Significance Of Post-Production In Filmmaking

Post-Production -Animation Institute Kolkata

To every Pre-Production, there is a production and to every production, there is a Post-Production.

Post-Production -Animation Institute Kolkata

The word ‘importance’ implies that significance or relevance of something important.

After pre-production and production of any film, there is a post-production of a film.

When we are talking about a movie or a TV show, the role of an editor is crucial in the contribution of the film.

Post-Production -Animation Institute Kolkata

However, the role of an editor is, in any shape, overlooked.

What happens in Hollywood is unless you are an actor or director, you are almost certainly not getting the recognition you deserve.

But this blog is about to shed some light on the significance of the people who always remains behind the screens and work or hours on end.

They are the ones who match eye lines, colour grading or adding in explosions.

Thanks to those people who work hard to make the ultimate product fruitful and productive.

Thank you guys you are truly awesome.

There are various processes that lie in the Post-Production techniques of a film.

Each of this process is strenuous; however, the outcomes for each step can generate or break your end result.

Here in this blog, we are going to discuss the post-production procedures that are accomplished during the post-production of a film.

MAAC Kolkata is presenting to you the diverse processes in post-production like vision cutting, colour grading, sound editing, VFX and their aspects in post-production.

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So let’s take a look at the examples of what each task involves.

Post-Production -Animation Institute Kolkata

For instance, you can have a look at the re-edit of the blockbuster Disney movie, ‘Frozen’.

Everyone is aware of what the film is about.

However, in this snip, it’s been superbly rebuilt to look like a clip for a horror movie.

Now, this is time to pay attention to the sound design in this clip.

Subsequently, the melody and jingle in the trailer highly effect on the emotion reduced.

Colour shading is also done in this video which features the significance of its role in manipulating the look of the film.

Post-Production -Animation Institute Kolkata

As a result, the general outlook of the film including the feel is not anymore Disney, but a sinister horror film.

Another aspect of the post-production is, some films can change less than others, but the latency for change can be huge.

Another example that can be given is the film ‘Annie Hall’.

The film is to be rumoured to have been re-written in editing.

Sometimes editing can also be done for the purpose of highlighting the actor’s performance.

Editing is also done to focus some characters’ special performance.

The editing is a vital part of the film as it helps to save a film from a lackluster scene.

There are certain low cost-budget films that utilize lots of long takes with just a few retakes.

This type of films is more prone to mistakes and they require effective editing.

They are more immune to artistic shifts in editing; however, the global editing is the heart of post-production.

Colour Grading

Post-Production -Animation Institute Kolkata

Colour grading can be defined as the job of making video streams go perfectly from shot to shot.

You might be wondering that what this colour grading is.

Does it carry any significance?

Yes, it is significant in a film post-production.

Post-Production -Animation Institute Kolkata

Post-Production -Animation Institute Kolkata


The effect a colourist can have on a look of the film is unparalleled.

It can give any shade to a movie by re-editing a happy go lucky clip to a dark and sinister one.

Post-Production -Animation Institute Kolkata

Most movies utilize shading preparing to enhance the tone of the caught pictures and keep up consistency starting with one shot then onto the next.

Others utilize shading adjustment in a publication limit.

Post-Production -Animation Institute Kolkata

The principal renowned film to make broad utilization of colour shading amendment was Oh Brother Where Art Thou, which transformed lavish scenes into yellow fields of exemplary Americana.

Sound Mixing and Design

Post-Production -Animation Institute Kolkata

Post-Production -Animation Institute Kolkata

Sound, as told before is the most important part of any film.

Not just is sound apparently the essential piece of achieving a feeling of authenticity, yet it can totally control the tone of a film by mounding the feeling of expression in the viewers.

However, there is a problem with soundtrack and outline.

The noticeable prominence of a soundtrack changes definitely from one film to another.

The issue lies in the fact that the gathering of people/audience may have the possibility of tuning out if your sound is not up to the par.

Post-Production -Animation Institute Kolkata

This is the step of post-production where all the pieces assemble together.

Editing is considered as a call and response with the script, thus shaping a film into a digestible format.

Sound or melodies have the capability to influence the tone of a film.

It is the key to a film as it moulds your feeling during a scene.

Visual Effects or VFX

Post-Production -Animation Institute Kolkata

During the recent years, most films utilize Visual Effects to at least some limit.

You may ask how?

My answer is it is the way through which the background objects can be diverted and also the captured sky can be edited and made more comprehensive, adding the point of interest to the sky.

A few movies utilize Visual Effects or VFX to an extraordinary degree.

If you are wise enough to analyze the rule of VFX, then you will start utilizing VFX for the same.

The group of onlookers has an undeniably low resistance for low-quality VFX, all the more frequently irritated by “self-evident” VFX than excited by astounding creatures and activity successions.

Post-Production -Animation Institute Kolkata

Post-Production -Animation Institute Kolkata


Visual Effects or VFX plays a very significant role in the completed result of a film.

As a result, much is finished with the help of VFX.

In the recent era, a number of films are crossing the budget of millions, it had become essential to take the assistance of Visual Effects to make the production cost economical.

The work these artists or indeed craftsmen do is amazing and you can have no clue how they do it.

So come on you can also be a part of such movie such experience just by one click.

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