Gen Lock is an amazing American animated adult science fiction web series that is made by Gray Haddock and it is produced by Rooster Teeth.

The plot is set in dystopian future Earth where an international gang known as ‘Polity’’ fights a hostile autocratic union force named Union.

The first season made its debut in 26th Jan 2019. Where as the second season of animated series Gen Lock made its debut on 4th November.

This show became instantly popular with its anti utopian narrative and all star voice over.

It is made in the prespective of a dystopian future world where the Polity a coalition fights with the union aggressive and dictatorial invading power.

It generally shows the reprensentatives of Gen Lock programme when they work on the development and analysis of an experimental technology that allows person with distinguishable mental make up to upload their thoughts into their enormous mecha suits known as ‘Holons’.


The show Genlock was reviewed for the second season on October 24 2019.

The first premiere of HBO Max was released for the first 90 days before it was released on Rooster Teeth for First members.

The voices were mainly given by Michel B. Jordan, Dakota Fanning, Golshieteh Farahani, Maisie Williams , Kochi Yamamdera, Asia Kate Dillion, Bailne Gibson, Gray Haddock, Miles Luna, Chad James, Monica Rial, David Tennat.

The opening theme was performed by Battle Tapes.The number of seasons is generally 2.The number of episodes is 9.


The production executives were Burnie Burns, Matt Hullam, Gray Haddok, Michel B. Jordan, Alan Mayo, Ryan P. Hall.

The production companies were Rooster Teeth animation, Outlier Society Production.

The other distributers were Otter Media, Warner Bros, Television Dsitribution.


The main concept of Gen Lock originated in 2017 as a story of a cultural fight.

In the year 2018 Rooster Teeth made DC comics its partner to publish RWBY and Gen Lock comics.

The Gen Lock comic was written by Collin Kelly and Jackson Lanzing. The pictures were drawn by Carlo Barberi.

The main cast of Gen Lock included Michel B. Jordan as Julian Chase a Van guard pilot and an American guy from Brooklyn.


The series which is produced by Rooster Teeth ,earned d viral fame with Red vs Blue a work place comedy that earned a worldwide recognition which was filmed with Microsoft Halo video games.

The film was set in 50years later world where Gen lock shows a world at wars which was fought by giant robots in control of human pilots.

The scientific intrusion just brings in front of us a new breed of mecha , much better faster stronger and more swift than a cheetah.

The next generation is led by a hot shot pilot Julian Chase who is commanding a team of specialist to rescue the world.

The animation of Gen Lock is at the rate of 24 frames per second.It uses 23;9 aspect ratio.

It has sometimes used a special technique in 3d animation which is called animating on twos where certain assets are animated in two frames.

This calls for a 2d animation style in 3d environment.

The scenes in Gen Lock were playing at 12 FPS. The characters were posing for extra frames.

If one is looking at a sequence frame by frame one will notice that one character is holding a pose the lighting and perspective will change on them.

Even when the characters are special each and every frame is an unique image that will be rendered individually.


Gen Lock is not distracting as Dragon Prince and it also doesn’t enhance the animation like Spider verse.

Gen Lock is an amalgamation of the east and the west.


Whether its new military blockbuster just merged with Japanese mecha genre computer animation merged with practicality the whole thing appears as a nicely crafted animation.

Most part of the film goes very well. But there great loophole where the shows two half meets.

It is obvious from the earlier part of the show that it is set in a future of a different world .

Gen Lock keeps its detail almost entirely concealed for three episodes.

In the first few episodes the secrecy over the basic plot became a source of irritation rather than intrigue.

It is very difficult to care about a world when we do not have much idea about what the world look like.

The pilots proved very much interesting. Each one has a complex and grown relationship with people.

There are plenty of personal issues beside the idea of piloting their mechs that they will have to work around.

In the best mecha series the moments of fight are just a channel for the characters to show their strongest emotion .

The fights in Gen Lock are very much nice to look at ,very much nicely planned are nicely choreographed by director Grey Haddock.


The most wonderful fight in GenLock first three episodes comes where there is no robot in view and where the series main characters are suddenly brought face to face with a stronger enemy than themselves.

The conflict is given some extra stakes and the very much wonderful casts gives us a real fear of danger.

During the fight sequences Haddock does the wonderful job of framing the fights from a perspective of ordinary citizen, the main characters are just fighting to protect the world.

Gen lock shows that the future of humanity is only in the hands of digitization or mechanization.


The Polity and the Union was involved in brutal fight among themselves.

In GenLock a war of belief is fought between population around the world.

The nature of war is based on ability to fight while one is still trying to restore ones own identity.

The reviews for Gen Lock series was very much positive.

Critics highly appreciated the series for its animation quality and the performances of the leading casts as well as because of the dialogues written by Gray Haddock and Evan Narcisse.

The series action and spectacle seems to take authority over storytelling.

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