingsleigh (stated in the film to be the daughter of Charles Kingsley).

In the film, it is said that she can re-establish and restore the White Queen to her throne with the help of the Mad Hatter.

She is considered to be the only one who can kill the Jabberwocky.

Jabberwocky is a dragon-like creature that is controlled by the evil Red Queen and terrifies the lands’ habitats.

Animation Kolkata

Use of Animation

The entire movie is based on the creation of the animated world of insanity so as to make the audience believe that Alice’s interactions with the animated characters are credible.

With the purpose to attempt results, Ralston and his team members employed a huge amount of CGI to a variety of Nerf balls, rubber rabbits, cardboard frogs, green-leotard thespians and stilts.

Sony Pictures Image works is set up athwart the street from a green-screen soundstage in Los Angeles’ by Ralston.

He spent 22months with the director wrapping seven weeks of live-action performance into a 3-D fantasy land.

The set-up is arranged with the actual table and the chairs.

As the production had the voice talent wearing green so it had become easier for them to place them in the exact spot.

Animation Kolkata

They were positioned where it was required to put the characters’ voices to be coming from.

Animation had been extensively used in the film of Alice in Wonderland.

Without the effective use of animation, the film would not have been possible to nurture.

Animation Kolkata

The efficient utilization of B-Roll making is evident in the filmmaking.

Sometimes few parts of videos and films are cut away from the chief story in order to show few related action.

This type of secondary images is depicted without sound, as because the sound of the primary footage is intended to persist while the other images are shown.

These shots are called B-roll. B-roll is preferably used as cutaway shots.

Several animal characters and human characters are portrayed with the help of animation like Absolem the caterpillar, Mallymkun the Dormouse, the Dodo, the Talking Flowers, and Tweedledee and Tweedledum and the Chesire cat.

The models of these distinct characters are set by the BG modeler and then colour grading is made operational in it.

Each model has its unique appearance to attract the viewers.

The models are set as per the storyline.

Subsequently, the models are sent for animation as per the sequence.

They are produced through CGI animation. It can be said that the film is a combination of live-action elements, CG elements, CG characters and lighting.

On this front, the first animated character is the White Rabbit.

The artists of Imageworks make a low-resolution version of the CG character and place it in the CG environment low-res.

As a result, it allows the animator speed and flexibility while working on the scene.

Consequently, after the character animation is completed, a high-resolution version of the White Rabbit is produced on a brief model, a pit-render.

The ultimate scene is prepared which consists of all the high-res elements, computer-generated surroundings and the matte painted background texturing. In this way, all the characters are set and prepared for the final touch.

Chroma key compositing has been used in vast in the film. It can be defined as the post-production technique for the compositing and layering of two descriptions or video streams together based on colour hues.

Industries relating to newscasting, motion picture, and video games love this technique.

However, the green screen effect can be used by anyone during post-production.

Animation Kolkata

Animation Kolkata

The Tweedledee and Tweedledum scenes are prepared through a reference shot integrating both of Lucas’ facial performances.

Then it is given to the layout and animation team for animation matching.

The final composite of all elements, animation, layout, surfacing, matte background and lighting with Lucas’ colour correction facial performances are incorporated and “tracked-in” to the computer-generated heads of the Tweedles.

Animation Kolkata

The Ultimate Culmination

However, certain things can be improved through effective planning and precision.

The realistic approach of the movie is indeed appreciable.

It shows the unique depiction of the concept of the popular book Alice in Wonderland, technicalities, creativity and innovation.

The crew has certainly performed well and their effective contribution is reflected in the global acceptance of the movie.

The film has been acclaimed and rewarded for the best fantasy film by the 37th Saturn Awards.

As a consequence of the success of the film, it had paved ways to further production of Animated Classic Series: Cinderella, the Jungle Book, and Beauty and the Beast have followed to similar box-office results with the latter three also bringing in critical praise.

The United States media and entertainment is indeed in its summit to turn the global picture of the animation industry.

It looks forward towards further advancement and development of the industry throughout the world.

Animation is the right career choice for you.

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