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game design courses in kolkata

Level Up Your Skills With Our Game Design Courses in Kolkata

Gaming has developed into a worldwide phenomenon, surpassing its niche spot. It provides access to magical realms and enthrals viewers of all ages and backgrounds. Playing games lets you explore vast open-world settings or put yourself in the shoes of fearless heroes, offering a thrilling diversion from the real world. With their ability to weave complex narratives and emotionally captivate players, they have developed into powerful storytelling tools. They provide a completely unique interactive and immersive experience, that features dramatic storyline twists and profound decision-making.

At MAAC animation institute, during game design and development classes, we offer detailed guidance on creating immersive environments and top-notch games that push the limits of imagination and technology through our comprehensive game design courses in Kolkata. We are aware of the demands in the market, and our game designing courses in Kolkata are tailored to help you become a versatile professional who can confidently take on challenging assignments. By signing up for our courses, you will get the expertise that top studios seek in areas like digital sculpting, character animation, design visualisation, and game asset creation.

Why Choose Our Game Designing Courses in Kolkata?

Our game designing courses in Kolkata near you cover a wide range of software tools used in business that go beyond traditional game design. With SketchUp, Lumion, Photoshop, Mudbox, and 3Ds Max at your disposal, you'll gain hands-on expertise to set yourself apart from competitors. Our course takes a holistic learning approach and emphasises interactive designs across various industries, including gaming. Our game development courses covers every aspect of development, whether you want to create immersive experiences for augmented and virtual reality, PC/console games, or mobile games.

We provide a range of resources to support your career in gaming design. The best gaming courses include career counselling, portfolio reviews, and networking opportunities. Our game design courses in Kolkata will provide you with the foundation, skills, tools, and know-how needed to turn your passion into a rewarding career. Sign up now and kickstart your path towards becoming a pro in game design!

Advanced Program in Interactive Design & Games

Enter the exciting & fun world of Gaming! A course through which you can learn the intricacies of interactivity & game design. ADIDG has advanced modules covering every aspect of Game & Interactive Design.

A course through which you can learn the intricacies of game design and development. Create new worlds for gaming enthusiasts like you, to explore and experience through a range of technologies and software that you master.

Course duration: 576 hours

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Frequently Asked Questions

The ADIDG program is a comprehensive course lasting 576 hours.

The course dives deep into various aspects of game design and development, including:

  • Game Design Fundamentals
  • 3D Design & Animation
  • Game Engine Expertise
  • VR/AR Development
  • Mobile Game Creation

The program equips you with industry-standard software, like photoshop , premier, audition, animate cc, sketchup, lumion, 3ds max, mudbox, maya, substance, painter,unity, unreal engine, vusoria SDK.

  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • 3D Design and Animation
  • Game Development

This program opens doors to various creative fields in the gaming industry, such as:

3D Artist: Modelling, Texturing, Lighting, and Rigging Game Development: Level Design, Asset Creation VR/AR Development: 3D Developer, Background Artist, 3D visualizer, render,layout artist.

Animators, Character Design, virtual production developer, 3d modeling artist , animators, 3D VR background artist, developer AR Unity developer Game assest creator Game level designer

Interactive Media: E-Learning, Interactive Product Design demo artist, editor

Absolutely Yes. We at MAAC Kolkata makes our students learn from basic and takes them to advanced level of training.