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A website is a amalgamation of webpages and related content that is generally located by a common domain name and it is published in one webserver. The examples of notable websites are Google and Facebook. Starting from a CEO of a company, a lawyer, and a freelance photographer all have one thing in common. All of them need a website. In today’s world it is a easy thing as well as complex than before. Designing a website appears pretty difficult. It involves just navigating all tools and being a whizz without layout and positioning. But one never needs to be a genius at all in order to design a website. Web designing is generally about creative freedom. These are the facts that one should keep in mind while designing a website.

  1. Defining one site.
  2. Researching the latest web trends.
  3. Choosing the right platform.
  4. Deciding on ones branding.
  5. Optimizing content.
  6. Color choosing
  7. Deciding on branding.

One need not panic while designing a website, but one shouldn’t just undermine the importance of it either. A well designed website is very much critical. If one part of the website is awkward or difficult there might be a sale or repeat visitor potentially lost. Google priority is a great user experience that means a bad design may cause ones site to rank poor in search results. If one is designing one’s own site one recommend Wix as ones top choice. It is very easy to use, and it is very much trusted by us and our users in one research.

website design

The above points on how to design a website is described in step by step manual-

1. Define your site – It appears a very simple point to note but before one simply jump head first into designing ones website one need to be clear on its utility. Just by simply knowing ones industry and simply defining a content strategy one need to think about the unique selling point. Public are not fools. If one wants to put oneself out or just wants to make profit or upgrade one’s own profile, people will definitely go through it. One website will be directly linked to the brand and it need to be very much fruitful and very much interesting.

 What one is trying to achieve?

If ones purpose is clear, the focus moves towards activity the visitors wants to take when they land on your website. It tells whether ones site is just to display information, or to sell product, to get sign ups, or one is selling a service like medical spa and gardening. The product of your company will tell how ones website will look and feel. Using Ecommerce is an example. One crucial element of one’s design is the landing page of the website. According to top digital company the landing page of the website should be laser focussed around one product or deal with a clear CTA just entwined with it. According to Wolfgang Bruns, understanding the user is very much necessary for the success of any business. One may customize and improve the experience one might deliver and might better cater to their need. Doing that has a separate effect o the bottom line. Just segmenting the traffic to give a more relevant experience is ones first journey to personalize ones experience and the success of the business will come from it.

2. Website design Research– Website designing evolves quickly but there are some trends one may learn from it. The credibility of any website generally comes from design. So it is very much important to take time and look what other competitors are just doing. Each sectors has different styles, so one may be aware that whether one ones to fit in the industry or disrupt. According to a leading brand expert one should always research by the industry rather than by age or gender.

Micro interaction– Micro interaction is small animation which happens when a user gets engaged with the website.  If one reacts to a post on facebook it will pop up with relevant emoji. Micro interaction injects a website with some personality. Micro interaction makes a human touch point that makes your visitor feel that they are communicating with the website. Micro interaction may be in all form like clicking hovering scrolling and they are important catalyst in building a relation with users. It might not suit with serious white collar business and sites may just get advantage from a little interaction.

Chat-bot Support- Business spent nearly 1.3 trillion on customer request. It is estimated chat bots could be reduced to 30%. Now chat-bots are not gimmicks they are just becoming essential to customers facing service. The major advantages of chat-bots are time efficiency and cost effectiveness. They work twenty four hours to get in touch with other matters. They also save the employee cost to work as customer service representative. Chat-bots are not at all perfect. But their emotional intelligence and ability to provide tailored support is just improving day by day.

3. Choose your platform– When one is thinking about designing a website the first thing that comes one’s mind is choosing a professional agent.

designing a website

4. There are some DIY tools that allow one to create and design one website without using a single line of code. There are several hundred options that are used for website designing without really needing to earn a single line of code.

5. Selecting a simple line of template-A template refers to as a single line of theme that is a  layout of the website. Templates are divided according to the category of the industry. Each template have built in feature that are relevant to the industry making it super simple to sift through them find the ones that are relevant to it. Suppose if one wants a website for a coffee shop one may browse the templates listed under cafe. All templates are previewed before editing; one might get a clear idea of what it looks like and whether it fits ones need.

6. Decide on branding- when designing a website one might think how one should relate to one branding. Everything from color scheme to font size and imagery plays an important role in telling the brand story.

7. Color Scheme- Color scheme is brands biggest communication tool. A signature color may boost brand recognition by 80%. Color involves a lot of psychology in peoples mind.

designing a website

These are some of the important facts one should keep in mind while designing a website.

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