Aspects of After Effects and Visual Effects

After Effects Animation Kolkata

In After Effects and Visual Effects, there are three stages to film-making: Pre-production, Production and Post-production.

After Effects Animation Kolkata

In the pre-production stage, many filmmakers and producers are in a perpetual mood.

Pre-production is a significant stage where you attempt and encourage everyone that your film is about to begin the shooting procedures.

Yes it is an exasperating stage where directors and filmmakers wait for financial commitments to materialize in your bank, and fore cast and crew to agree that they will definitely turn up.

After Effects and Visual Effects are most probably the same thing; however, there are certain differences.

After Effects is the software where Visual Effects are implemented, while Visual Effects is the effects done on Adobe After Effects software.

Visual Effects have a broad spectrum of scope while Adobe After Effects software is only used for adding and implementing Visual Effects.

The similarity lies in the fact that both the things are done as post-production processes.

All 2D Animation related works can be practiced in After Effects software. A few amount of 3D work is done here as it is unable to produce high-end 3D Animation or 3D related issues.

Visual Effects covers the entire range of compositing, 2D and 3D models along with high-end resolution in the outcomes.

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After Effects Animation Kolkata

Adobe After Effects can be characterized as advanced delayed consequences, movement illustrations and compositing programming that works in the after creation techniques of the motion picture making, filmmaking and TV generation.

It is created by the Adobe frameworks. Alternate employments of Adobe After Effects are keying, compositing, following, movement and Visual Effects.

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This blog is introduced by the MAAC Kolkata as an enchiridion to Adobe After Effects operation and usage and its distinction from the Visual Effects.

Significance of After Effects programming software

After Effects Animation Kolkata

This product makes, composite, and adapt 2D tape layers in 3D space. It assumes an extremely critical part contingent upon the client’s needs.

As, one might say that a non mainstream Visual Effects craftsman may just use After Effects for title plan yet an artist utilizes it for influencing 2D to toon characters.

After Effects is outlandish programming. In any case, it isn’t perfect for altering film.

It is a result of the way that it doesn’t permit the comparative playback format as video altering application.

After Effects Animation Kolkata

Despite the fact that After Effects is very practical and proficient, the way it is organized is in reality simple and advantageous.

The Effects Library

The After Effects Library is profoundly powerful than all other video applications programming since it comprises of a colossal range of impacts library.

It is inspected that there are in reality more than several inherent impacts that can be mixed to make a perpetual number of aesthetic conceivable outcomes.

Simulation Effects

Simulation Effects impacts are another part of Adobe After Effects.

It comprises of 18 Simulation Effects incorporated with it. These impacts can be utilized to produce and make anything from rain to smoke.

The in addition to point about this impact is, it is totally adaptable.

Assuming that it is matched with different impacts, the work can be taken to additionally advance and useful way.

Keeping in mind the end goal to make the delayed consequence, it is relocated.

Working on this issue, no customization was important.

Stylize Effects

Delayed consequences likewise incorporate adapt impacts which are to a great extent compelling while at the same time working with recordings.

It is helpful for giving your recordings and layers new styles and impacts.

These are particularly intuitive impacts that can be moved to make shocking looks and styles.

There are sure essential impacts in this segment like CC Glass impact and the posterize impact.

Adobe Plugins and Uses

After Effects Animation Kolkata

It’s an ideal opportunity to bring a jump into the grand universe of After Effects modules – outsider additional items for Adobe Creative Cloud’s 3D, movement designs and liveliness programming.

After Effects Animation Kolkata

While there are in this way, such a significant number of to browse’s will undoubtedly be the bounty in this little choice to take your work to the following level.

There are diverse After Effects plugins in Adobe that serves users while their work in Motion Graphics and compositing.

After Effects Animation Kolkata

Element 3D V2.2 is considered as a successful module that guides to make multifaceted activitys with the plenitude of astounding highlights.

These highlights comprise of low poly contortion, molecule commotion with encompassing impediment, subsurface disseminating, shadows, and reflections.

After Effects Animation Kolkata

Twitch helps to build and automate all types of effects and transitions.

It is considered as a savvy approach to sort down things in a precise way.

It accompanies 25 practical presets to give you a chance to start, and also some sovereignty free solid impacts to improve the settlement.

After Effects Animation Kolkata

Duik is an After Effects module in Adobe that proffers IK fixing activity toolset. It is a financially savvy approach to utilize separated from all other Rainbox’s AE modules.

There are various modules; however a couple of the most well-known modules accessible for After Effects are Element 3D, Trapcode Particular, Plexus, and Optical Flares.

The Element 3D module is perhaps the greatest outsider module since it enables clients to import, texturize, shading, light, and make 3D protests within After Effects.

It doesn’t supplant a 3D displaying application altogether — yet in the event that you just work with 3D protests once in a while; it’s a useful device for accelerating the 3D configuration process.


Compositing programming can be characterized as programming that can be used to get complex resources together keeping in mind the end goal to make a completed scene.

As, it can be taken that a solitary VFX gave needs a green screen plate, a foundation tidy, few blast and impacting succession and smoke all to be composited into a performance scene.

After Effects Animation Kolkata

Most video editors use After Effects’ compositing capacities with regards to less-pompous exercises.

It’s typical to use After Effects to finish a quick screen exchange for a thing demo or cloud out a logo using the 3D camera tracker.

Much the same as in Photoshop, After Effects layers, can go up against certain blending modes that impact they way your layer is deciphered with the account behind it.

This is inconceivable for 3D models and frameworks, as you as often as possible perform multi-pass renders in which particular segments will be composited together to influence a last 3D to picture.

Now you are taken to the Visual Effects implementation and its aspects.

Visual Effects implementation and aspects

For the purpose of Visual Effects, Autodesk Maya, 3ds Max, MotionBuilder and Shotgun is used effectively.

Visual Effects is a post production technique after planning in pre-production.

Moption Capture, Matte Paintings and Digital Effects are the three categories of the Visual Effects.

Motion Capture

Mo-cap is the method of recording the actions of objects and people.

During the session of the mo-cap, motion is captured of a theme and it is recorded many times per second by scanners.

In some movies where there is a disaster scene where a renowned building is shown blown up, Visual Effects computer edited building scene has to be prepared and used.

As for example, in the movie Clover Field the statue of Liberty of New York is destroyed. For the execution of such a scene SFX is combined with Visual Effects to make the scene more realistic and natural.

Some Visual Effects Plugins are mentioned here like: Saber Blade, Blaster Blot and Space Wipes.

Saber Blade: This VFX plugin is used for keyframing and rotoscope purposes. It adds rotoscope lightsaber effects into videos and films in order to achieve the quintessential battle scene.

Blaster Blot: With the help of Blaster blot one can add laser-shooting guns in the direction of making stronger the fighting scenes. It adds Blaster effects to the battle videos.

Space Wipes: Space Wipes is used to emulate the various scene transitions of a video.

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