Difference Between Multimedia and Animation

Difference Between Multimedia and Animation

In our today’s blog we’re going to discuss the distinction between Multimedia and Animation so that the readers can get an idea about the contrasting features about Animation and Multimedia.

MAAC Kolkata presents this blog in coherence with the three centers of MAAC Kolkata that comprises of MAAC Chowringhee, MAAC Ultadanga and MAAC Rashbehari.

Multimedia– as the name suggests, that it contains different types of media in it.

Multimedia is a term concerned with computer controlled integration of texts, graphics, drawings, still images, videos, Animation, audio and any other media where every type of information can be represented, stored, processed and transmitted digitally.

Multimedia includes design, web design, Animation, film production, photography, video games, web application, sound design, etc.

Multimedia is usually recorded and played, displayed or accessed by information content processing devices such as computers, tabs, mobile phones, etc.

Multimedia devices are electronic media devices used to store and experience multimedia content.

Animation– on the other hand is rapid display of sequence of still images that has a slight difference from each other.

It’s a process of creating illusion of visual Animation by sequentially playing many statics images together at a certain speed known as frames per second.

The word Animation is basically made from Greek word ‘ani’ means any non-living object and ‘motion’ means Animation, in short it simply means putting life in non-living objects.

Animation can be two dimensional (2D) or three dimensional (3D).

It can be drawn by hand or generated by computer. It involves clay models, puppets, shadows or cut-outs.

Some animations may involve all of these elements and more. Examples of good 3D movies are like The Incredibles, ShrekThe Croods, etc.

3D animation starts with creating a 3D model or 3D character, a modeler with the help of various softwares available in the market, creates 3D models, rigs and programs it for Animation.

The life of 3D animation depends on 3D texture and lighting.

Whereas 2D animation involves thousands of individual images copied from original paper drawings onto transparent Cels.

Then each Cel was colored and set against painted background before being scanned.

Now these scanned images are played sequentially to give a visual Animation.

So what precisely is the contrast amongst Multimedia and Animation?

The word interactive media is, in itself, illustrative.

It alludes to the act of utilizing various types of media, which might incorporate Animation, at the same time, inside a given item or undertaking.

Interactive media items will frequently join content, still pictures, video, film, Animation and sound inside one bundle.

Sight and sound items are regularly intelligent in nature and can just by and large be made on, and gotten to by, a figuring gadget.

Media currently includes a huge range of items, ventures and administrations.

Natural cases are the Computer Based Training courses (CBT”s) utilized as a part of training or the regular instructional CD-ROMs so frequently supported by the student driver.

The CV of a craftsman for instance, containing, a headshot, account and an arrangement of work, which is then copied to, and conveyed on CD-rom, would likewise be considered sight and sound in nature and interactive media is all the time utilized as a part of the corporate setting as introductions.

Indeed, even the video gaming fan isn’t resistant to the invasion of the sight and sound upheaval as he or she fights inside the evermore complex multi-player gaming field known as MMORPGs.

A standout amongst the most vital highlights of the sight and sound item or administration is that it is as a rule, intelligent in nature.

The student driver preparing CD said beforehand would be a prime case as it would require the client to connect with the substance all through.

This kind of instructive stage additionally fills in as an exemplary case of the non-straight types of sight and sound which requires collaboration and contribution from the client over the control and conveyance of the substance.

Sight and sound in its straight frame – a basic illustration being Cinema – offers next to zero degree for such association or control.

The utilization of the term mixed media has changed throughout the years and it was just amid the 90’s that it procured its present importance.

Mixed media can be live or pre-recorded and with the approach of PC tablets, PDAs, propelled gaming stages and so forth, sight and sound is currently an all inescapable power.

Animation then again is a ‘particular true to life medium’ which regularly uses hundreds, in some cases a large number of still pictures.

These pictures are joined in grouping over a particular day and age (visually) generally 24, 25, or 30 outlines for each second.

At the point when these pictures, which will all fluctuate marginally from each other, are recorded and replayed in quick progression, they make the hallucination of development.

Animation can be 2D or 3D., can be hand drawn or computer created include dirt models, manikins, shadows or patterns.

Some Animation may include every one of these components and that’s just the beginning. Great true to life cases of 3D Animations are Toy Story, Shrek, The Incredibles and The Croods.

3D Animation is an extremely complex zone with a wording that is particularly its own. Basically 3D Animation begins with the creation or demonstrating of a 3D work of the question or character to be made.

The work would then be able to be refined by the modeler before being fixed and customized for development.

3D Animation requires some essential illustration aptitudes at any rate, is exceptionally specialized, and depends intensely on the utilization of 3D surfaces and lighting.

Conventional 2D Animation then again included the handling of thousands of individual pictures duplicated from unique paper illustrations onto straightforward acetic acid derivations known as Cels.

Each Cel was then deliberately hued and set against a painted foundation before being captured one by one with the guide of a platform camera.

This technique for film-production got us works of art, for example, Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs, 101 Dalmatians and the Lady and the Tramp.

Stopmotion Animation is like the over the main contrast being that a physical protest, for example, a doll or manikin will seem to proceed onward its own when it is controlled a little bit at a time between shot edges.

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