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MAAC Animation Kolkata | Best Multimedia courses in Kolkata


Graphic Design, Web Design and Multimedia Course at MAAC Kolkata


MAAC Animation VFX multimedia institute welcomes you to an environment where creativity and technology converge. Here, we are actively shaping the future of multimedia by training the budding multimedia designers, graphic designers, or visual communication designers of the industry. Designed for aspiring artists and designers, our diverse array of multimedia courses equips them with essential skills that impart knowledge necessary for excelling in the dynamic realm of digital media design. If you're passionate about design, technology, and communication, MAAC offers a range of multimedia courses in Kolkata that can empower you to excel in this exciting field.

Why Choose MAAC for Your Multimedia Journey?

  • Curriculum That Is Industry-Relevant: MAAC's animation and multimedia courses are carefully crafted to meet industry standards and provide you with the newest tools and methods employed by experts.
  • Experienced Faculty: Learn from well-known business professionals who share their expertise and real-world experience to help you achieve your professional objectives.
  • Modern Infrastructure: Develop your abilities in state-of-the-art labs furnished with hardware and software that is considered industry standard, such as Autodesk Maya and the Adobe Creative Suite.
  • Placement Support: MAAC's committed placement team links you with top multimedia companies and guides you through the job market.

Choosing a multimedia programme at MAAC animation represents an investment in your future. This multimedia training institute in Kolkata will provide you with the essential skills and knowledge to secure the job you always wanted within the constantly changing multimedia field. Visit your nearest MAAC training institute to get a detailed insight into the course details, how long it takes, and what it costs. Get in touch with MAAC now to start developing your creative skills for a fulfilling career in multimedia.

APDMD (Advanced program in Digital Media & Design)

If you have the eye for graphic that beautifully blend art and technology by creating an exclusive experiencewhile accessing web content, then APDMD could be the course you're looking for. This course adopts a comprehensive, 360 degree approach to provide extensive training in Print, Web, 2D Animation and Responsive Web Design. Students are introduced to the latest trends in the industry like Digital Publication, Augmented Reality, etc., while securing one of the most top-notch careers in the industry.

Course duration: 384 HRS

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DGWA (Programme in Graphics, Web Designing & 2D Animation)

Master the art of communicating visually across mediums like billbords, websites, mobile apps, mobile interface, etc. DGWA exploits a student's potential to the maximum by improving their design skills and providing them with amazing job opportunities.

Course duration: 288 HRS

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CGPD (Certificate in Graphic & Print Design)

Course duration: 104 HRS

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CWID (Certificate in Web & Interactive Design)

Course duration: 104 HRS

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DPW3D (Program in Print Web & 3D Animation)

3D animation has become an integral part of graphic design. A blend approach of print, web & 3D animation gives a holistic exposure to you for an ever-growing demand in the digital design & multimedia segment. Become an expert in building state-of-the-art Print, Web and 3D Animation for a variety of audiences.

Course duration: 432 HRS

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Frequently Asked Questions

The term APDMD represents the Advanced Program in Digital Media & Design– a comprehensive, graduate-level course. This program offers rigorous training across diverse fields of digital design. These include, but are not limited to, print media, web development, 2D animation, and responsive web design.

Individuals aspiring to craft visually captivating experiences by harmonising art and technology in web design will find this course exceedingly ideal.

The skills and knowledge that APDMD provides enable you to pursue a career in the digital media industry. Through our program, you will delve into current trends such as digital publication and augmented reality. This exposure will enhance your competitiveness for diverse design jobs.

The APDMD course duration is 384 hours.

  • The program equips you for a variety of roles in the multimedia and design fields, including
  • Communication Designer
  • Digital Storyboard Artist
  • Graphic Designer
  • Web Designer
  • Illustrator
  • Media Content Manager
  • Mobile Content Designer
  • Packaging Designer
  • Page Layout Artist
  • Template Designer
  • User Interface Designer
  • UX Designer
  • App Designer
  • Visualizer
  • 2D Animator
  • Advertising Art Director
  • Designer for Interactive E-Learning